Monday, April 23, 2012

Allegations bring fame not shame

Actress Zahida Mohamed Rafik has gained more fame and Twitter fans following allegations of her relationship with a senior minister who allegedly paid her a substantial amount of money.

As at yesterday, the actress of the movie Anak Mami had garnered 7,000 followers on Twitter.

On Twitter, user Fared Isa tweeted to Zahida two days ago with "Hi millionaire. You kantoi already (You have been "caught"). Lol. I never heard your name before this till the news about you spread all over the country."

Zahida gave an amused reply, saying: "Cool!!! Keep it up ok! Need my beauty sleep now, nite! Esok jgn lupa tweet lagi tau (Don't forget to tweet again tomorrow)! Cheers! At least I am a millionaire, you???"

Many of her Twitter followers had previously made scathing comments about her alleged relationship with the minister, with the actress giving mostly witty replies.

However, the trend changed yesterday when her followers began tweeting more positive comments to her, offering support and encouragement -