Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rent An Exorcist

Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to make RM1 million a year doing special services

Handsome payments for "special services" is not new in Malaysia's beauty industry, it seems.

"It started when I was still in the pageant," claimed beauty queenturned-pop star Soo Wincci, 28, who was crowned Miss World Malaysia in 2008.

"There would be different rich people approaching me and other girls, using really nice words and very smart ways to sugarcoat their requests," she claimed in a phone interview with Malaysian news portal The Daily Chilli.

Recounting her multiple encounters with wealthy men who were looking for beautiful, young playthings and willing to pay up to RM1 million (S$385,500), she claimed: "There are different scenarios. There was once I performed in Genting. My manager and I were already packing up our stuff and on our way out.

Some helper came backstage and asked me, 'How much do you want for a meal (together)? I can offer you RM30,000'. I straightaway told the person, 'I don't do that kind of thing'.

"Another one came in the form of a so-called endorsement. There were four datuks and they said they wanted to employ me as the 'Junior CEO' of their company and I didn't have to do anything other than fly around and do 'PR work'. They were offering me RM1 million for a year.

While in Malaysia, don't ever think of stealing a bike

Police are investigating the case of an alleged motorcycle thief who died several days after being beaten up by a crowd.

The suspect was attacked by a group of people when he was spotted trying to wheel away a motorcycle which was parked in front of a shop in Jalan Bandar Baru Dalam here around 12.30pm on Sept 13.

Police said the owner noticed the man wheeling away the motorcycle and called out for help.

"Members of the public surrounded the man before beating him up. He was later handed over to the police with head injuries.".

The man was treated at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for two days before he was charged on Thursday and released on bail. The man later complained about feeling ill when he was at home before being rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Cop robbed beer

A lorry driver and a policeman are accused of ganging up and robbing a lorry container of thousands of cans of an alcoholic brew near here more than a week ago.

Lorry driver M. Manogaran, 45, and Kpl S. Ramunaidu, 53, pleaded not guilty to the offence that was allegedly committed at a Petronas petrol station at Km12.3 of the Klang-bound Federal Highway at 11.30pm on Sept 11.

The vehicle was driven by one S. Munian, 56.

On board were 2,378 cases of 320ml cans of stout, with each case holding 24 cans. The cargo belonged to Carlsberg Marketing Sdn Bhd.

How to make ends meet

An accounts clerk by day and call girl by night, Lina earns RM10,000 (S$3,900) a month to "make ends meet" in Kuala Lumpur.

To her colleagues at a private company, the 32-year-old is a well-groomed, diligent and committed employee.

But the woman told Metro Ahad that that was only her facade from 9am to 5pm. At night, she said she changed "skins" to pay for her car, branded clothes, luxury condominium and lavish lifestyle.

The newspaper contacted her through a blog used by sex workers to find clients.

"None of my office colleagues knows what I do at night," said Lina, who goes by the name Angel on the Internet.

"I also choose my clients. I do not entertain just any man and I have regulars."

She has been carrying on with her double life for three years because of the high cost of living in the capital.