Thursday, April 12, 2012

You issue summonses, we issue punches

An irate ratepayer gave Seberang Perai municipal councillor, Peter Lim Eng Nam, 43, a black eye after accusing him of issueing summons against an illegal house extension.

The attack took place in front of Lim’s house in Taman Idaman, Simpang Ampat yesterday.

A friend of his, Goh Bee Thong, 37, fell into a drain after he was punched.

The councillor said the assailant got out of his car, with three others still inside, and verbally abused him and his friend.

“I was talking with my friend when a car drove up. A man came out and relieved himself next to the car. After that, he walked towards me and started shouting,” said Lim.

“He accused me of filing a complaint and issuing summons against him for building an extension to his house. I was taken aback. I explained that I was only a councillor and issuing summonses was the MPSP’s job.”

Lim said the three other men then exited the car and he requested them to escort their friend back.

He said that as the man was being led to the car, he spat at him and called Goh a “dog”.

When Goh asked why he was calling him names, the man ran back and punched Goh, who fell into a nearby drain.

“I tried to restrain the man and was instead punched on my face, left knee, right hand and body. My glasses broke too, said Lim.

After the assailant left, Lim and Goh lodged reports with the Simpang Ampat police station - Malay Mail