Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magic chant killed man-eating crocodile

A VILLAGE shaman and renowned crocodile hunter has claimed responsibility over the death of Bujang Sebelak, a 3.65m-long crocodile believed to be responsible for the death of three villagers at Sebelak river in Saratok, Sarawak.

Shaman Indet Sanabong, 42, told Kosmo! he managed to kill the crocodile by reading a chant he learnt 33 years ago and slapping the crocodile in the head.

Bujang Sebelak is said to have killed three villagers who lived at the Nanga Sungai Anak longhouse since 2010, including the headman's wife.

Indet, his 45-year-old brother Tinggi and two assistants, went upriver and found the reptile caught in a trap they had set earlier.

The “battle” with the reptile lasted an hour before Indet landed his final blow - The Star