Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you can't pass that English exam, why not ask djinns to help

DJINNS proficient in English are reportedly helping students of an institute of higher learning in the Klang Valley to get high scores in the subject.

These spirits are said to be housed in betel leaf charms that the students obtain from a bomoh at RM350 a piece.
Strange as it may sound, students who used to get poor results in their English paper testify they now get excellent scores with the help of the charm, Harian Metroreported.

“It does not matter if others believe in it or not. But for my friends and I, the results proved it is effective,” said a student who only wanted to be known as Azman, 22.

“It’s easy to use as it does not involve any chant or ritual. We just put it in our pockets when entering the examination hall.”

Another student Rashid, 23, said he used to get borderline passes before using the charm. He knew at least 10 others who used the charm.

A reporter from the paper went undercover as a student and sought thebomoh, who said at least 50 students had bought the charm from him.

The bomoh, in his 50s, said there was no side effect in using the charm and the mantras he used would take control of the folded betel leaf once it is kept in the trouser or shirt pocket of the student.