Sunday, April 29, 2012

Married to her car and not to her

A teacher's dream of a happy marriage ended when her "husband" not only failed to turn up for the wedding ceremony but disapppeared with her jewelery and car two days before the wedding.

The groom who who claimed to be an officer with a national narcotics agency was apparently wanted by police and had been previously jailed on cheating charges.

The woman lost a car, jewelery, laptop and mobile phone valued at more than RM60,000 to her "husband".

Motorcycle killed a hunter with his own shotgun

A RELA man (RELA is a governement militia) was found dead near Port Dickson yesterday. He was believed to have gone hunting for red jungle fowl when his motorcycle skidded and he fell off from the motorcycle causing his shotgun to go off.

His body was found by his friend, who had also gone hunting for the red jungle fowl.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Buy an insurance then pay for it by using someone else's money

A woman reported a loss of RM25 per month from her savings account when a local bank deducted it to settle an insurance policy of a stranger unknown to her.

Sarina Abu Bakar, 47, said she had just realized on April 20th that RM25 has been deducted on the 16th of every month from her savings accounts.

However, she did not know the exact date when the bank started deducting her accounts.

According to her, when she confronted the bank she was told the deduction was to pay for the insurance policy of a man she did not know.

Not only thieves, robbers and kidnappers who will invade your home. Monkeys too

To save her grandson, a grandmother was injured when attacked by a group of 30 wild monkeys which invaded their home in the village of Permatang, Kuala Sungai Baru, here yesterday.

In the incident at about 11 am that morning, Zaiton Comel, 83, received 14 stitches on her face and scratches and bruises on the body.

You don't give me money I will sell our children

A husband kicked, assaulted and threatened to kill his 25-year-old wife at their home in Cheras, here when his wife could not give money when he asked for it.

More worrisome for her as her husband threat to sell their two children to pay for his loan sharks debts.

More alarming when the victim's husband late 20-year-old is also alleged to abduct and sell two of their children to settle the loan payment to along. he also threatened to distribute nude pictures of her recorded when they were happier together earlier.

The woman was later sent to a hospital by her realtives before lodging a police report at Salak South police station for investigation and further action.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

12-year old students filmed having sex at school

TWO students were filmed having sex on the grounds of a school in Hulu Selangor, reported Kosmo!

The young lovebirds, both Secondary One students, were filmed having their tryst at the edge of their school field on a mobile phone on April 13.

However, their act was only discovered a week later when other students reported it to their school's disclipinary teacher on April 21.

When the teacher informed the girl's parents, her family members then confronted and beat up the boy and others who filmed the act.

The boys, who suffered injuries to their heads, eyes and bodies after being assaulted with rotan and various pieces of wood, were later handed over to the police.

They were released after 24 hours. The boy may be charged with rape.

Evil spirits caused schoolgirls to scream hysterically

Four girl at a secondary school in Shah Alam screamed hysterically yesterday believed to be disturbed by evil spirits.

The screaming students caused alarm and panic at the school. The incident happened near the school prayer hall and according to one school worker this had never happened before.

The students were later calmed down by religious teachers who recited prayers.

Rape victim severed rapist penis

A man had his penis severed when a woman he attempted to rape seized his machete and swung it at his penis near Kuala Lumpur today.

The victim was on his way to a grocery shop when confronted by the robber. The robber dragged her to a vacant premise, pushed her down and robbed her of RM100 and a mobile phone.

While the robber was loosening his pants the woman kicked him, seized his machete and severed his penis.

Phone roamers beware: To telecom companies you look like big, fat cash cows

A mobile phone user was charged RM8,000 for just one day's use.

He subscribed for data roaming package worth RM48 a day for his three-day overseas trip. He was floored when he received his phone bill amounting to RM8,000 for one day roaming.

How to be rich: Become a taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur

A taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur was fined RM1,000 by the Magistrates Court here for charging two Britons RM459.20 for a 4.8 km ride. The meter said RM8 before it was shut off by the cabbie.

Another cabbie was sentenced to RM400 fine for overcharging four passengers RM8 while the meter read RM4.50.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wanna buy a Rolex for US$10?

Wanna buy a Rolex for RM40 (slightly more than US$10)?

Worry no more. There are now more than 20 people peddling branded watches at Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. Rolex for US$10 is a bargain but whether it can last you more than a day is something worth pondering.

A survey by a local newspaper has found more than 20 fake watch peddlers targeting tourists around the Bukit Bintang area. Most of the peddlers are from Sabah and the Philippines.

According to some of them, the return is lucartive. They can net as much as RM20,000 a month by selling fake watches to tourists.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gays, lesbians, tomboys and ......... beware, they really hate you here

Thousands, including hundreds of students, gathered at an anti-LGBT rally outside Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, witnessing speeches clamouring for intolerance of sexual minorities in Malaysia.

Several NGOs met to express their dissatisfaction with tentative calls for LGBT rights in the majority Islamic country. Protestors met at the campus of Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang, south of the capital, after being denied permission to gather in Kuala Lumpur's central square, Dataran Merdeka.

Allegations bring fame not shame

Actress Zahida Mohamed Rafik has gained more fame and Twitter fans following allegations of her relationship with a senior minister who allegedly paid her a substantial amount of money.

As at yesterday, the actress of the movie Anak Mami had garnered 7,000 followers on Twitter.

On Twitter, user Fared Isa tweeted to Zahida two days ago with "Hi millionaire. You kantoi already (You have been "caught"). Lol. I never heard your name before this till the news about you spread all over the country."

Zahida gave an amused reply, saying: "Cool!!! Keep it up ok! Need my beauty sleep now, nite! Esok jgn lupa tweet lagi tau (Don't forget to tweet again tomorrow)! Cheers! At least I am a millionaire, you???"

Many of her Twitter followers had previously made scathing comments about her alleged relationship with the minister, with the actress giving mostly witty replies.

However, the trend changed yesterday when her followers began tweeting more positive comments to her, offering support and encouragement -

Get high "legally" in Malaysia ....... or before you get busted by police

"Legal" versions of amphetamines and other party drugs have become the "in" thing in Malaysia's nightlife scene.

