Sunday, March 18, 2012

She was pregnant, expelled from school, needed money to pay for abortion and her boyfriend ditched her. Guess what would she do?

A Form Five student had no money to pay for abortion so she resorted to selling her body. The student who wanted to be known only as Shasha said she had to do it after her boyfriend refused to pay for the abortion. She was also expelled when the school discovered she was pregnant.

According to Shasha she had to pay for eight abortion pills each costing between RM350 to RM400 to get rid of her unwanted pregnancy. To pay for the pills she was introduced to a few clients by her friend and she charged RM100 a try.

As a result of her unwanted pregnancy and being ditched by her boyfriend, Shasha now fears relationship with the opposite sex and has become a lesbian. She claimed to have started her lesbian relationship about a year ago.