Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Even banana leaves are now fake

The "fake banana leaf" used by restaurants can be a health risk because it emits a chemical leach from the plasticisers used in its manufacture, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) claims.

CAP president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the "banana leaf" was actually made of recycled newspapers which had been dyed green, adding that it may also contain harmful leftover inks.

"When hot food is placed on the paper, the plasticisers will leach and this will harm the consumer over a period of time.

"I urge the authorities to take action under the Trade Description Act against restaurant operators who serve meals on these fake banana leaves," he told a press conference Wednesday.

Mohamed Idris said consumers should also refrain from eating meals served on such "leaves" as they were being deprived of the benefits and the authenticity of the traditional banana leaf meals - The Star