Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are Singaporeans stealing our cars?

Twenty-two luxury cars that had been stolen in Malaysia over the past three years have been recovered in Singapore, reported The New Straits Times.

The vehicles, worth a total of RM3 million (S$1.24 million), had been found in a container by Singapore police and were taken back to Malaysia on Thursday, the report said.

It quoted a source as saying that a team from the Bukit Aman anti-vehicle theft unit, with the assistance of Interpol, travelled to Singapore on Feb 21 after being tipped off by the Singapore authorities.

"We believe the mastermind, who is still at large, is a Malaysian. The vehicles were kept in the Republic prior to being smuggled to African and Arab countries," the source said.

Most of the vehicles had been stolen in Selangor. Malaysian police said they included 12 Toyota Camrys, four Toyota Hiluxs, two Honda Accords, two BMWs, one Toyota Rush and one Toyota Fortuner - TodayOnline