Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mum Sells Her Semi-Nude Pics On Facebook

HER exorbitant lifestyle caused her debts to swell into hundreds of thousands of ringgit. To settle her debts, the mother-of-three started selling semi-nude photos of herself over Facebook. Her modus operandi involves using the social networking site to hook clients who are asked to deposit money into her bank account.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the 35-year-old woman would send salacious images of herself to the client via MMS. Harian Metro said a man who had purchased such a photo informed her husband about his wife's “business”.

She allegedly provided phone sex services as well.

“After going through my wife's mobile phone and computer, I was crushed to learn that what he said was true. I even used a new phone number and Facebook account to pretend that I was an interested client. That confirmed the allegations,” said the 43-year-old husband.

The couple who live in Kuching has been married for more than a decade. The husband said he noticed changes in his wife's behaviour after she returned from an outstation trip in September. She frequently isolated herself in a room while on her mobilephone.

“My wife is a spendthrift even though she earns only RM2,000 a month from her job in the civil service. She enjoys making high-end purchases,” he said, adding that his wife brushed aside the allegations when confronted.