Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When choosing a job, don't choose to become a postman

A postman ended up being on the receiving end twice – first he was bitten and later beaten up.

As if getting bitten by a dog was not enough, the owner took it upon himself to beat up the mail deliverer black and blue.

Afzainizan Rasidi, 32, from Bandar Baru Samariang said the dog owner’s violent behaviour shocked him because he thought he would take pity on him after what the dog had done to him.

He said he was delivering mail in Kenyalang Park as usual on Friday when one of the man’s three dogs snapped at his leg, tearing a hole in his trousers. Around 3.25pm on Monday, he was again delivering letters in the area, when the three dogs were barking and snarling at him.

Still traumatised by the earlier incident, he said he picked up a piece of gravel and threw it at the dogs, not to hurt them but merely to chase them away.

“The sight of the dogs snarling and salivating made me shiver and the least I wanted them to do was rush at me, so I picked up the gravel and threw it at them hoping that would keep them at bay.

“And the dogs did keep their distance, but as it turned out, a woman who looked like she was their owner, yelled at me to stay where I was, saying she wanted to solve the matter with me.

“She disappeared into the house and shortly after came out, accompanied by a man who dashed towards me and rained punches on me,” said Afzainizan.

The victim said all he could do was hug his attacker hoping that he would take pity on him as he was not returning his blows.

“But he just kept on punching me while I hugged him tighter and then we fell,” Afzainizan said, adding that while he was still struggling with the ringing in his ears, his attacker ran towards a car and returned with a steel rod.

“He was madly out of control and he swung the rod at me...I don’t know how many times, as all I was thinking of was to run for life,” he said.

In Afzainizan’s haste to save himself, he left behind his company’s motorcycle and his handphone.

Afzainizan later lodged a report at the Sekama police station. He has also sought treatment at the Sarawak General Hospital.

According to Kuching police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad, police helped to retrieve the postman’s motorcycle and returned it to him.

He said they were investigating the case - The Star