Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If you don't have RM5 with you, your friends will dump you into a drain

A man was knocked out cold and dumped in a drain by his so-called friends after he failed to cough up RM5 for them to buy a bottle of cheap liquor.

The incident happened around 4pm on Tuesday when the victim, in his 20s, went for a car ride with his three friends after they had earlier fetched him from his house at Malihah in Matang.

Along the way, the friends decided to buy a bottle of liquor and asked him for RM5, but they became angry when he told them he did not have any money on him.

They allegedly assaulted him and struck his head with a brick — knocking him out cold — before dumping him inside a small drain at Sungai Cina, also in Matang.

He regained consciousness after several minutes and sought the help of a nearby resident to send him home, before making his way to the Sarawak General Hospital for treatment later the same night.

A police report of the incident has been lodged - Borneo Post