Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taekwondo wife finally beaten up by husband after she had beaten up her husband for so long

A TIMID man who was frequently beaten by his wife, a taekwondo exponent, finally hit her back after an argument over his mistress, reported China Press.

He punched, kicked and bit her and slammed her head against the wall, leaving her with bruises all over her body.

The daily said the couple from Sungai Limau and Gurun, Kedah, have a transportation company in Kuala Lumpur. The husband had complained to his friends that his bad-tempered wife always beat him up.

Their relationship went downhill several years ago after the wife found out that the man was having an affair with a Thai woman.

Last Saturday, they had an argument and the man assaulted the wife, who had no energy to fight back because she had not eaten for two days.