Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get a degree or even a PhD in a just a week in Malaysia

Berita Harian published an expose that showed that you can earn a university degree within a week by paying RM7,500 to get the scroll.

The daily revealed that the diplomas, Master's degrees and doctorates were issued by a private institution of higher learning said to be affiliated with three foreign universities.

Checks later revealed that the universities in the United States and Britain were non-existent.

A reporter, who went undercover and paid the sum along with 46 other graduates, later received his scroll during a convocation ceremony held at a hotel in Subang, Selangor.

Those said to have received the certificates include politicians, businessmen, engineers and bank officers as well as foreigners.

A college spokesman, who only wished to be known as Sally, claimed that students did not need to follow the conventional methods to obtain a degree.

She added that students had to pay RM6,500 for a bachelor's degree, RM8,500 for a Masters and RM10,500 for a PhD plus RM1,000 in fees to participate in the convocation ceremony.