Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't park your motorcycle on the same spot. It might get stolen not once but twice

WHEN IAN ONG discovered his motorcycle missing from its parked spot at the motorcycle parking bay of a Kuala Lumpur shopping complex two years ago, he blamed it on his luck and got himself a new bike.

As a tenant of the shopping mall, he decided to continue parking his second motorcycle in the same parking lot.

However, his second motorcycle also went missing earlier this year!

“When my first motorcycle was stolen in May 2010, no one wanted to take responsibility for it. Thinking that the shopping mall parking lot would be safe, I decided to park my new motorcycle there.

“I paid all the daily parking fees required to park at the compound and placed trust in the security staff to look after my vehicle but in less than two years, my bike got stolen again on Jan 2 this year.

“My motorcycle’s safety chain was cut and was left lying on the floor of the parking lot,” he says.