Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beware Of "The Oily Man Of Bentong"

More than 10,000 people in 20 villages and housing estates in Ketari area live in fear claiming they are being harassed by a black, mysterious figure very similar to the feared oily man.

The "oily man" is said to harass young under-aged girls for the the past two weeks and has caused other disturbances.

The mysterious figure which resembles a small-sized man is believed to be a practictioner of black magic and allegedly responsibled for breaking-in into several homes around Ketari.

Following the incident, the residents of the nearby housing estates and villages started a voluntary patrol scheme to hunt the suspect.

A member of the patrol from Kampung Bukit Piatu, Zulfadzli Zulkifli Mohammed, 22, claimed he had seen the mysterious figure a few days ago while on patrol.

"We saw a black figure are on the roof of one house and when we caught up with him near a river he managed to cross the river. The mysterious figure taunted us before disappearing into the bushes when he realized some of our friends tried to cross the river to catch it," he said here yesterday.