Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I give you RM50, you give me sex

EVEN after divorcing her husband, a single mother of two is still being abused by him, Harian Metro reported.

“We were fine at first, but once our marriage became known to his first wife, he started psychologically torturing me,” Elina, 39, said.

Unable to tolerate the abuse, Elina moved house and asked for a divorce.

However, the man asked for sexual favours in return for RM50 each time.

He even sent Elina’s two sons, aged one and four, out during these “sessions”.

She also claimed to be under the spell of black magic, as she was unable to deny her ex-husband.

“I am even more convinced of this as I have found various types of oil and talisman in his possession,” she said.

Elina lodged a report with the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association recently regarding the matter.