Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help! There is orang minyak behind my house

A FAMILY is traumatised after several sightings of orang minyak forced them to temporarily move out from their house at Kampung Laksamana in Gombak.

Kamal Bahari Satar, 36, told Sinar Harian that the decision was made after the family was disturbed for five days.

“My sister-in-law repeatedly saw the apparition inside and outside our house,” he said on Tuesday.

Orang minyak, or translated as oily man in Malay, is a supernatural rapist who uses black grease as a night-time camouflage.

Kamal Bahari said only female family members could see the orang minyak.

The apparition had locked family members inside the house late Saturday night.

“We saw a black heap underneath the kitchen table.

“When other residents poked it with a bamboo stick, we could see blood stains,” he said.

According to Kamal Bahari, police also found black footprints outside the house where the alleged incident took place.

He added that his sister-in-law was later treated with alternative therapies after she heard whispers asking her to step outside the house.

“Thankfully, she has recovered but we do not want to take any chances as I have a 22-year-old younger sister,” said Kamal Bahari.