Friday, January 6, 2012

You want chicken rice or you want live chicken?

POLICE arrested 12 foreign women for prostitution in two separate raids at Bukit Bintang yesterday.

In the first raid at 12am, police raided a chicken rice restaurant at Jalan Inai and arrested five Vietnamese women aged between 23 and 27.

Kuala Lumpur Anti-Vice, Gambling and Prostitution Division (D7) head DSP Azman Mohd Isa said police had received a tip-off that the restaurant had been operating a brothel inside its premises.

“From our investigation, we found that during the day the operator will operate the outlet as a chicken rice restaurant but would later turn it into a brothel at night,” said Azman.

The brothel is believed have been active for over a year and police have not ruled out the possibility it had been servicing clients outside the premises.