Monday, November 7, 2011

Terminated And What They Got Was Only RM22

As Muslims all over the world celebrate the Aidil Adha, 22 of the 70 staff of the state governments subsidiary Terengganu Agrotech Development Corp. Sdn. Ltd. (TADC) were laid off effective today. The reason for the company to sack a manager, six executives and the rest contract employees was the company was suffering losses and needed to be restructured.

They were paid retrenchment benefits for as low as RM22.00.

Former Manager of Business Development and Marketing, Mohd. Razak Salih said termination letters dated November 1, were handed over to them last Thursday.

His attempt to meet with the General Manager and his deputy failed as both them were missing from the office on the date the termination letters were delivered.

"I also tried to contact their mobile phones, but my calls were not answered," he said. He also said did not know the real reason they were chosen among more than 70 employees of the company.