Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Black magic woman exposed by ..... husband and daughter

Tired of a woman cheating people of their money, her husband and daughter yesterday came forward to reveal her misdeeds.

The woman had also allegedly conned the husband of RM9,000 (S$3700) and tried to extort RM50,000 from her son-in-law.

Speaking to reporters yesterday at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, the man and his daughter alleged that the woman conned people by claiming to be a "shaman" (bomoh) who was capable of lifting black magic spells and had once even impersonated an Immigration officer.

The daughter, who wanted to be known only as Nurul Fatiha, 19, said she came forward because she had had enough of her mother's con jobs, and wanted to expose her wrongdoings.

"My mother convinced people that they had black magic spells cast on them.

"She then asked them for money so that she could lift the spells, before going missing.

"Once, she even tried to extort RM50,000 from my husband and she cheated my stepfather out of RM9,000," the housewife told a press conference here yesterday.

Present at the press conference were five other victims of the bogus shaman.

One of the victims, 31-year-old bank officer Suzana Mohamad, lost about RM8,000 after she was made to believe that her life and that of her toddler son were in danger from a spell placed on them by a former acquaintance following a misunderstanding - NST