These pills which go by names such as "Groove-E" and "Pink Champagne", which promise the same high as illegal drugs are being sold freely on a Kuala Lumpur-based website and buyers can get these drugs delivered to their homes

They come in packets of two or four, priced at between RM50 to RM80. The website says: "Hypnotic is a lovey-dovey party pill that gives you waves of warm ecstasy sensations (sic) with a twist. Peak duration three to five hours. The recommended dose is one tablet."

Burn, baby burn and hopefully they will celebrate the blaze in jail

Arsonists destroyed 22 motorcycles at the Sri Selangor flat yesterday. The blaze also damaged four flat units.

At the peak of the blaze flame shot as high as 3 meter.

The area used to be well-known for its drug activities. The attack is believed to be as a result of a fight between two gangs at a nearby playground.

A fish jumped into his mouth

A four-year-old boy almost choked to death when a 3cm wide ikan puyu (climbing perch) jumped into his mouth.

Kosmo! reported that Muhammad Akhif Danish Shamsuri was in pain for four hours before the fish was removed by a doctor at Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital in Kota Baru.

Muhammad Akhif was apparently holding the pet fish in his hand when it sprang into his mouth.

The boy's father Shamsuri Shafie, 28, said the fish was stuck in his son's mouth, with only the tail visible.

"My brother managed to catch its tail, preventing it from getting into his throat," he told the tabloid on Saturday.

According to Shamsuri, his brother brought Muhammad Akhif to Hospital Machang before he was transferred to the main hospital.

"By then, my son's mouth was bleeding from being cut by the fish's thorns," said Shamsuri.

Doctors managed to anaesthetise his son and withdraw the fish - The Star

Football heads beware. Don't lose any game if not your supporters might throw rocks at your house

Trengganu Football Association president faced the biggest football challenge of his life when state football supporters besieged his home and started throwing rocks and other objects at his house yesterday. The supporters were angry because their team was beaten 1-2 by another team.

After the game the unruly supporters held a demonstration at the stadium gate. They demanded the president and the state coach resign immediately. Police had to shield the president and the coach from the stadium from agitated crowd.

However, a group of supporters then converged to the president's house and started to throw rocks and other objects towards the house.

Snatcher beware, make sure your motorcycle is in perfect condition before you snatch somebody's handbag

A snatch thief was was beaten to pulp by a group of men when he failed to re-start his motorcycle after snatching a handbag from a 60 year old lady in Kuantan yesterday.

According to police, the suspect stopped his motorcycle at the side of a road before snatching the lady's handbag. Unfortunately motorcycle engine failed to start and he was caught by passers-by.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

While in police station, don't scratch your butt

A man was arrested in Cameron Highlands on suspicion of drugs possession by a team of policemen near a barber shop yesterday.

The man's body was searched for drugs but the police could not find anything on him. He was then brought to a police station for questioning.

Police became highly suspicious of the man when he could not stop scratching his butt while being questioned. Upon inspection police found 8.90 gram of heroin hidden in his rectum.

Mysterious creature killed a female student

A female student at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) fell to her death from the fifth storey of an academic building yesterday.

According to her friends the victim had been in depression and told them she had been disturbed by a mysterious creature since a few years ago.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whipped and hung by husband

He allegedly hung his wife using the hook of a hanging baby bed and whipped her with wires.

The husband, believed to be a drug addict, also allegedly forced her to take Ecstasy. The abuse didn't stop there.

Believing that his wife would report him to the police in Kuala Lumpur, he threatened to pull out her teeth with pliers.

The 21-year-old woman, known only as Ms Tan, finally fled to her mother's house early this year, terrified that he would harm her further.

Ms Tan has since made a police report, China Press reported.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Real police thrashed fake police

Police thrashed an online fraud syndicate posing as police officials from the national police headquarters and Bank Negara when they raided a condominium in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

A businessman from Tawau, Sabah, was the last victim when he was scammed a cool RM3.2 million in February.

Commercial Crime boss Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azizan said the 12 noon raid resulted in the arrest of four men and a woman, aged between 23 and 33.

He said the syndicate, active over the past three months, masqueraded as police officers from the police headquarters and top officials from Bank Negara, would contact their victims by telephone telling them their bank accounts would be blocked for investigation by the police and Bank Negara (the country's banking regulator). They would give reasons including money laundering and misuse of the account.

The victims would then be asked to transfer their money to another account provided by the syndicate to ensure that their money would not be frozen. Once this was done, the money would be transferrred a third account controlled by the syndicate.

Syed Ismail said, one of the suspects was detained for five months in China for the same offence last year.

"The suspect was sent back to Malaysia and he is one of the key figures in this syndicate," he said.

They sell cheap watches, cheap cameras and cheap babies in Malaysia

A baby boy with a deformed leg was sold for RM6,000 in Klang, Oriental Daily reported.

The amount is low. A healthy baby boy can normally fetch up to RM20,000 in the black market, the paper added.

The five-month-old baby was sold to a childless couple from Singapore last November.

However, before the deal could be sealed, police moved in to cripple the syndicate on April 6.

They traced the baby to the Perdana Villa apartment at about 5.45am on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dead souls bring lottery luck

A house was once inhabited by seven children who were murdered simultaneously 11 years ago has now become a gamblers' shrine. Gamblers come at night to worship the souls of the murdered victims to win lottery prizes.

According to complaints from the public the house is already changing face and looks like a center of worship.

Till death do us part

A pair of secret lovers were found dead in a car at Bukit Puchong today due to inhalation of poisonous gas from the air conditioner.

A police spokesman said the bodies of the 32-year-old man his 26-year old girlfriend were discovered by the man's father in a parked car in a workshop owned by the victim.

Both were said to be married to different partners and were facing marital problems with their spouses.

What a good husband! He sold his wife for RM130 a try via text message

A woman was in an awkward situation when she was bombarded by dozens of phone calls from strangers every day, asking for sex since May 18 last year.

The victim, who only wanted to be known as Too, 42, claimed the call that was caused by her husband actions who sent short message service (SMS) to his friends declaring she was offering sexual services for a fee of RM130.

