Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Man eats spoon and has to be hospitalised

Strange but true! That's what happens when a man accidentally swallowed a metal spoon while eating rice.

In the incident at about 12 noon on Monday, a hawker, Teoh Ah Lek, 57, had to be rushed to Taiping Hospital in Perak for emergency surgery to remove the swallowed the spoon.

If you don't believe in ghost, here is a picture to prove it

A 16-year old boy successfully captured a picture of a ghost behind a food stall in Chukai, Trengganu last Wednesday night.

Mohd Hishamuddin Mazidi, 16, said although he was scared he managed to shoot a picture of the ghost using his mobile phone at around 11:30 PM that night.

Meanwhile, a trader, Faridah Puteh, 46, claimed that the ghost is believed to be the cause of a mysterious illness faced by his third child.She said she had sent her 27-year old son to comprehensive medical examinations at a government hospital and a private hospital but no doctor could diagnose his disease.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

China disease spreading to Malaysia

Police in the state of Sabah seized more than 200 counterfeit handphones worth RM18,000 from a shopping mall in the state capital of Kota Kinabalu. The phones which resembled like branded phones was believed to have originated from China.

Don't throw that baby away or may end up in jail

Two students from a religious school in northern Malaysia have been detained by police after allegedly throwing their newborn baby into a canal. Also remanded were the girl's parents, in their 40s, her 20-year-old brother and 17-year-old cousin.

After throwing the baby, the girl suffered complication and was warded in a local hospital and she confessed after being questioned by doctors who found signs she had giving birth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SMART tunnel is not that smart after all

SMART tunnel was built to overcome flooding......... and suddenly

The Storm Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) will be closed for public use during the inter-monsoon season if the water flow at the confluence of Ampang and Klang rivers reaches the velocity of 150 cubic meters per second.

SMART Stormwater Control Centre director Nor Hisham Mohd Ghazali said there was a possibility that the tunnel would be closed due to excessive rainfall.

"Members of the public will be informed an hour before the tunnel is closed and they are advised to look for alternative routes," he said.

The flood hotspots in the Klang Valley included Salak South, some areas in Ampang, Jalan Dang Wangi and the city centre, he said.

"People should stop throwing rubbish indiscriminately as flash floods will occur when drains are clogged.

"Residents, too, should clear up their drains at home and in their neighbourhoods," he said.

So you want to be a singer, just pay us RM7,000

Police have recorded a statement from a 26-year-old man from Petaling Jaya in connection with a singing contest scam.

Lee Chuan Fai, 26, a draughtsman, who was alleged to have been one of the masterminds, claimed he was a victim.

"I had a shock when I saw my name was misused as a director of a company linked to the organisation of the contest without my consent," he said yesterday.

"I want to clear my name as I have never been involved in staging any singing contest.

"That is why I have travelled all the way from Selangor to Penang to assist police in their investigations."

It is learnt that four people had lodged reports in connection with the scam in which many had deposited up to RM7,000 (about US$1,000) each in a bank account to take part in the contest.

It was reported that about 100 aspiring singers were swindled by the company which promised to organise the called "Idol Search and Cover Guys and Girls" contest in May.

They sensed something amiss after the organiser withdrew the money from the account and absconded. Police have identified two men behind the scam.

How to become an instant celebrity: pee inside lift

 A young woman has become an instant celebrity after she was caught on CCTV peeing inside an elevator. CCTV recording shown the woman, believed to be in her 20s, answering the call of nature at 6.07am on Oct 10. The 16-second footage shows the woman turning her head to look at the camera before removing her denim shorts to urinate.

Sri Saujana flat joint management secretary in George Town Penang  Yeoh Kean Huat said the woman, believed to be a Chinese national, had not been seen since the incident.

