Saturday, October 27, 2012

China disease spreading to Malaysia

Police in the state of Sabah seized more than 200 counterfeit handphones worth RM18,000 from a shopping mall in the state capital of Kota Kinabalu. The phones which resembled like branded phones was believed to have originated from China.

Don't throw that baby away or may end up in jail

Two students from a religious school in northern Malaysia have been detained by police after allegedly throwing their newborn baby into a canal. Also remanded were the girl's parents, in their 40s, her 20-year-old brother and 17-year-old cousin.

After throwing the baby, the girl suffered complication and was warded in a local hospital and she confessed after being questioned by doctors who found signs she had giving birth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SMART tunnel is not that smart after all

SMART tunnel was built to overcome flooding......... and suddenly

The Storm Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) will be closed for public use during the inter-monsoon season if the water flow at the confluence of Ampang and Klang rivers reaches the velocity of 150 cubic meters per second.

SMART Stormwater Control Centre director Nor Hisham Mohd Ghazali said there was a possibility that the tunnel would be closed due to excessive rainfall.

"Members of the public will be informed an hour before the tunnel is closed and they are advised to look for alternative routes," he said.

The flood hotspots in the Klang Valley included Salak South, some areas in Ampang, Jalan Dang Wangi and the city centre, he said.

"People should stop throwing rubbish indiscriminately as flash floods will occur when drains are clogged.

"Residents, too, should clear up their drains at home and in their neighbourhoods," he said.

So you want to be a singer, just pay us RM7,000

Police have recorded a statement from a 26-year-old man from Petaling Jaya in connection with a singing contest scam.

Lee Chuan Fai, 26, a draughtsman, who was alleged to have been one of the masterminds, claimed he was a victim.

"I had a shock when I saw my name was misused as a director of a company linked to the organisation of the contest without my consent," he said yesterday.

"I want to clear my name as I have never been involved in staging any singing contest.

"That is why I have travelled all the way from Selangor to Penang to assist police in their investigations."

It is learnt that four people had lodged reports in connection with the scam in which many had deposited up to RM7,000 (about US$1,000) each in a bank account to take part in the contest.

It was reported that about 100 aspiring singers were swindled by the company which promised to organise the called "Idol Search and Cover Guys and Girls" contest in May.

They sensed something amiss after the organiser withdrew the money from the account and absconded. Police have identified two men behind the scam.

How to become an instant celebrity: pee inside lift

 A young woman has become an instant celebrity after she was caught on CCTV peeing inside an elevator. CCTV recording shown the woman, believed to be in her 20s, answering the call of nature at 6.07am on Oct 10. The 16-second footage shows the woman turning her head to look at the camera before removing her denim shorts to urinate.

Sri Saujana flat joint management secretary in George Town Penang  Yeoh Kean Huat said the woman, believed to be a Chinese national, had not been seen since the incident.

The management committee had since put up printouts of the CCTV footage, with the woman's eyes blacked out, on the notice board to serve as a warning to others.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Loan costs butcher house, hand and ear

Had mutton seller A. Muthukrishnan known that a loan he took from a licensed moneylender four years ago would cost him a thumb, a ear, his job and even his house, he would have chosen to rough it through his financial hardship and be a happier man today.

Crippled and having to rely on his wife for simple daily tasks such as using the toilet, the 44-year-old father of three is in a quandary after being evicted from his Selayang house last week.

"I borrowed RM50,000, but lost my house which I bought for RM200,000 in 1997 and is currently valued at RM500,000," he told theSun.

Muthukrishnan, who operated a mutton stall in Selayang, took a RM50,000 loan from a licensed moneylender in October 2008. He said the moneylender agreed to give him the loan on the condition a caveat be placed on his house as collateral.

He agreed and signed several documents, a few which he claimed were blank papers given to him by the moneylender.

"Little did I know that the documents and blank papers I had signed would be turned into a letter of authorisation meant for the sale of my house which was under a loan with a bank," he said.

While continuing to pay his housing loan, he said he made regular instalment repayments to the moneylender. However, about 15 months later, he received a letter from the bank informing him that his house had been sold to the moneylender based on a letter of authorisation.

Then on April 23 last year, he was accosted by four men on his way to work at about 3am.

"They slashed me. They grabbed my right hand, sawed off my thumb and then held my head and cut off my ear and told me they needed to show it as proof to their boss that they had done their job." - SUNDAILY

Baby died after brother fell on him

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that a 30-day-old baby boy died after his elder brother fell on him while sleeping in Alor Setar.

Their mother rushed the infant to the hospital after realising that his body had become stiff at about 6am on Tuesday.

The daily reported that the baby died on the way to the hospital.

It is learnt the victim, who was said to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor, could have suffocated when his brother, five, fell off his bed and landed on him.

Black magic woman is not a song but a conwoman

A single mother endured a three-year nightmare where she lost a huge sum of cash, jewellery and even sold her house after she claimed to have befriended a conwoman.

"When I first met the woman three years ago, she told me she had been abused by her husband and family," said the woman, who only wanted to be known as Madam G.

She even let the "friend" stay in her house in Damansara whenever the woman claimed she was afraid to go home to her husband.

The woman, who Madam G claimed was the 41-year-old daughter of a priest in Perak, frequently brought her food and sweets, which the victim claimed was "blessed" by a priest. After that, she could not say "no" to the woman.

"She took my credit cards and used them to the limit before taking my jewellery, and making me withdraw money from the ATM for her.

"She asked me to resign from my job at a multinational company, and I did," said the regretful Madam G yeserday.

Eyeing Madam G's brand new Toyota Camry, the conwoman told her that driving the car would result in accidents.

"I automatically handed over the keys to her," said the single mother of two, whose two children are working abroad.

Madam G, who claimed that the woman had used black magic on her, said she became a recluse during those years, and even suffered pains in her teeth, back and knees. Visits to the doctor proved useless as they could not detect the cause.

How to pay your debts: sell your kidney

A 45-year-old lorry driver from Kuala Lumpur wanted to sell his kidney for RM50,000. The man known only as Phuah, had already lost RM30,000 (S$12,000) in July gambling online.

He covered those losses by using RM15,000 of his savings and asking for the rest from friends and family.

But the temptations to gamble proved too much. He went online to gamble again and lost more money. Left with no option and getting increasingly desperate, he walked into the office of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) with a bizarre request, The Star reported.