Saturday, December 10, 2011

You better donate to Barisan Nasional or else ...... you are scammed

A new telephone scam demands victims to give “donations” allegedly for Barisan Nasional’s election fund.

The “Bukit Aman police scam” began three weeks ago with victims receiving phone calls from a number registered under the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters.

A “Datuk Halim” from the Commercial Crime desk would inform victims of a money laundering charge against them and ask them to deposit money in an account for the election fund.

Three near-victims approached Chong, who said there had been at least eight similar cases this year.

“They claimed to be acting on the Prime Minister’s orders and asked between RM3,000 and RM5,000 from each victim,” Chong said.

Telephone scam losses amounted to more than RM1.5mil this year, while Internet fraud losses stand at RM1.8mil.