The management committee had since put up printouts of the CCTV footage, with the woman's eyes blacked out, on the notice board to serve as a warning to others.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Loan costs butcher house, hand and ear

Had mutton seller A. Muthukrishnan known that a loan he took from a licensed moneylender four years ago would cost him a thumb, a ear, his job and even his house, he would have chosen to rough it through his financial hardship and be a happier man today.

Crippled and having to rely on his wife for simple daily tasks such as using the toilet, the 44-year-old father of three is in a quandary after being evicted from his Selayang house last week.

"I borrowed RM50,000, but lost my house which I bought for RM200,000 in 1997 and is currently valued at RM500,000," he told theSun.

Muthukrishnan, who operated a mutton stall in Selayang, took a RM50,000 loan from a licensed moneylender in October 2008. He said the moneylender agreed to give him the loan on the condition a caveat be placed on his house as collateral.

He agreed and signed several documents, a few which he claimed were blank papers given to him by the moneylender.

"Little did I know that the documents and blank papers I had signed would be turned into a letter of authorisation meant for the sale of my house which was under a loan with a bank," he said.

While continuing to pay his housing loan, he said he made regular instalment repayments to the moneylender. However, about 15 months later, he received a letter from the bank informing him that his house had been sold to the moneylender based on a letter of authorisation.

Then on April 23 last year, he was accosted by four men on his way to work at about 3am.

"They slashed me. They grabbed my right hand, sawed off my thumb and then held my head and cut off my ear and told me they needed to show it as proof to their boss that they had done their job." - SUNDAILY

Baby died after brother fell on him

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that a 30-day-old baby boy died after his elder brother fell on him while sleeping in Alor Setar.

Their mother rushed the infant to the hospital after realising that his body had become stiff at about 6am on Tuesday.

The daily reported that the baby died on the way to the hospital.

It is learnt the victim, who was said to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor, could have suffocated when his brother, five, fell off his bed and landed on him.

Black magic woman is not a song but a conwoman

A single mother endured a three-year nightmare where she lost a huge sum of cash, jewellery and even sold her house after she claimed to have befriended a conwoman.

"When I first met the woman three years ago, she told me she had been abused by her husband and family," said the woman, who only wanted to be known as Madam G.

She even let the "friend" stay in her house in Damansara whenever the woman claimed she was afraid to go home to her husband.

The woman, who Madam G claimed was the 41-year-old daughter of a priest in Perak, frequently brought her food and sweets, which the victim claimed was "blessed" by a priest. After that, she could not say "no" to the woman.

"She took my credit cards and used them to the limit before taking my jewellery, and making me withdraw money from the ATM for her.

"She asked me to resign from my job at a multinational company, and I did," said the regretful Madam G yeserday.

Eyeing Madam G's brand new Toyota Camry, the conwoman told her that driving the car would result in accidents.

"I automatically handed over the keys to her," said the single mother of two, whose two children are working abroad.

Madam G, who claimed that the woman had used black magic on her, said she became a recluse during those years, and even suffered pains in her teeth, back and knees. Visits to the doctor proved useless as they could not detect the cause.

How to pay your debts: sell your kidney

A 45-year-old lorry driver from Kuala Lumpur wanted to sell his kidney for RM50,000. The man known only as Phuah, had already lost RM30,000 (S$12,000) in July gambling online.

He covered those losses by using RM15,000 of his savings and asking for the rest from friends and family.

But the temptations to gamble proved too much. He went online to gamble again and lost more money. Left with no option and getting increasingly desperate, he walked into the office of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) with a bizarre request, The Star reported.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Man killed father in-law and had wide grin even after being sentenced to death

Despite being sentenced to death for murdering his father-in-law, an unemployed man walked out of the court with a wide grin on his face.

Mohd Azuwa Talib, 25, even asked the court policemen if he should flash a peace sign to photographers.

Mohd Azuwa told his family members in the courtroom not cry because the decision was expected.

"The only penalty is death so do not worry about it and do not cry," he said before exiting the court with a wide grin on his face.

