Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't pour hot water on a stray dog- you will regret it

BLOGGERS have called for a boycott of a noodle stall in Petaling Jaya after a hawker allegedly poured hot water on a stray dog, Guang Ming Daily reported.

The photographs of the hawker and the injured dog were also circulated on Facebook.

The hawker admitted to committing the act but claimed that he had done so on impulse to chase away persistent dogs which came to seek scraps.

He said the dog had taken a piece of chicken placed by his customer on the ground.

“My customers have been harassed by stray dogs and the restaurant became unhygienic because of them,” he added.

However, the hawker denied that he had poured hot water on other stray dogs and cats, as claimed by the Internet reports.

He said it was up to Netizens to lodge a report against him.

“But I cannot accept that some people had placed notices about the incident with my picture on them near the restaurant,” he added.

It was reported that the injured dog was now being looked after by a woman staying in the area.