Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good (most probably stupid) robbers caught

They came, they robbed and much to the surprise of the pleading victim, returned most of the money.

But there was no escape for the two men, aged 23 and 31. Alert witnesses confronted them and handed them over to the cops.

The robbers stormed into the room of Indonesian labourer Herman Sugiono at a house in Lorong Kulit here at 9.30pm Monday.

Claiming to be policemen, they demanded to check his passport.

They then snatched RM163 from Herman’s bag. But when the Indo­nesian begged them to return his money, they relented and returned RM113 to him.

But as they fled with the RM50, several local residents who had seen them enter the room blocked their escape and handed them over to the police.