Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its dangerous to be a cabbie in Malaysia

A disabled taxi driver was abducted by two men, whipped with a belt and run over twice by his own taxi.

Harian Metro reported that the victim had been taking the suspects to KLIA from Kuala Selangor at 2.45am on June 4.

They asked him to stop, tied and stuffed him into the car boot before driving off to another location, where they called the victim's wife and demanded RM5,000.

They eventually settled for RM2,000 (S$812) to be banked into the victim's account. But even after receiving the amount, they whipped and drove the taxi over him.

The victim fell unconscious after rolling into a nearby drain to avoid being run over for a third time. Passers-by called for an ambulance to take him to Tanjung Karang Hospital.