Friday, March 23, 2012

Why school examinations are bad for children

 A teenager collapsed and died after he received his SPM examination results here.

P. Eshwaran, 46, from Durian Tunggal, said his son E. Prem Kumar, 18, was rushed to a clinic by passers-by at about 3pm yesterday after he collapsed in front of a row of shophouses.

He claimed that Prem Kumar was believed to have consumed pesticide shortly after taking his result slip at 1pm on Wednesday.

Eshwaran said he was informed of the incident when his son was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of Malacca Hospital.

However, Prem Kumar died due to internal organ damage at about 6pm yesterday.

“I believe he might have not been happy with his results. He did not return home after going out to get his results,” he said.

Eshwaran said his son met his uncle and told him that he had failed several subjects, although he did quite well in the trial examinations.