Mohd Azuwa was charged with murdering his father-in-law Armen Suardi, 55, by stabbed him three times at their home in Bandar Tenggara, Kulai between 2.30pm on Nov 8 to 5.20am on Nov 9.

Judicial Commissioner Samsudin Hassan said that the prosecution has succeeded in proving a prima facie case against the accused - The Star

You leave me, I burn you

A hotel staff and his friend pleaded not guilty in a Sessions Court to attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend by setting her on fire over an alleged lovers' spat.

The girl, suffered 30% burn on her body, is still in a coma at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

Mohd Amir Mohd Anuar, 19, and security guard Muhammad Faiz Khamaruddin, 24, did not show any reaction when they heard the charge against them on Thursday.

They allegedly set fire to the Nurul Firzanah Mat Zaki, 16, near some bushes at the back of Puspakom in Wangsa Maju at 3.15am on Aug 13 - The Star

My wife is a man ......

A 61-year old man failed to get a court order to compel his wife to undergo a DNA test to verify her gender. He claimed his wife was a man.

The Syariah High Court also ordered the husband to pay RM12,000 in costs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Polygamous man tried suicide after permission to take a second wife was denied

A 68-year old man in Penang tried to kill himself by drinking a bottle of poison after his first wife refused to give her consent for him to take another wife (probably a younger one). In most states in Malaysia you need a written consent from the first wife before you can take another wife.

The man is in a critical condition in a local hospital.

Penang police said the man would be charged in court for attempted suicide. If convicted he could be jailed not more than a year or fined or both.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are Malaysian husbands scared of their wives?

A project manager only goes to sleep during the day when the wife is not around as he feared being beaten up by her, reported Harian Metro.

His wife had wanted a divorce but he had refused, despite knowing that she was having an affair with a lecturer.

It was then that she turned violent scratching his shoulders, strangling him and even trying to stab him with a screwdriver.

A police source said the abuse started in March when he demanded that his wife confess about the affair. Instead, she hit him and lodged a false police report against him.

A month later, the husband, 42, was abused by his wife again when he refused to go to the Syariah Court to file for a divorce.

"The victim stayed with his friend for more than a month because he was afraid of his wife," said the source, adding that the husband eventually moved back home but would sleep when his wife was out.

Worried for his safety, the husband lodged a report at the Sentul police station.

Why tourists flock to Penang?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Want a beautiful Vietnamese woman, skip Vietnam and come to Malaysia

Vietnamese sex workers are now the favourites among locals, Kosmo! reported.

This new-found interest has been attributed to their alluring physique and better hospitality.

They have also been compared to sex workers from China, who are noted to be more "choosy" about their clients, based on appearance or age.

On the other hand, Vietnamese sex workers were found to be less choosy, so long as their clients were willing to pay between RM100 and RM200.

"Vietnamese prostitutes come here under the pretense of studying in fields such as beauty and tourism," said police anti-vice, gambling and secret societies division head SAC Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan.

According to him, there were even those who entered the country on their own and would find clients in reflexology centres and massage parlours.

Don't take that toilet break or a crocodile might devour you

A man was bitten by a crocodile during a toilet break under a bridge in Sarawak. He was bitten on his right buttock and the crocodile only let him go after he punched it in the eye. The eye punch resulted in the crocodile releasing its jaws on his buttock.

The heavily bleeding construction worker from Indonesia managed to run away from the crocodile shouting for help from local residents.

Besides a bloody buttock he is believed to suffer from wounds on his ribs.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Even if you are a pimp, don't offer sex services to a cop

A jobless man was jailed four months by the Magistrate’s Court here today after pleading guilty to offering sexual services to a policeman last Wednesday.

Thung Siew Wan 47 had made the offer to Cpl Abd Rashid Jamaludin 30 from the D7 branch Kuala Lumpur police headquarters in front of RHB Bank Jalan Bukit Bintang Dang Wangi here at 10pm on August 22.

