Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't bathe in the morning or a crocodile will eat you

Out for an early morning bath, a housewife did not suspect anything sinister lurking in the murky waters of Sungai Niah.

However, her quiet world was shattered when she was attacked by a crocodile at around 6.30am yesterday near her longhouse, some 120km south of Miri city.

Mili Nur, a resident of Rumah Nur in Niah sub-district, had her will to live to thank for when she managed to fend off the reptile which tried to drag her into the water.

Sitting on her hospital bed, she told The Star: “I was in the river bathing when I felt something in the water. My biggest fear came true when I realised that it was a crocodile.”

“It grabbed my leg. I kicked and struggled, and somehow, managed to pull my leg from its jaws.

“I was still screaming for help when all of a sudden, it disappeared. It looked like it was more than 3m,” said a visibly shaken Mili, 25.

Several villagers found her later and pulled her to safety.