Thursday, May 10, 2012

What to do with your car if the bank send people to repossess it

A man in Kuala Lumpur smashed his own car with a hammer until it became a total wreck to prevent repossessors from taking away his car. The man admitted he had been tardy in his monthly payment to the bank which sent a tow truck and repossessors to take away the car.

According to witnesses, he removed the car tyres then smashed the front and back windsreens before wrecking the car to pieces.

Wife and son filmed torturing husband

Police are investigating the case of a wife and her 15-year son abusing their father in Sarawak. Upon raiding the premise where the incident was reported police was shocked to find the son had recorded the incident by using his handphone and then transferred it to a notebook given by the government to needy students.

The 50-year woman was video-taped hitting her husband with a cane while his (and her) 15-year old son pulled his genital.

Cop killed cop

A policeman was charged in here yesterday for killing killing his colleagues last month.

Rosli Abu Hasan, 25, was accused of killing Constable Muhammad Sobri Md. Sidek, 22, at the main entrance of the Istana Anak Bukit here at 5:45 pm on April 26.

He was charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries a death sentence if convicted.

Not enough good men to go round in Malaysia

Less Malaysians are getting married. According to a recent local census the average of first marriage has dropped to 28% in 2010 from 28.6% in 2000.

A study in 2004 found 32.1% Malaysians of marriage age were not married. 56.6% were men and the rest women.

About 40% of the women interviewed said they could not find suitable candidates.

Youtube mother jailed

The teenage mother who was filmed abusing her child in a youtube video that gone viral has been jailed 18 months according to Malaysian police. The mother is 18-year old jobless, unmarried Malaysian.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

14-year old raped a 9-year old student

A 9-year old female student in Malacca was traumatised after she was raped and threatened with a sharp by a 14-year-old boy in the school stairs.

Sources said, the student was raped on three separate occasions by the teenager who sneaked into school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The 14-year old threatened to kill her if she resisted.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

If you don't like your kid's teacher, just hire some gangsters to harass her

If you don't like your kid's teacher just hire some gangsters to harass her. That's what parents of a student did in Kuala Lumpur.

The Chinese primary school teacher was threatened and followed everywhere she went by a gang of thugs hired by the parents and had even gone to her house in the middle of the night to harass her. The teacher claimed the parents had a grudge against her.

The 40-year old teacher said she had received five threats against her since April the 10th. The most recent was a few days ago when a stranger approached her as she was getting into a car and warned her she would be killed if she continue to teach at the school.

She had lodged a police report.

Don't lie to your wife. She might become suspicious and follow you even to a massage parlour

A suspicious wife called the police police when he found her husband in bed with a Vietnamese woman in a hotel room.

The suspicious first tailed her husband to a massage parlour in Petaling Jaya near Kuala Lumpur and later to a hotel room where he was found with the Vietnamese woman.

When her husband refused to open the door the 48-year old woman called the police.

Don't call your husband "lazy". You might not live to regret it

A husband stabbed her wife to death after she called him "lazy".

The incident in Sarawak followed a heated argument between the Indonesian couple. The wife had asked the husband to help with household chores while she tended her cring baby. Furious at being called "lazy" the husband stabbed his wife who died at the scene. He then attempted suicide but failed.

The husband is now warded at a local hospital. His condition is critical.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wild boar hit a man. Man died wild boar survived

A farm laborer died after his motorcycle hit a wild boar who was crossing a road near Bera yesterday. He was riding a motorcycle without a safety helmet and succumbed to serious head injuries.

The victim an Indonesian known as Sugiono, 28  had no driving license.

Schoolgirl strangled, drowned her unwanted son

A girl student was believed to have strangled and drowned her newborn baby boy to death  in a bucket of water on Sunday, a day after before burying him in a bush near Sungai Petani. She was helped in her crime by her 17-year old boyfriend.

In the incident the girls had given birth to a healthy baby boy but to avoid the incident from being known by her family she decided to murder her own baby.

Her parents did not realize she was pregnant because there was no significant change in her stomach size.

Though you are my biological father, if you beat my mother I will kill you

A 15-year old boy stabbed his father to death with two knives before making a false police report saying his father was attacked and killed by robbers who broke into their house in Ipoh early yesterday morning.

The suspect also scattered furniture in the house to make it look like a robbery incident.

The victim, a timber company millionaire was 40 years old and was stabbed at 1.30 am.

The schoolboy was believed to be angry with his biological father for constantly beating the boy's mother.