Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is Malaysia where illegal immigrants run riot and the locals don't bother if you lie dead on the street

It was a busy night market, crowded with shoppers.

Yet, no one lifted a finger to help a 13-year-old girl when she was stabbed by a knife-wielding assailant.

The public merely stared as Noor Fathanah Misnawi lay in a pool of blood.

No one even attempted to stop her murderer, who escaped the scene.

This enraged Misnawi Mohd, 55, whose youngest daughter died minutes after the shocking incident, at Kampung Wira Damai in Batu Caves on Saturday night.

While others looked on, the odd-job worker carried his daughter and ran to the nearest clinic, only to see her die in his arms.

“I don’t understand why the public have this kind of attitude — just standby and watch my daughter lie motionless on the ground without helping,” he said when met at the Selayang Hospital mortuary yesterday.

Misnawi said even if they could not help his daughter, they could have at least apprehended the suspect and handed him to the police.

“Maybe, because it didn’t involve their family, they just watched.”

Recalling the incident, Misnawi said Noor Fathanah, a Form One student at SMK Sungai Kertas, had sought his permission to go to the pasar malam located several metres from their house.

“I allowed and she went with her sister, Noor Fadilah, 15, and a friend,” said the father-of-four.

He said around 8.20pm, Noor Fadilah suddenly returned home, shouting: “Baba, adik kena tikam!” (Father, little sister was stabbed).

Misnawi followed his daughter to a stall at the market where he saw Noor Fathanah’s body on the ground.

“She was lying motionless and everyone was just staring at her, without helping,” Misnawi said.

He then lifted his daughter and ran to a nearby clinic.

The doctor who treated Noor Fathanah said she did not stand a chance as the stab wound was too grievous and deadly.

The teenager succumbed to her injuries 20 minutes later.

“My daughter, Noor Fadilah, told me, during the incident, her sister was about to buy a drink at a stall when suddenly, an Indonesian man with a knife ran amok and was chasing his countryman at the market. The man accidentally stabbed my daughter before murdering his compatriot in the middle of the market,” said Misnawi.

Gombak district police chief Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the attacker has been identified but no arrest has been made.

Noor Fathanah was stabbed in her right abdomen while the Indonesian, 30-year-old Mohamad Hasir, was stabbed five times on his shoulder, neck, chest and stomach. - MalayMail