"Intially I thought the caller had a wrong number, but after several calls with the the same subject, I began to suspect something.

"My husband's action was exposed when a friend told me had received an SMS from my husband saying that I provide sexual services and those who were interested could contact me," she claimed.

Too lives with her three children after her husband left them in 2009.

Sodomist on rampage. Uncle and younger brothers were sodomized by crazy disabled man.

A disabled man was jailed for seven years and given six lashes of the rotan by the Sessions Court here today after he pleaded guilty to sodomizing his uncle who is also disabled and his two two biological brothers aged eight and 10 years, last month.

Justice Siti Noraida Solomon ordered that the the 22-year old man to serve his sentence from the date of his arrest on April 5.

The man, who hails from Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam father was charged with sodomizing his 41-year old uncle and two younger brothers aged eight and 10 years in the front room of a house in Sekinchan, between 10.30 pm and 11.30 pm on March 23 last year.

According to facts of the case, the accused called his indolent uncle into the room. His two younger brothers were in the same room. The accused sodomized his two brothers until they cried.

The accused then asked his uncle to open his pants and shirt and prostrate before he sodomized him in front of his two younger brothers.

Sinners will no longer be fielded as election candidates

Sinners, including adulterers, would be dropped from the PAS' election candidates list, said PAS Syura Council member Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

He said the council would reject candidates proven to be involved in sex scandals, criminal offences or any serious ethical issues.

He said the council would vet the candidates list before forwarding it to the party's political bureau and the central executive committee for the final selection process.

In a Kuala Lumpur bar there are drinks for sale. Sometimes you can even buy a baby there.

A four-month-old baby boy was saved from being sold when police intervened.

A Myanmar man was in the process of selling the baby to a local woman for RM4,000 at a bar in Jalan Hang Kasturi, here, yesterday.

In the incident at 4.45 pm, police arrested the 0-year-old Myanmar man for further investigation.

Police said they received information from a local man who accepted the offer to purchase the four-month-old baby from the Myanmar man. He said a team from Kuala Lumpur police headquarters then raided the bar.

"Upon arriving at the scene, police found a man Myanmar with a four-month-old baby boy in discussion with a local woman"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Even banana leaves are now fake

The "fake banana leaf" used by restaurants can be a health risk because it emits a chemical leach from the plasticisers used in its manufacture, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) claims.

CAP president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the "banana leaf" was actually made of recycled newspapers which had been dyed green, adding that it may also contain harmful leftover inks.

"When hot food is placed on the paper, the plasticisers will leach and this will harm the consumer over a period of time.

"I urge the authorities to take action under the Trade Description Act against restaurant operators who serve meals on these fake banana leaves," he told a press conference Wednesday.

Mohamed Idris said consumers should also refrain from eating meals served on such "leaves" as they were being deprived of the benefits and the authenticity of the traditional banana leaf meals - The Star

First there were Mat Rempits. Now there are Mat Acids.

The 46-year-old teacher who was splashed with acid in a snatch theft incident in Rawang on March 27, succumbed to her injuries on Monday.

S. Rani from Batu 17, Bandar Rawang died of her injuries sustained in the attack at 2pm at the Selayang Hospital.

Hospitalised since the incident, she suffered injuries on her face, neck, hands and chest and had been in critical condition.

Gombak district police chief, ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the case have been reclassified under Section 302 of Penal Code for murder.

“Two suspects, aged 30, were apprehended shortly after the incident at two separate places, in Taman Rasa Utama in Kuala Kubu Baru and in Jalan Bandar Rawang on March 31,” he said.

One suspect was still in police custody while the other was released on police bail, he said.

At 7am on March 27, Rani and student Nuraqilah Osman, 16, were splashed by corrosive liquid by two men while they were waiting at a bus stop in Batu 17, Rawang.

The suspects also snatched a gold chain from Rani’s neck before fleeing the scene.

While Rani was warded, Nuraqilah received outpatient treatment at the same hospital.

The corrosive liquid also hit five other students who were waiting nearby. All of them sustained minor injuries - Malay Mail

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So you want to be a prostitute. You may now apply online

Prostitution syndicates are using the internet to lure potential prostitutes through online job application forms offering full-time and part-time positions.

Interested women are asked to fill the forms with names, addresses and telephone numbers and upload their images (face, body size, hair style, skin color).

Once the forms have been submitted the syndicate will contact the women via e-mail offering them packages that suit their requirements without having to meet for interviews.

Once the terms have been agreed by both parties, the woman just need to wait for a phone call. The syndicate will solicit for customers and will call the woman telling her the place to meet the customer.

Marry or be killed! Make your choice

Married or killed, that was the ultimatum given by a father to his daughter at their home in Kepong Baru, near here on Sunday.

The woman was also beaten before chased out of the house after the she did not agree with her father's wish to marry her to a man she did not know.

She was slapped, beaten and chased out of the house by her father. She later lodged a police report.

You want sex? For RM298 I offer you a 15-yr old student

Prostitution syndicates are now more creative when they use new tactic of sending a short message service (SMS) to find new customers, particularly among the Chinese.

The SMS sent randomly in Mandarin contains list of complete information about the girls, price and location of their sex promotion.

According to one of the SMS, they offered local students among the prostitutes and claimed some of them were 15 years old and priced at RM298 including room rentals.

Period or not, I want sex

A civil servant severely beat his wife after she refused to have sex with him since she was having her monthly period.

In the incident at 2.30 pm, the 27-year-old victim who worked as a nurse was at home when her 30-year old husband wanted to have sex with her. called her 30-year-old for sex.

The victim who was menstruating at that time politely declined her husband request but this angered her husband who accused her of having an affair with another man.

He then beat her in front of their 5-year old daughter.

The woman later lodged a police report against her husband.

Give me RM2,000 and I give you a new wife

It took only three days for a conman to deceive a senior citizen into parting with his hard-earned cash (or maybe pension money).

A man approached a senior citizen with an offer of a marriage with a young woman with only RM700 in marriage fee, a gold chain and RM1,100 for a wedding feast. This is much cheaper than the nomral cost of a marriage between RM10,000 to RM20,000.