For RM30, you might lose your life

All because of a RM30 (less than US$10) debt, a man lost his life after he was beaten up by his colleague.

Mohamad Khairul Anuar Osman, 28, died at Kuala Lumpur Hospital early yesterday morning from injuries sustained in the attack.

The victim's 40-year-old housemate and colleague told police that two men came to their rented house in Jalan Puchong Utama 2/1, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama at 4.30am.

The housemate identified one of the men as their 55-year-old colleague.

The two men then used bats to bash the victim in the living room and afterwards fled the scene with their weapons.

Serial molester on the prowl but he molests only elderly women

A molester who seems to target only elderly women is on the prowl at the Pasir Pinji residential area in Ipoh, in Perak state.

The latest victim, his third, is a 76-year-old grandmother.

The other victims are also elderly women, reported The New Straits Times.

The victim, who declined to be named, said she was attacked at 6.40am last Friday, when she was walking home after her morning exercise with friends.

"As I was walking towards my home, I was hugged from behind," she recounted at a press conference.

Her ordeal lasted for a few minutes before the suspect released her.

The victim said that she then shouted to attract the attention of her neighbours.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If your house is being disturbed by mysterious elements like djinns and satans, just loan them some money

A faith healer in Johor who provides treatment based on Quran asked her client to lend some RM6,500 to a djinn in order to protect the client's home from being disturbed by satans and other mysterious elements.

She claimed the djinn would refund the money in a Quran wrapped and stitched in yellow fabric during Aidil Fitri.

Though it is a holiday season, you don't or should never throw live firecrackers on patrolling cops

A crazy shop assistant decided to become an overnight hero by throwing live firecrackers on police who were patrolling a street in Kuala Trengganu on Sunday. Firecrackers are banned in Malaysia.

The 20-year old man tried to escape but was captured after a short chase.

Man beaten, threatened to be killed and imprisoned by girlfriend in his own house

For five months a man lived in fear for his life after being threatened to be killed by his live-in girlfriend. During the same period he was frequently beaten with sticks and brooms each time they quarrelled. They were then living together in an apartment near Kuala Lumpur.

In the latest incident in late July, the girlfriend threatened to stab him with a knife when he refused to buy her a new expensive cooking stove.

He was also imprisoned for 20 hours by his girlfriend and was lucky a friend came and broke the apartment door to free him. The woman crushed his handphone and took away the phone sim card to ensure the man could not call for help.

The man later lodged a police report.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crocodile eats man

A 54-year old man was believed to have been eaten by a crocodile while fishing for prawns with his son in Sabah.

According to his son, while they were fishing a 15-foot crocodile suddenly emerged, bit his father on the shoulder and dragged him away

Wife (not hubby) fined by court for assaulting hubby

A businesswoman, who splashed chilli powder onto her husband's eyes, and punched and slapped his face, has been fined RM2,000 in default two months' jail.

Magistrate K.B. Eleena Hong Abdullah passed the sentence after ruling that the defence had failed to raise reasonable doubt.

Rasidah Rahmathullah, 37, was charged with causing voluntarily hurt to Mohamed Nasser Abdul Razak, 42, at their home in Jalan USJ 1/4L, Subang Jaya at about 3pm on April 19, 2010. (They divorced after the incident.)

Sex stimulant kills a woman

A SEX experiment which went horribly wrong left a woman dead and her lover in critical condition. They drank a mixture of what is believed to be a sex stimulant with an isotonic drink.

They were found by passers-by at a roadside in Sungai Petani at midnight on Wednesday, reported Harian Metro.

The man was seen trying to support the woman who was very weak and could hardly walk at the time.

“He was trying to get help to send her to hospital as she was already foaming in the mouth,” said a source.

The woman was later pronounced dead at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital while the man had been admitted to the emergency ward - The Star

Boy loses spleen for not saying his prayer on time

A teenage boy needed to have his spleen entirely removed after he was allegedly kicked several times by a bully in his religious school for not saying his prayers on time.

