Monday, April 9, 2012

Woman accused of being man bleeding money

A COSMETICS entrepreneur embroiled in a bitter divorce with her husband after he accused her of being a man has lost about RM180,000 in earnings since the case came into the limelight.

Sri Wani Choo Abdullah (pic), 37, said she recorded about RM20,000 in losses every month since her husband Dr Bahrom Sanugi, 61, filed for divorce a year ago.

“Everyone had doubts over my gender and this has humiliated and made me depressed,” she told Kosmo!, adding that she had to close her business for two days because she felt depressed.

It was previously reported that Bahrom, a former dean at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), had filed an application in the Syariah High Court to compel her to undergo a DNA test.

The test was to confirm her gender after suspicions arose when he found her MyKad bearing an odd number in the last digit, normally reserved for Malaysian men.

Sri Wani is Bahrom's third wife.

He married her in Songkhla, Thailand on Aug 19, 2009.

It was reported that the couple was understood to have obtained a false marriage certificate in Kedah after they were married - Pic and story from The Star