The 67-year old victim lodged a police report at Rawang police station after he realised he had been cheated. He had given the money and the gold chain to the man witnessed by his supposedly new wife.

He lodged a police report.after failing to contact the man in order to proceed with the marriage.

When I said I loved you, I meant it from the bottom of my heart

A serious motorcycle accident resulting in a coma for three days could not stop a general assistant from holding the akad nikah (solemnisation) ceremony for his marriage as planned.

Izman Mohamad, 35, was married to Murni Osman, 33, in a simple ceremony at the orthopaedic ward of the Malacca Hospital here today.

The solemnisation was performed by chief imam of the Fat'hur Rahman Mosque, Yunos Bidin at 10am.

Murni, a clerk at the Bukit Katil Umno office here, said she was thankful the simple ceremony that was attended by their family members and orthopaedic ward staff went without a hitch.

Murni said she has known Izman for almost a year and was supposed to get married at her home in Durian Daun here today.

"I feel very grateful, happy and relieved that the akad nikah went on as planned even though it was held in a hospital," she said.

She said her husband slipped into a coma for three days after his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a car at Jalan Hang Tuah at about 1am on April 6.

Murni said Izman was allowed to attend their "bersanding" ceremony, which would be held tomorrow at Melaka Historical City Council (MBMB) Hall, Durian Daun. -- Bernama

What would you do if your mother marry someone you don't like? Jail her....

Two sisters who were furious when their mother remarried took law into their own hands when they confined their own mother for more than a month in a house in Sentul.

The sisters, aged 19 and 20 claimed their new stepfather was unsuitable and had bad intention in marrying their mother.

During the duration of her confinement the mother was well-fed but her mobile phone was confiscated and she was not allowed to to communicate with others. Even her new husband was not allowed into the house to meet her.

If you are a victim of black magic this magic stone can cure you

A group of elder citizens in Kuala Trengganu have been conned into buying precious stones and rubies with magical power.

The modus operandi of the conmen is to approach senior citizens and then telling the victims they were victims of black magic. The would the supposedly magic stone that could cure the victims.

According to police a sum of RM200,000 have been conned from the victims.

Parking ticket can kill you

CONSTANT nagging over a parking summons turned into a heated argument and cost  a woman her  life when she was strangled to death by her husband in June last year.

Post-mortem report showed that Yap Kwee Yin, 51, died due to the pressure to her neck after her husband Lee Kim Fook, 52, strangled her with his bare hand at their home in Taman Klasik here between 7am and 10am on June 28.

Lee, who worked as a printer, was yesterday sentenced to 12 years' jail after he pleaded guilty to an alternative charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. He was initially charged with murdering his wife, who worked at a Chinese traditional medicine shop here.

Read more: Wife killed over a parking ticket

This is Malaysia where illegal immigrants run riot and the locals don't bother if you lie dead on the street

It was a busy night market, crowded with shoppers.

Yet, no one lifted a finger to help a 13-year-old girl when she was stabbed by a knife-wielding assailant.

The public merely stared as Noor Fathanah Misnawi lay in a pool of blood.

No one even attempted to stop her murderer, who escaped the scene.

This enraged Misnawi Mohd, 55, whose youngest daughter died minutes after the shocking incident, at Kampung Wira Damai in Batu Caves on Saturday night.

While others looked on, the odd-job worker carried his daughter and ran to the nearest clinic, only to see her die in his arms.

“I don’t understand why the public have this kind of attitude — just standby and watch my daughter lie motionless on the ground without helping,” he said when met at the Selayang Hospital mortuary yesterday.

Misnawi said even if they could not help his daughter, they could have at least apprehended the suspect and handed him to the police.

“Maybe, because it didn’t involve their family, they just watched.”

Recalling the incident, Misnawi said Noor Fathanah, a Form One student at SMK Sungai Kertas, had sought his permission to go to the pasar malam located several metres from their house.

“I allowed and she went with her sister, Noor Fadilah, 15, and a friend,” said the father-of-four.

He said around 8.20pm, Noor Fadilah suddenly returned home, shouting: “Baba, adik kena tikam!” (Father, little sister was stabbed).

Misnawi followed his daughter to a stall at the market where he saw Noor Fathanah’s body on the ground.

“She was lying motionless and everyone was just staring at her, without helping,” Misnawi said.

He then lifted his daughter and ran to a nearby clinic.

The doctor who treated Noor Fathanah said she did not stand a chance as the stab wound was too grievous and deadly.

The teenager succumbed to her injuries 20 minutes later.

“My daughter, Noor Fadilah, told me, during the incident, her sister was about to buy a drink at a stall when suddenly, an Indonesian man with a knife ran amok and was chasing his countryman at the market. The man accidentally stabbed my daughter before murdering his compatriot in the middle of the market,” said Misnawi.

Gombak district police chief Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the attacker has been identified but no arrest has been made.

Noor Fathanah was stabbed in her right abdomen while the Indonesian, 30-year-old Mohamad Hasir, was stabbed five times on his shoulder, neck, chest and stomach. - MalayMail

You are not allowed to commit suicide

A man who could not settle his huge debts after betting on football matches tried to take his own life by jumping off the Penang Bridge.

Fortunately, the 36-year-old man was fished out from the sea by marine police within five minutes after his plunge yesterday.

The man from Bukit Mertajam was said to be suffering from depression as he could not settle his debts which had reached RM30,000 after nine years of gambling.

It is learnt that members of the public who saw the man standing at the edge of the bridge called the police at 6.15pm.

A patrol craft was deployed to the location within seconds after the distress call was received.

Monorail sued for closing the door too early

A telemarketing executive who was dragged by a monorail car for about eight metres after her hand got caught in the door, is seeking compensation over her injuries.

Lim Cui Hong, 24, had tried to board the monorail at Bukit Bintang station after work on Feb 9, but decided at the last minute to get off as the car was too crowded.

The automatic doors, however, caught her left hand when they closed.

