Sunday, August 26, 2012

Want a beautiful Vietnamese woman, skip Vietnam and come to Malaysia

Vietnamese sex workers are now the favourites among locals, Kosmo! reported.

This new-found interest has been attributed to their alluring physique and better hospitality.

They have also been compared to sex workers from China, who are noted to be more "choosy" about their clients, based on appearance or age.

On the other hand, Vietnamese sex workers were found to be less choosy, so long as their clients were willing to pay between RM100 and RM200.

"Vietnamese prostitutes come here under the pretense of studying in fields such as beauty and tourism," said police anti-vice, gambling and secret societies division head SAC Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan.

According to him, there were even those who entered the country on their own and would find clients in reflexology centres and massage parlours.