Mohd Ridwan Radin, 14, said he experienced severe abdominal pain after a schoolmate kicked him five times while four others looked on in the June 29 incident at SMA Rakyat Maahad Al Islah Parit in Teluk Intan.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guards stole from their guarded properties

Two security guards in Miri, Sarawak were nabbed by police for stealing from their guarded properties. They had masterminded 14 break-ins. Police raided their hide-outs and recovered stolen items, including a mattress.

Subsequently the police rounded up four buyers of stolen property comprising three men and a woman aged between 31 and 55.

One thousand and one uses of stone mortar

For refusing to buy his wife a new dress for the coming Aidulfitri, a man in his 40s was injured in the head after his wife struck him with a mortar stone in an incident at a house in Kampung Baru, here, yesterday.

In the incident about the 20 year-old woman reported hit her husband after the couple argued for more than 10 minutes.

According to sources, it all started when the woman asked her husband to buy a new dress.

We want his houses but we don't want to bury him

WHEN 80-year-old Pak Salleh died at an old folk's home near Johor Baru on July 27, his two children were duly informed but said they were too busy to make any funeral arrangements.

Stunned by the response, the home lodged a police report, but the children, in their 40s and 50s, were unperturbed and, instead, gave some money to make the burial preparations.

What was more shocking to the operators of the Nur Ehsan old folk's home in Kempas was that two days after the death of the man, the brother and sister came to the home to get his identity card to facilitate their claim to 10 houses that he had purportedly owned.

“The siblings did not show any interest about their dead father except to ask for his personal documents,” home manager Norijah Bidin told Harian Metro.

She said the siblings had left their father at the home five years ago and had not visited him, even during Hari Raya.

“They were always saying they were too busy to visit him and we believed their excuses. But it was a total surprise that they did not even want to prepare for his burial,” Norijah said.

The siblings, when contacted, declined to comment - The Star

Son of Sam, Son of Som and now son of the devil

An 18-year youth broke into her mother's room and stole RM2,000 in cash and jewellery after his mother refused to give him money. The youth also threatened to burn down their house.

The incident happened at Petaling Jaya on Monday.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pity those sick folks! Hospitals are now classified as dangerous to sick people

A preliminary report is being prepared by the Public Works Department following the collapse of a portion of a ceiling at the Serdang Hospital today.

This was confirmed by a source from the Works Ministry Department. The incident was believed to have occurred at 9am injuring two nurses.

A source from the Health Ministry's public complaints department said they will only verify the injury sustained by the nurses and cost of the damage upon further investigations with the hospital's administration.

The hospital however declined to comment.

On Jan 31 last year, a similar incident occurred at 12.30am where the hospital's main lobby ceiling collapsed following a downpour, but no casualties were reported.

You snatch,God punish

A 46-year old snatch thief fell down from his motorbike and died of heart attack after snatching a bag containing RM20,000 from an older man.

The incident happened at Sungai Petani at 10 AM today.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Earning less than your wife can be hazardous to your wellbeing

Earning less than your wife can be hazardous to your wellbeing as quite a number of men have discovered.

Although incidents of wives abusing husbands rarely appear in the media, the Welfare Department has been receiving cases of men being mistreated by dominant women every year.

Many of the culprits are women who earn more than their spouses.

The Welfare Department received 25 reports from men who were abused by their wives or girlfriends last year, 32 in 2010 and 14 in 2009.