"A guard knocked on the glass near the driver's seat to notify him, but the train started moving. I was dragged along for about eight metres, scraping the metal railings on the platform," Lim said at MCA's Public Services and Complaints Department press conference yesterday.

Lim's hand was freed as the train finally stopped but she fell into the gap between the platform and the train.

She was injured on her hands, body and legs and three of her front teeth were chipped during the fall - The Star

Monday, April 16, 2012

Unwanted baby left on car boot

A car owner in Kampung Parit Pecah near Parit Jawa here was shocked to find a newborn girl inside a polystyrene box on the boot of his car at the village surau.

Abdul Rashid Siraj, 73, said he was about to leave the surau after Subuh prayers when he saw the box at about 6.30am on Saturday.

He said there was a black bag inside the box and when he unzipped the bag, he saw the girl wrapped in a towel alive and sweating inside.

There was also a note which said the parents were illegal immigrants.

The note also stated that the baby's name is Salamiah Hasanah, while the mother is Sri Susanti and the father, Khairulanam.

It stated that the parents could not afford to care for the baby, Abdul Rashid said yesterday.

Muar Welfare Department officer Nazri Hussin said the baby had been sent to the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital.

He said the case had been referred to the police.

Muar police chief Asst Comm Mohammed Nasir Ramli urged anyone with information to come forward - ANN

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Husband stole wife thumbprint

A 55-year-old husband stole his first wife thumbprint while she was asleep according to a police report made by the wife.

She discovered the theft when she found out her husband had taken a new wife. State Islamic law requires a married man who wishes to take another wife to get the consent of his first wife.

The dicovery that her husband had taken a new wife had led to a vicious agreement between the couple and he later admitted he had married another wife in Southern Thailand

It is learned that, after being pressured by his second wife to get his first wife consent for the marriage he then shown a form affixed with the thumbprint of his first wife.

His first wife later lodged a police report against her husband for stealing her thumbprint.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

If you have a history of heart attack don't even think of robbing someone else

Two men posing as Immigration officials attempt to rob a restaurant in Kelantan ended unexpectedly when one of them suddenly died of suspected heart attack.

His friend was too traumatic to run away after seeing his partner collapsed and was arrested by police at the scene.

The 8:30 PM incident happened too quickly before the robbers could even collect their loot when suddenly one of them  collapsed dead.

The evil that men do

The body of a woman was found dumped and torched in a bush by the roadside near Taman Desa Aman, here last night, police said.

State CID chief ACP Zakaria Ahmad said policemen, acting on a tip-off, went to the scene and found the body, which was wrapped in fabric, was burning.

The woman is believed to have been murdered elsewhere and her body dumped and torched there in an attempt to dispose of evidence.

Police are determining the identity of the victim. The body has been sent to Kulim Hospital for a post-mortem. -- Bernama

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lovers beware! Ghosts will curse you and the religious police will catch you

A pair of lovers were caught by a team of religious police while making it out near an old graveyard in Perak.

In the incident at 1:50 am Tuesday, the couple in their 20s were in a car at a Chinese graveyard near the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreational Park here.

Devils and djinns beware! Here comes the djinn hunter

AT FIRST glance, Trimizi Zainal comes across as just another Malaysian student whom you’ll probably bump into in London’s Oxford Street.

Like any IT-savvy youngster, the 23-year-old stays connected when abroad. With his Yahoo! Messenger, he sends text messages, makes PC calls or chats with friends over the Internet.

Well, the similarity ends there. Trimizi is no ordinary Malaysian whom you would want to mess with.

Over the next two months, this modern-day exorcist will conduct mobile clinics to rid victims, particularly the Malaysian community in Britain, of sihir (black magic) spells and disturbances by spiteful spirits.

Ustaz Trimizi, as he is known, is probably Malaysia’s youngest Islamic medical practitioner who specialises in undoing charms and witchcraft.


Don't flirt with my wife ... or I will stab you

A man accused by his business partner of flirting with his wife was punched and stabbed  at Selayang Baru yesterday. He was stabbed with a knife in the back in the incident on Tuesday.

A police inspector, a kidnapper and what else.........

A police inspector and three others were charged in the Magistrate's Court yesterday on charges of kidnapping a businessman's child for ransom of RM1.5 million last month.

No plea was recorded from all the accused and the court set May 16 for mention.

When you think driving is safer than taking a bus... think again, your car engine might explode suddenly

A man was seriously injured early Friday when the engine of his SUV exploded as he turned its ignition key.

The victim, identified as Lee Chong Beng, 58, suffered 70% burns in the 8.40am incident.

His head was in flames when he was pulled out by neighbours from the vehicle parked outside his house in Taman Sembilang, near here.

The SUV exploded again twice after he was pulled out of it.

Lee was sent to Seberang Jaya Hospital, where he is said to be under critical care.

Initial investigations indicated that the engine could have been faulty - The Star

Thursday, April 12, 2012

You issue summonses, we issue punches

An irate ratepayer gave Seberang Perai municipal councillor, Peter Lim Eng Nam, 43, a black eye after accusing him of issueing summons against an illegal house extension.

The attack took place in front of Lim’s house in Taman Idaman, Simpang Ampat yesterday.

A friend of his, Goh Bee Thong, 37, fell into a drain after he was punched.

The councillor said the assailant got out of his car, with three others still inside, and verbally abused him and his friend.

“I was talking with my friend when a car drove up. A man came out and relieved himself next to the car. After that, he walked towards me and started shouting,” said Lim.

“He accused me of filing a complaint and issuing summons against him for building an extension to his house. I was taken aback. I explained that I was only a councillor and issuing summonses was the MPSP’s job.”

Lim said the three other men then exited the car and he requested them to escort their friend back.

He said that as the man was being led to the car, he spat at him and called Goh a “dog”.

When Goh asked why he was calling him names, the man ran back and punched Goh, who fell into a nearby drain.

“I tried to restrain the man and was instead punched on my face, left knee, right hand and body. My glasses broke too, said Lim.

After the assailant left, Lim and Goh lodged reports with the Simpang Ampat police station - Malay Mail

Maybe they thought they were schoolteachers

A Singaporean man was sentenced to six years imprisonment while his wife was released on a good behaviour bond by a Sessions court for hitting their friend with a cane.

