Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a wedding: Thieves stole all their rice and the guests were left hungry

Gatecrashers leave with pot of rice to feed guests at another function

AN elderly couple’s grand wedding reception for their two sons turned into a major embarrassment for them when two people gatecrashed the celebrations and carted away a large pot of rice.

The duo’s actions left the couple red-faced as their 100-odd guests were forced to leave the party hungry. Some of their guests had travelled all the way here from Terengganu. The incident happened at the reception which was held at Kampung Pulau Betong here earlier this month.

Recounting their embarrassing experience, Md Saad Hasan, 68, and his wife, Rosni Ahmad, 58, said they were busy entertaining their guests and did not notice two strangers had gatecrashed their function.

He said the duo walked up to their caterer who was busy preparing food at the back of their house and asked him where he had kept the rice which had been prepared for guests.

The caterer thought they were going to carry the pot and serve the rice to guests and thought nothing of it when they carried it away.

Only later did the hosts realise that someone had stolen the pot of rice and the situation soon turned chaotic when guests who were already hungry found out that there was no rice for them at the wedding reception.

Someone later informed them that he had seen the two men carting the pot away in a lorry, which was driven by a third person. Speaking to reporters at his house here yesterday, Saad said he later found out the culprits were from the same neighbourhood.- NST