Thursday, November 24, 2011

You can now buy babies by kilogram in Kuala Lumpur

Babies, like grocery items scrutinised by potential buyers at supermarket shelves, also have "price tags" based on their colour and weight.

This is only one of a few hard truths about the human trafficking industry in Malaysia -- now thriving as the world’s third most profitable business after weapons and drugs.

“A baby of Chinese origin, weighing a healthy three kilos, can be sold off starting from RM10,000,” said Yayasan Chow Kit senior manager Dr Hartini Zainuddin.

Hartini is no stranger to human trafficking, having worked here with the underage victims across the capital and Klang Valley.

Her shocking revelation drew groans of disbelief among Rotarians and guests at the Rotary Club of Pudu’s Vocational Awards presentation yesterday.

“I have seen a baby being sold off by the father for a mere RM20 in return for syabu, and another case where a baby was sold off for S$25,000," she said.

“There was also a case involving this one mother who sold off all her six children even before they were delivered. She sold them for RM15,000 each while still pregnant with them."