Singaporean Wong Khee Fatt, 54, and his wife Sian Lai Fong, 52, both hawkers were charged with hitting Tan Ping Fung, 47, with a cane in Taman Sentosa here at around 5.30am on December 29, last year.

Both of them were charged under Section 326 of the Penal Code, which carries a jail term of up to 20 years and also liable for whipping and fine upon conviction.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jasmee Hameeza Jaafar prosecuted the case before Sessions judge Hassan Abdul Ghani, while both Wong and Sian were represented by lawyer Yahya Chua - The Star

The secret life of a 14-year old schoolgirl exposed

The luxury, secret life of of a 14 year old school-girl was exposed after a school teacher at Kampung Raja near here discovered she was carrying RM800 to school.

District police chief Superintendent Mohd Kamaruddin Zakaria said the student was investigated by school teacher after suspicious circumstances. When interrogated the girl admitted the large amount of money were proceeds from selling psychotropic drugs.

"The school then reported the student to the police and from our interrogation the student said she had become a drug dealer since almost four months ago and obtained supplies from a former boyfriend."

"She said she was paid about RM100 each time and she claimed she was forced to sell the drug by a former boyfriend," he said.

At 4.30 pm, last Sunday a team of police officers from District Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division arrested the student's former boyfriend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you play soccer against Sarawak, make sure they win for if not their supporters will riot

Two brothers were charged at the Sessions Court yesterday for causing a riot at the Sarawak Stadium on Saturday.

Abang Saiful Zahrin Abang Abdul Rahim, 30, and Abang Mohammad Zakri, 28, claimed trial to the charges.

Abang Saiful Zahrin also claimed trial to causing hurt to 33-year-old Light Strike Force Lance Corporal Amzari Othman with a weapon.

Judge Dayang Ellyn Narisa Abang Ahmad set RM10,000 (S$4100) bail in two sureties for each accused and set July 13, 16 and 17 for trial.

Inspector Carl Patrick Ramesh prosecuted while the brothers were represented by Shankar Ram.

The duo, students of a private university here, were alleged to have committed the offence after the Malaysian Super League match between Sarawak and Kelantan, which ended with a 1-1 draw - NST

Black magic woman exposed by ..... husband and daughter

Tired of a woman cheating people of their money, her husband and daughter yesterday came forward to reveal her misdeeds.

The woman had also allegedly conned the husband of RM9,000 (S$3700) and tried to extort RM50,000 from her son-in-law.

Speaking to reporters yesterday at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, the man and his daughter alleged that the woman conned people by claiming to be a "shaman" (bomoh) who was capable of lifting black magic spells and had once even impersonated an Immigration officer.

The daughter, who wanted to be known only as Nurul Fatiha, 19, said she came forward because she had had enough of her mother's con jobs, and wanted to expose her wrongdoings.

"My mother convinced people that they had black magic spells cast on them.

"She then asked them for money so that she could lift the spells, before going missing.

"Once, she even tried to extort RM50,000 from my husband and she cheated my stepfather out of RM9,000," the housewife told a press conference here yesterday.

Present at the press conference were five other victims of the bogus shaman.

One of the victims, 31-year-old bank officer Suzana Mohamad, lost about RM8,000 after she was made to believe that her life and that of her toddler son were in danger from a spell placed on them by a former acquaintance following a misunderstanding - NST

Monday, April 9, 2012

Woman accused of being man bleeding money

A COSMETICS entrepreneur embroiled in a bitter divorce with her husband after he accused her of being a man has lost about RM180,000 in earnings since the case came into the limelight.

Sri Wani Choo Abdullah (pic), 37, said she recorded about RM20,000 in losses every month since her husband Dr Bahrom Sanugi, 61, filed for divorce a year ago.

“Everyone had doubts over my gender and this has humiliated and made me depressed,” she told Kosmo!, adding that she had to close her business for two days because she felt depressed.

It was previously reported that Bahrom, a former dean at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), had filed an application in the Syariah High Court to compel her to undergo a DNA test.

The test was to confirm her gender after suspicions arose when he found her MyKad bearing an odd number in the last digit, normally reserved for Malaysian men.

Sri Wani is Bahrom's third wife.

He married her in Songkhla, Thailand on Aug 19, 2009.

It was reported that the couple was understood to have obtained a false marriage certificate in Kedah after they were married - Pic and story from The Star

Man put up electric fence to kill wild pigs and elephants and instead killed his neighbor

A farmer who installed electric fence to prevent wild pigs and elephants from damaging his crops had a shock of his life when his neigbor was killed instead.

The body of Che Mohd Yusoff, 29, was found with his hands tangled on the electric fence at 9 am Tuesday after he reportedly failed to return home since 8 o'clock the previous night.

Man used black magic to kidnap woman

Sarimah Saidi, 45, holding up a photograph of her 19-year-old daughter Nuryatimah Zakiah Norizan, who was allegedly kidnapped by a man (pic below) from her home in Jalan Endau-Rompin, Tanjong Gemok, Rompin.

Sarimah believes her daughter was taken away by the man using black magic on March 4.

The anxious mother has lodged a police report but the young woman has yet to be found.

Story and picture from The Star

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are you bloody rich? Then splurge yourself on this....

The licence plate number WWW 1 will likely set a record as the most expensive vehicle registration number in Malaysia. The price could hit RM500,000 when bidding starts on April 30, according to Kosmo.

The tabloid quoted Federal Territory Road Transport Department director Nadzri Osman as saying that it was possible to reach that figure as they had already received everal offers that exceeded RM400,000.

Currently, the most expensive registration number is MCA 1 sold for RM300,000 in 2010.

"Those who wish to secure registration numbers of between WWW 1 and WWW 9999 should submit tenders, as they will be selling like hot cakes,'' Nadzri said.

The department also projected that "hot numbers" WWW 3, WWW 8, WWW 9, WWW 11, WWW 33 and WWW 88 could be sold for more than RM10,000 each.

