Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good (most probably stupid) robbers caught

They came, they robbed and much to the surprise of the pleading victim, returned most of the money.

But there was no escape for the two men, aged 23 and 31. Alert witnesses confronted them and handed them over to the cops.

The robbers stormed into the room of Indonesian labourer Herman Sugiono at a house in Lorong Kulit here at 9.30pm Monday.

Claiming to be policemen, they demanded to check his passport.

They then snatched RM163 from Herman’s bag. But when the Indo­nesian begged them to return his money, they relented and returned RM113 to him.

But as they fled with the RM50, several local residents who had seen them enter the room blocked their escape and handed them over to the police.

Robbed 10 times by the same people in 11 days

Five men armed with machetes have robbed KK Super Mart, a 24-hour mini-supermarket chain, 11 times in 10 days.

The five robbers – believed to be in their 20’s – did not wear masks or helmets when they robbed the mini-supermarkets in Klang Valley. And on each occasion they drove the same car with same number plate.

Gun shot owner injuring his.........

A man in Sarawak was found miraculously alive with serious injuries to his genital, abdomen after being hit by gunfire from a shotgun while out hunting deer in a forest village yesterday.

The man who was alone was believed to have been shot by his own gun after the gun fell down and hit the ground hitting his genital.

Monday, July 22, 2013

How to escape from custody without even trying

In one of the most daring escapes by a detainee in recent times, a 61-year-old drug suspect fled after impersonating another accused who had just been released.

In Tuesday’s incident, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman was among a group of 20 detainees who had been taken to the remand room at 2.30pm. Confusion arose when the magistrate repeatedly called out the name of a detainee to be released but got no response.

Abdul Rashid took advantage of the situation by presenting himself as the person, got his handcuffs removed and walked out of the courthouse.

The man who was supposed to be released had been fast asleep in the room and did not hear his name being called.

However, by the time the mistake was discovered, the escapee, who sported a beard and long hair and wore a blue and white striped T-shirt, had disappeared.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Minions rush

People rushing into the fast-food joint for Mcdonalds Minions

Son died in an accident then his ashes robbed

A 58-year-old man was devastated to learn that his son had died in a car accident. But in another cruel twist of fate, his late son's ashes were robbed.

According to a China Press report today, the grief-stricken father, identified only as Yu, had traveled to Johor Bahru from Sabah with his daughter and son-in-law.

His son, Yu Wen Sing, 22, had died when his car burst into flames following an accident near Tangkak on July 14.

After having his remains cremated, the family left for the Senai airport on July 17.

On their way to the airport, the car they were traveling in stopped at a petrol station, where tragedy struck for the second time.

Four robbers armed with parang and hammers approached the car on motorbikes.

One of them opened the rear door, and snatched the box which contained the ashes that were stored in a jar.

Forgetful mom ends up with a dead daughter

A three-year-old girl was found dead after her mother apparently forgot that her daughter was inside the car when she left for work.

It is learnt that Nawal Iris Shamsudin’s 32-year-old mother Norzaitusy Hazwa, who is be­­­­lieved to be a teacher, was supposed to send the child to the nursery.

But Norzaitusy, who had earlier sent a relative to the airport in the morning, forgot that her child was inside the car while rushing for an 11am meeting.

She found her dead daughter only when she returned to the car after work at about 5.30pm.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jackie is now on diet

An obese orang utan in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, has been put on a strict diet as wildlife rangers hope to rehabilitate the ape back into the wild.

The 22-year-old female orang utan, named Jackie, had to be rehabilitated as it spent most of the last two decades consuming junk food provided by tourists at Poring in Ranau under Sabah Parks.

Initial health checks showed that she is relatively healthy but severely obese at 100kg – double the body weight of a female orang utan in the wild.