Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black magic woman is not a song but a conwoman

A single mother endured a three-year nightmare where she lost a huge sum of cash, jewellery and even sold her house after she claimed to have befriended a conwoman.

"When I first met the woman three years ago, she told me she had been abused by her husband and family," said the woman, who only wanted to be known as Madam G.

She even let the "friend" stay in her house in Damansara whenever the woman claimed she was afraid to go home to her husband.

The woman, who Madam G claimed was the 41-year-old daughter of a priest in Perak, frequently brought her food and sweets, which the victim claimed was "blessed" by a priest. After that, she could not say "no" to the woman.

"She took my credit cards and used them to the limit before taking my jewellery, and making me withdraw money from the ATM for her.

"She asked me to resign from my job at a multinational company, and I did," said the regretful Madam G yeserday.

Eyeing Madam G's brand new Toyota Camry, the conwoman told her that driving the car would result in accidents.

"I automatically handed over the keys to her," said the single mother of two, whose two children are working abroad.

Madam G, who claimed that the woman had used black magic on her, said she became a recluse during those years, and even suffered pains in her teeth, back and knees. Visits to the doctor proved useless as they could not detect the cause.