Saturday, February 18, 2012

It happens in Papua New Guinea: A teacher is transferred within 24 hours and no packing allowed. No, not PNG, it happens right here under our nose in modern Malaysia

An engineer has been left fuming when his wife, a biology school teacher, was transferred within 24 hours without notice.

To rub salt to the wound, the transfer orders which K. Arasumani received on Jan 18 were backdated two days.

S. Saravanan, 43, claimed his wife, who has been teaching at SMK Anderson since 2010, received a letter of transfer to SMK Sg Pari that took immediate effect on Jan 16.

“My wife was shocked to receive the letter and to our knowledge, the transfer of a civil servant should follow procedures and not within 24 hours,” said Saravanan yesterday, questioning the state education department’s action over the transfer.

Saravanan said his wife was formerly a paramedic for 10 years but decided to take on the job as a teacher seven years ago.

“My wife is the head of the biology section and has not faced any disciplinary action by the school during her years of service,” he said.