Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When choosing a job, don't choose to become a postman

A postman ended up being on the receiving end twice – first he was bitten and later beaten up.

As if getting bitten by a dog was not enough, the owner took it upon himself to beat up the mail deliverer black and blue.

Afzainizan Rasidi, 32, from Bandar Baru Samariang said the dog owner’s violent behaviour shocked him because he thought he would take pity on him after what the dog had done to him.

He said he was delivering mail in Kenyalang Park as usual on Friday when one of the man’s three dogs snapped at his leg, tearing a hole in his trousers. Around 3.25pm on Monday, he was again delivering letters in the area, when the three dogs were barking and snarling at him.

Still traumatised by the earlier incident, he said he picked up a piece of gravel and threw it at the dogs, not to hurt them but merely to chase them away.

“The sight of the dogs snarling and salivating made me shiver and the least I wanted them to do was rush at me, so I picked up the gravel and threw it at them hoping that would keep them at bay.

“And the dogs did keep their distance, but as it turned out, a woman who looked like she was their owner, yelled at me to stay where I was, saying she wanted to solve the matter with me.

“She disappeared into the house and shortly after came out, accompanied by a man who dashed towards me and rained punches on me,” said Afzainizan.

The victim said all he could do was hug his attacker hoping that he would take pity on him as he was not returning his blows.

“But he just kept on punching me while I hugged him tighter and then we fell,” Afzainizan said, adding that while he was still struggling with the ringing in his ears, his attacker ran towards a car and returned with a steel rod.

“He was madly out of control and he swung the rod at me...I don’t know how many times, as all I was thinking of was to run for life,” he said.

In Afzainizan’s haste to save himself, he left behind his company’s motorcycle and his handphone.

Afzainizan later lodged a report at the Sekama police station. He has also sought treatment at the Sarawak General Hospital.

According to Kuching police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad, police helped to retrieve the postman’s motorcycle and returned it to him.

He said they were investigating the case - The Star

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tampoi folks don't need stronger sexual powers from Superman briefs

RESIDENTS of a housing estate in Tampoi, Johor, have become uncomfortable over several posters that promote “Superman briefs” that allegedly give its wearer strong sexual powers, Harian Metro reported.

They said it was “preposterous” for the marketers to claim that wearing the magnetised underwear would make the person virile.

A retiree from Taman Bahagia, where one of the posters was put up, said the greater concern was their influence on gullible people.

Johor Baru City Council said the distributors of the underwear had failed to obtain a permit for the posters, adding that the company would be fined for vandalism.

If somebody revs up his car engine, don't ever ask him to stop

A college student paid with his life for asking a man not to rev up his car engine in the middle of the night near a pub in Krystal Point, Bayan Baru.

R. Navintheran, 24, was slashed at least 18 times by the man with a knife and died two hours later at a private hospital here.

His girlfriend and several friends, who were at the scene, could only watch in horror during the 3.30am incident.
The attacker left Navintheran with deep cuts to his head, wrists, abdomen, shoulders and back.

Penang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Zahruddin Abdullah said they had identified the lone attacker, adding that the murder could have stemmed from an earlier misunderstanding between the victim and another person.

He said Navintheran had just finished celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday on Thursday.

“After coming out from the pub, witnesses said Navintheran told a man not to rev his car’s engine,” he said at a press conference yesterday.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wed today, die today

A newly wed woman here died today from the injuries she sustained in an accident while on her way to visit an ailing relative in Kuala Terengganu on Sunday, five hours after her wedding.

Roshnida Razali, 28, from Kampung Seri Medang, near here, died at 3.40am.

She was on her way to Kuala Terengganu at about 5pm when the car driven by her husband Azhar Mustafa, 35, collided with another car which had swerved into their lane while negotiating a sharp bend near Kampung Beting Lintang.

Their wedding took place at 11.30am earlier in the day. They decided to go to Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital to visit an ailing granduncle.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Same imam, same river, same crash

It was a tragic second time around for an imam who crashed his car into a river here.

Ku Mustaffa Ku Shaari, 72, who was found barely alive inside his car, succumbed to his injuries on the way to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah here.

Foreman Suboh Puteh, 54, who has repaired Ku Mustaffa's car previously, claimed that the imam had crashed his car into the same Sungai Baru in Kuala Sungai here, two months ago.