Note: RM1 = US$0.30 approx.

A teenager who loves his mum ......... she died consuming poison, he followed her footstep

A teenager who could not accept his mother's death consumed poison and is now fighting for his life.

Malaysia Nanban reported that the 16-year-old boy resorted to the drastic step after learning that his mother, who had consumed poison, died in hospital.

The woman had been depressed after her husband died of an illness two months ago.

After being told of his mother's death, the teenager returned to his home in Bahau, Negri Sembilan, on Friday and decided to end his life, too.

Neighbours rushed him to hospital after finding him writhing in pain - The Star

It is not adult-only movie, it is adult only airline

FIRST it banned babies from first class, and now Malaysia Airlines has declared a child-free zone on its Airbus A380s.

The child ban applies to the upper deck economy section of its jets, restricting children to the lower deck, Australian Business Traveller reports.

The move was revealed in an advisory issued to travel agents which stated that children under 12 would be banned from the section on its new superjumbo, which is set to make its debut on July 1.

It hopes that the adults-only cabin will ensure a more enjoyable flight for business travellers who have to fly in economy - Herald Sun Australia

If you are a she-male, a he-female, a lesbian, a gay you cannot appear on Malaysian TV and your voice won't be aired

The government of Malaysia has banned television and radio shows which feature gay characters.

The ban, effective immediately, was reported by The Star.

Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Maglin Dennis D'Cruz told The Star that the ban was meant to curb the “influence” of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

State-owned TV and radio stations were expected to immediately implement the ban, which would be expanded to cover privately-owned and satellite TV providers.

The Censorship Board, under a directive issued Thursday by the Information Department, would screen out foreign movies and TV shows with gay characters.

“Effective immediately, radio and TV stations are asked to stop screening shows which feature gay, effeminate men as well as characters that go against the norm of a religious society because this encourages and promotes LGBT now,” the Information Department announced on its Facebook page.

Maglin clarified that programs and TV shows hosted by men who appear effeminate would not be removed “because they are born this way.”

Polygamous husbands have more sex with younger wives

One of the problems of polygamous husbands in Kelantan is their failure to be fair to the first wife when it comes to sex.

Syariah chief judge Datuk Daud Mohamad said this complaint was based on regular reports lodged by the first wives last year that their husbands spent more time with the second and subsequent wives.

"The first wives claimed that their husbands were prone to skipping their turn (for intimacy) by spending time with their new wives."

He said they also complained that their husbands did not provide reasonable nafkah (maintenance) for them and their children.

"If the problem is brought to us, we will ask suluh (arbitration) officers or court registrars to counsel the couples and offer solutions. But, if the problem persists, the court will intervene and rule on the matter."

For cases reported last year, Daud said the husbands were ordered to treat all their wives well and to pay maintenance based on the court's decision.

"So far, all husbands in Kelantan who are in a polygamous marriage have adhered to the court's order." - NST

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are Malaysians becoming more stupid? Harvard would not accept a single Malaysian this year

For the second consecutive year, no Malaysian student has gained admission into Harvard University.

Datuk Dr Goh Cheng Teik, who heads the selection panel that interviews students for undergraduate admission into the university, said this was due to the deteriorating quality of applicants from Malaysia.

"I called the Harvard College Admissions Office and was told that although they received applications from Malaysian students, no one was shortlisted for interviews as they are not considered competitive enough," he told The Star.

Dr Goh said former SMK Damansara Jaya student Avinaash Subramaniam was the last Malaysian to be accepted into Harvard in 2010.

Avinaash obtained 11A's in the 2008 SPM and was awarded a full scholarship.

Harvard Club of Malaysia honorary secretary Nicholas Khaw, who is also an interviewer on the panel, said from 1985 to 2010, at least one applicant from Malaysia had been admitted into Harvard College every year. (Harvard College is the undergraduate school at Harvard University.)

In 2009, he said two students gained admission into Harvard.

Holy crap! My wife is not a female

A former dean took his third wife to the Syariah court after a year's marriage to verify if she is actually a man, Kosmo! reported.

Dr Bahrom Sanugi, 61, had married Sri Wani Choo Abdullah, 37, in Songkhla, Thailand, in August 2009.

The couple is understood to have obtained a false marriage certificate in Kedah after they got married.

Dr Bahrom, a former dean at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), became suspicious of his wife's gender when he found the serial number of her MyKad ending with an odd number, which usually denotes the male sex.

Judge Abdul Walid Abu Hassan of the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court fixed April 23 to decide on Dr Baharom's application to get a court order for Sri Wani to undergo a DNA test to verify her sex.

Reacting to the request, the boutique owner from Bentong, Pahang, has filed an objection.

Dr Baharom's lawyer, Muhammad Hafiz Ab Rashid, said the academician had filed for faraq (annulment) on Jan 17 last year at the East Gombak lower Syariah court.

"My client has clear proof regarding the sex of his wife after finding a birth certificate which denoted Sri Wani is a man," he said, adding that Sri Wani was understood to be a widow without children before the marriage.

Living with the ghosts is better than living with people

That's what a 50-year-old housewife does. Not that she has supernatural powers and communicates with the nether world as part of her hobby.

The woman, who wants to be known only as Madam Chen, said that living near the dead seems to be better than with the living.

She told The Star: "I've never experienced anything supernatural in my years of living here. Even if I live with ghosts, it's better than living with people because it is not noisy and there is no pollution in this area."

Also, there is the advantage of being secure.

She said: "I feel secure living here. Most of the time, I only close my door grille and leave my wooden door wide open."

Madam Chen said she has been living next to a graveyard at Mount Erskine in Georgetown for the last 30 years.

Mount Erskine is one of Penang's many Chinese cemeteries and is located at the north-eastern part of the island.

For the past few days, Chinese cemeteries there were crowded with people visiting the graves of relatives as it was the Qing Ming Festival.

The crowds may throng the cemeteries during this period, but for the rest of the year, Madam Chen's life is peaceful.

She told The Star that she will not move away from the place even if she could afford a bungalow. She is not the only person who loves to be with the dead. There are other families who are living within the cemetery grounds, and they have been living there for decades, the report said.

