Monday, October 31, 2011

Imagine, Two Boys Aged 7 And 8.......

A six-month clandestine criminal spree by two boys, aged seven and eight, were disclosed when they bragged about it to a friend. The boys told their friend that they had broken into 26 houses in Precinct 8, here. Putrajaya police chief Supt Abdul Razak Abd Majid said the duo had broken into the houses by using the keys left by its owners outside the house.

"The two boys not only bragged about their clandestine activities, but also showed the loot to their friend whose house was also broken into. Angry with the duo, the boy informed his father.

"Shocked with the information, the father lodged a police report and the two boys were arrested at their respected houses at 5.40pm and 6.30pm on Oct 28," he told reporters here today.

Upon interrogation, the two boys admitted that they had been involved in the activities over the past six months, he said. Abdul Razak said the boys had been playing truant from school and breaking into houses by using the keys hidden in shoes outside the houses after the owners left for work in the morning.

"They only took money and some stuff from the houses, but it did not involve other valuables," he said.

He said the boys would use the money to shop at Alamanda shopping complex. Abdul Razak said the two boys would be handed-over to the Social Welfare Department (JKM) for further action.

"They can't be charged as they were underaged. So, any further action will be taken by the JKM," he said.

He also reminded the people in Putrajaya not to leave their house keys outside the house to prevent untoward incidents. – Bernama