“He spent RM2,000 to repair the car at the time. Who knew he would crash into the same river twice, just 1km from the first place,” he said at the scene - The Star

Thursday, January 12, 2012

If you're broke and need money badly, kidnap yourself

A driver was fined RM9,000 after he extorted and cheated his employer of RM250,000 by orchestrating his own kidnapping.

According to the facts of the case, Azhar received an SMS on Jan 12 that his driver, Rahman, had been kidnapped.

Over the next two days, he received 25 SMSes from Rahman’s mobile phone number demanding a ransom of RM250,000 and threats against his family if he did not pay up.

Rahman was released at Ulu Yam, Hulu Selangor, at 3.30pm on Jan 14.

However, police investigations showed the kidnapping had been a hoax and Rahman had been staying at the house of his friend, Mohd Sharudin Hassan, during his purported kidnap - The Star

Monday, January 9, 2012

Satan dwells in everyone's body and because of this a lot of ugly things happen to us, such as being unattractive

MANY women intent on remaining young and beautiful have resorted to a treatment involving the exorcism of demons from their body, Metro Ahad reported.

A practitioner in Kota Baru told the paper she charged these women from RM50 for just a facial treatment to RM400 for a complete “overhaul” of their body.

Kak Mah, as she likes to be known, said she catered for women who desired firmer breasts and buttocks, more pointed noses and chins and other beauty treatments.

“Satan dwells in everyone's body and because of this a lot of ugly things happen to us, such as being unattractive and facing a host of other problems,” she said.

Kak Mah added that she casts out demons by whispering Allah's name and a doa (supplication) as well as reciting specific holy verses.

The women are given an antidote to drink, a body massage to reduce cholesterol from the body and a floral bath at the end of the beauty ritual.

The treatment is given over three consecutive days, with each session lasting about six hours.

Kak Mah, 50, a single mother, said she also treats stroke patients and those possessed by spirits.

The paper reported confessions by two stewardesses that they did not mind taking the exorcism beauty treatment as long as it did not cloud their religious beliefs or harm their body.

The paper, however, quoted Kelantan Mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri as saying that there should be an in-depth study on the method used to ensure it did not go against the tenets of Islam.

Friday, January 6, 2012

You want chicken rice or you want live chicken?

POLICE arrested 12 foreign women for prostitution in two separate raids at Bukit Bintang yesterday.

In the first raid at 12am, police raided a chicken rice restaurant at Jalan Inai and arrested five Vietnamese women aged between 23 and 27.

Kuala Lumpur Anti-Vice, Gambling and Prostitution Division (D7) head DSP Azman Mohd Isa said police had received a tip-off that the restaurant had been operating a brothel inside its premises.

“From our investigation, we found that during the day the operator will operate the outlet as a chicken rice restaurant but would later turn it into a brothel at night,” said Azman.

The brothel is believed have been active for over a year and police have not ruled out the possibility it had been servicing clients outside the premises.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do you want to earn RM30,000 a month? Become a prostitute

A Chinese national who made RM15,040 in just two weeks working as a prostitute was among three women rounded up at a service apartment block in Bukit Dumbar here.

Sources said the woman, in her 20s, had “serviced” 88 clients since coming to Penang as a tourist.

“Handwritten records showing transactions of RM150 or RM180 between her and the clients were found in the premises following the raid on Tuesday night,” sources said.

Also seized during the raid were several types of sex paraphernalia.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng said two other Chinese nationals aged between 26 and 29 were also arrested in two separate apartment units.

“A client, who was also in one of the units, was brought back to the Patani Road police station, where his particulars were noted down before he was released,” he said - The Star

Smash and grab: Even a minister's wife is not immune from this

The wife of a Cabinet minister became a victim of a smash and grab robbery near Jalan Ampang where the culprits smashed the car passenger window of the Datin Seri's BMW and snatched her handbag.

She had stopped her car at a traffic light when two men on a motorcycle approached the vehicle from the left.

They smashed the car window and grabbed the handbag, which was placed on the passenger seat, during the 10am incident yesterday and sped off.

It is believed that the handbag contained, among others, cash of about RM50 and several credit cards.

The Datin Seri did not suffer any injuries. She lodged a police report later.

Selangor police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate - The Star