Growing up in the area gives a sense of belonging to Mr Yuen Kah Moon.

Prefers his old house

Born and bred in Mount Erskine, the 60-year-old retiree said he eschewed the comfort of living in a condominium to live in his old house.

He told The Star: "I have a condominium unit opposite this graveyard, but I seldom stay there as I am already used to the environment here."

He said the scariest encounters he has experienced were with snakes - The Star

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to make US$1.3 billion in just 4 months

A football betting and fraud ring busted by Malaysian police grossed $1 billion, reports said on Friday, after an operation that led to the arrests of scores of Chinese and Taiwanese nationals.

Police conducted the raid in the city of Kajang, near the capital Kuala Lumpur, on Thursday after receiving a tip-off, the latest high-profile effort to clamp down on rampant illegal sports betting in Asia.

The Malaysia ring operated for a month from several luxury bungalows in an upscale gated community “home to several ministers and former cabinet members,” The Star Newspaper reported.

Police believe the operation raked in nearly four billion ringgit ($1.3 billion), it said.

The bungalows had closed-circuit video systems for security and police found “suspects engrossed in their laptops and telephones in a classroom-like atmosphere with all the tables neatly arranged in rows,” the report added.

Suspects were equipped with 241 mobile phones and 43 computers, the New Straits Times said.

You are dead! Therefore you cannot vote

Ho Heng Tong, 53, got the shock of his life after checking his voter registration status on the Election  Commission's (EC) website last week, when he found that his name was removed as the National Registration Department (NRD) had listed him as deceased.

Ho, who had already voted six times before prior to being declared dead, then went to the Putrajaya and Federal Territories EC offices to prove that he is very much alive and demand reinstatement on the electoral rolls.

While acknowledging that Ho is still alive, EC officials however told him to register as a new voter and refused to reinstate him into the current role - Malaysiakini

This is Malaysia, no ballet costume allowed

A Singaporean dance troupe has been denied a permit to perform here this weekend owing to their "indecent" costumes, a Malaysian dance organisation said today.

MyDance Alliance president Bilqis Hijjas said the decision by Puspal against the Singapore Dance Theatre performing at KLPac was "deplorable" and would hurt Malaysia's reputation as a reliable host for cultural shows.

Puspal, or the Central Agency for the Application for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artists, is under the purview of the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry headed by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim.

Bilqis said Puspal had approved dances featuring classical tutus before - even at government-run theatre Istana Budaya as late as this year - and asked why the agency was "so inconsistent" in applying its guidelines.

"KLPac, by comparison, is a private business on private ground, with paying audiences who were well aware of what they were coming to see, and not one of whom would have been distressed by the costumes," she said.

She noted that the women's costumes featured long skirts, except for dancers in The Nutcracker, who would have worn the same short classical tutus and tights that have been used since ballet dancers performed before the Russian tsars in the 1870s  - Malaysian Insider

Its hard to be a maid in Malaysia. Your employer may starve you to death

Malaysian police have detained a couple over the alleged murder of a Cambodian maid after the 24-year-old woman died of possible prolonged starvation, police said on Thursday.

Mey Sichan's employers telephoned for an ambulance on March 31 but paramedics found her dead on arrival, Mr Nasir Salleh, police chief of the northern state of Penang, told AFP. She also had bruises to her body.

A post-mortem revealed that she died from acute gastritis and ulcers likely due to lack of food over a long period, he said. The maid had been working for the family, who manage a hardware shop, for eight months.

'Definitely what happened to Sichan is inhumane. It is a shock to us,' the police chief said.

Sichan's body weight had shrunk to 26kg, almost half that of a healthy woman, he said.

Police detained a couple, the maid's employers, on Saturday, and are also questioning three workers of their shop to assist in the murder probe - AFP

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A noble woman she is.......

A mother allowed herself to be sexually violated by an armed intruder at her home in Kampung Jawa here, last week to protect her children. The woman, a 38-year-old housewife, was raped repeatedly while her four children were locked up, crying in an adjoining room.

The incident occurred at 5.45am when the woman was woken up by a man armed with a pair of scissors.

The suspect, who covered his face with a piece of child's clothing, was believed to have broken into the house through a window.

He covered the woman's mouth with his hand and held a pair of scissors to her neck. The suspect warned the woman not to shout for help or he would kill her.

The victim was told to hand over her jewellery and cash.

The woman bundled RM300, two mobile phones, a bracelet and a pair of earrings into a pillowcase and handed it to the suspect.

The suspect then told the woman that he was going to rape one of her daughters and this was when she pleaded with him to take her instead.

By then, the children had woken up and the suspect locked them in the room. The woman's husband was away on a business trip.

He then went back to the mother, who allowed him to undress and rape her.

The woman later told police that instead of a condom, the suspect wrapped his private parts with a plastic bag - NST

Who says breast-feeding is good for babies

A month-old baby was found dead after her mother fell asleep while breastfeeding her at their home in Durian Tunggal, near here.

The mother, Noradila Mohd Nor, 20, said she had woke up at 3am to breastfeed her daughter, Siti Zulaikha Norman but fell asleep.

When she woke up at 6am, she was shocked to find her daughter with foam around the mouth.

When she failed to wake the baby up, she woke up her husband Norman Bahran, 25, and they took the baby to Alor Gajah Hospital where the girl was declared dead.

Hospital director Dr Suraidah Kassim said the baby was dead a few hours before she was brought to the hospital - NST

If you want a job, you need to work 364 days a year ... no rest, no shopping and no.....

Four women from China claim ill-treatment by boss in Malaysia

Force to work 364 days a year. Not paid since December. Fined RM 500 (S205) if not back in 45 minutes from grocery shopping...

Four Chinese employees of a reflexology centre in Balik Pulau, Penang, have raised these allegations against their boss.

One of the employees, Ms Wang Li Mei, 38, claimed that the boss, who was not named, treated them so poorly and that they have been working without salaries since last December.

"He was so cold and heartless," she sobbed when relating her predicament at the police headquarters in Balik Pulau on Wednesday - ASIAONE