Most cases were reported in Selangor, followed by the Federal Territory, and the offences included threatening injury, causing physical harm, emotional abuse and locking up the men.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sex slave saved by slavemaster's wife

An Indonesian woman who was forced to become a sex slave by a man was saved by the man's wife a few days ago. The 20-something Indonesian woman who came to Malaysia (presumably without valid documents) met the thirty-something man about three months ago. The man claimed he could help the woman and hence began her two months ordeal where she was confined in an apartment and sexually abused by the man and his friends resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

The wife happened to read her husband's sms text about the woman and without hesitation she stormed into the apartment but unfortunately she too was imprisoned in the apartment by the man's friend. However, she managed to call police through her handphone. And the result: police burst into the apartment detaining the slavemaster and his friend.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Man raped his two daughters aged 6 and 7 years old

An unemployed man was charged in court today for raping his two daughters aged 6 and 7 between 2007 and last year.

Ah mad Dzulkipli, 30 allegedly used force on his two daughters in their house at Labu near Kuala Lumpur. If convicted, he could be caned and jailed for up to 10 years.

20 out of 2,000 job applicants in Malaysia use bogus degrees to apply for jobs

With the employment market becoming increasingly competitive, many people are using bogus degrees, diplomas and certificates besides telling outright lies to secure jobs.

A company specialising in pre-employment screening has detected an average of five applications with forged degrees or certificates every week while a fraud-investigation firm found that 10% to 15% of applications it scrutinised had fake paper qualifications, some of them from non-existent universities.

Verity Intelligence Sdn Bhd managing director Mark Leow Boon Kuan, whose clients are mostly multinationals and finance companies, said many of the documents were cleverly forged and could fool anyone.

He added: "Of about 2,000 applications we check each month, about 20 are found to have fake degrees or certificates. That's five a week. We have detected 130 forged documents so far this year.

What do you do when you are in love with your friend's wife?

A man said to be in love with his friend's wife tried to strip the woman and attacked her with a blunt object when she resisted, Harian Metro reported.

Victim P. Anjali, 27, received 38 stitches to the head and broke a finger in the 4.30am incident on Monday.

The man had broken into her house in Alor Gajah while her husband, P. Thenagaran, 31, was away at work. The couple's five children, aged between three and nine, were also in the house.

Anjali said she managed to SMS her husband about the attack before she passed out.

The suspect has been arrested.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mother of four, nude photos and jilted boyfriend

A single mother of four was forced to go into hiding when her nude photos were leaked on the Internet by her former boyfriend who was angry at being jilted.

The 44-year-old victim has been constantly threatened by her 47-year-old ex-lover since the two broke up in April this year.

The woman from Petaling Jaya said she broke up with him after she learnt that he was already married and has a daughter.

"On top of that, he also has a girlfriend and a son with her. The girlfriend is also looking for him,” she said at the MCA public complaints bureau office yesterday.

"I told him I was leaving him and that was when he started blackmailing by creating a fake e-mail address and uploading photographs of me in the nude,” she said, adding that her nude photos have been e-mailed to 14 of her business contacts, including her former boss.

"That caused me my job.”

The woman. who had been in a relationship with the suspect for three years, has since lodged a report at Kota Damansara police station on Aug 2.

Exorcism (this is 2012 not 2012 BC) kills a girl

A three-year-old girl was apparently smothered to death by eight people during an exorcism ritual here on Sunday night.

The toddler, identified only as Choy, died after being pinned down by her parents, relatives and the family maid with their bodies during a ritual ostensibly to chase away evil spirits in the family.

The child was already dead when police, responding to a distress call received from the child's uncle, stormed into the master-bedroom on the upper floor of the family house in Taman Bukit Minyak here at about 10pm.

A pole in the middle of the house entrance

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cows killed passengers on a highway

A car crash caused by a stray cow crossing the North-South Expressway resulted in two members of a family being killed and two others injured yesterday.

Three other vehicles also crashed while avoiding the cow but the occupants of these vehicles were unhurt in the 1.20am incident at Km213 of the expressway near the Simpang Ampat toll plaza. The cow died.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Even robbers follow strict time-table

An Indonesian gang managed to harvest up to RM10,000 within a fortnight by a following a strict robbery schedule. The gang known as "Gang Kerinci" set strict schedules for their not so welcoming "work schedules".

