Sunday, April 8, 2012

Polygamous husbands have more sex with younger wives

One of the problems of polygamous husbands in Kelantan is their failure to be fair to the first wife when it comes to sex.

Syariah chief judge Datuk Daud Mohamad said this complaint was based on regular reports lodged by the first wives last year that their husbands spent more time with the second and subsequent wives.

"The first wives claimed that their husbands were prone to skipping their turn (for intimacy) by spending time with their new wives."

He said they also complained that their husbands did not provide reasonable nafkah (maintenance) for them and their children.

"If the problem is brought to us, we will ask suluh (arbitration) officers or court registrars to counsel the couples and offer solutions. But, if the problem persists, the court will intervene and rule on the matter."

For cases reported last year, Daud said the husbands were ordered to treat all their wives well and to pay maintenance based on the court's decision.

"So far, all husbands in Kelantan who are in a polygamous marriage have adhered to the court's order." - NST