Saturday, November 19, 2011

Her house robbed not once but eight times

A family in Bandar Tasik Kesuma, Beranang here live in fear as their single-storey terrace house has been broken into not once once or twice but eight times since they moved in.

Yesterday morning the house was not only broken into for the eighth time but was also burned. Fortunately, they were not at home when it happened.

The owner of the house, Esah Ahmad, 57, suspected something amiss at about 2:28 am yesterday when her mobile phone rang after receiving emergency signals from alarm devices installed at the house two years ago.

According to Esah, when it happened, she was with her husband, Md. Nasir Ahmad, 60, and his children in his brother's house in Ampang.

Such cases are not the first in the area. On the 23rd of October, a bungalow owned by a Royal Malaysian Air Force pilot (RMAF) which is located about a mile from Esah's home was broken into and burned resulting in a loss of RM500, 000.

Meanwhile, Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Ab. Rashid Ab. Wahab, when contacted, confirmed the matter and said police were investigating.