Friday, April 13, 2012

Devils and djinns beware! Here comes the djinn hunter

AT FIRST glance, Trimizi Zainal comes across as just another Malaysian student whom you’ll probably bump into in London’s Oxford Street.

Like any IT-savvy youngster, the 23-year-old stays connected when abroad. With his Yahoo! Messenger, he sends text messages, makes PC calls or chats with friends over the Internet.

Well, the similarity ends there. Trimizi is no ordinary Malaysian whom you would want to mess with.

Over the next two months, this modern-day exorcist will conduct mobile clinics to rid victims, particularly the Malaysian community in Britain, of sihir (black magic) spells and disturbances by spiteful spirits.

Ustaz Trimizi, as he is known, is probably Malaysia’s youngest Islamic medical practitioner who specialises in undoing charms and witchcraft.