Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a good husband! He sold his wife for RM130 a try via text message

A woman was in an awkward situation when she was bombarded by dozens of phone calls from strangers every day, asking for sex since May 18 last year.

The victim, who only wanted to be known as Too, 42, claimed the call that was caused by her husband actions who sent short message service (SMS) to his friends declaring she was offering sexual services for a fee of RM130.

"Intially I thought the caller had a wrong number, but after several calls with the the same subject, I began to suspect something.

"My husband's action was exposed when a friend told me had received an SMS from my husband saying that I provide sexual services and those who were interested could contact me," she claimed.

Too lives with her three children after her husband left them in 2009.