The printed schedule came into the hands of police after the gang was busted. According to the time-table, the most suitable time for robbery was between 12 midnight to 6 AM.

One hundred and one ways of causing a plane not to take-off

Hundreds of  Air Asia passengers were struck with panic when a man suddenly opened the plane door and jumped onto the tarmac when the plane was preparing to take off in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

The man was believed to be an employee of the airline but was not on duty that day. He was with his girlfriend on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sorry this not April Fool's Day but this is about "No Lift" day

The Health Ministry will be introducing a "no lift day", whereby staff members from the minis­try's complexes, hospitals and health departments will have to take the stairs to their offices, even if they are located on the 10th floor of the building.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the "no lift day" was meant to promote a healthy lifestyle.

"On the 'no lift day', everyone will have to use the stairs. As we are promoting healthy lifestyles, it is only right that we take the lead and set an example," he said.

Liow said that the campaign would be held on a weekly basis and it could start after the fasting month.

Yes Minister, how about no sex day, no car day, no train day, no sleep day, no sick day ... and the ultimate day of all NO DAY DAY

You want Malaysian PR, only RM4,000. Driving license, cheaper only RM3,800

A PURPORTED credential mill claiming to have access to the relevant authorities is selling Malaysian permanent resident identification cards and academic qualifications ranging from SPM to foreign university degrees for not more than RM4,000 each online, Sin Chew Daily reported today.

The daily’s expose came two days after Malay daily Berita Harian reported that a local private education institution is allegedly collaborating with three foreign universities to churn out instant degrees, and the discovery less than two months ago of two online mills believed to have sold thousands of fake Universiti Sains Malaysia degrees.

According to the report, the pedlar, Edmund, advertised his service at a social forum frequented by people in sleazy trades, and boasted that the MyPR (Malaysian PR identification card) and driving licences he is selling are genuine and there will be proper records with the relevant departments to prove the documents’ authenticity.

He claimed to have obtained MyPR for many nationals from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

According to the price list on the website, the MyPR costs around RM4,000 depending on the applicant’s nationality.

As for driving licences, they cost RM2,200 each for Malaysians and RM3,800 each for foreigners.

“There is no need to sit for any test. We guarantee 100% that the licences can be renewed,” said Edmund.

There is also a long list of certificates, diplomas and degrees to pick from.

The prices range from RM2,500 (SPM certificate) to RM2,500-3,000 (diplomas in business administration, hotel management, ICT, accounting and surveying) to RM3,800 (degrees in 14 disciplines) - The SunDaily

Lady Gaga!

Dog, don't shit here!

Get a degree or even a PhD in a just a week in Malaysia

Berita Harian published an expose that showed that you can earn a university degree within a week by paying RM7,500 to get the scroll.

The daily revealed that the diplomas, Master's degrees and doctorates were issued by a private institution of higher learning said to be affiliated with three foreign universities.

Checks later revealed that the universities in the United States and Britain were non-existent.

A reporter, who went undercover and paid the sum along with 46 other graduates, later received his scroll during a convocation ceremony held at a hotel in Subang, Selangor.

Those said to have received the certificates include politicians, businessmen, engineers and bank officers as well as foreigners.

A college spokesman, who only wished to be known as Sally, claimed that students did not need to follow the conventional methods to obtain a degree.

She added that students had to pay RM6,500 for a bachelor's degree, RM8,500 for a Masters and RM10,500 for a PhD plus RM1,000 in fees to participate in the convocation ceremony.

How to steal from retail outlets

Retail outlets beware. A roll of aluminium foil costing just RM7 (S$2.80) can "disable" security scanners, allowing shoplifters to go off undetected.

Starhill Gallery security chief Colin Siow said his staff detected the latest modus operandi after they noticed three shoppers behaving suspiciously at the shopping mall recently.

They noticed two women and a man, who were sitting at a cafe in the mall, exchanging items among themselves, Siow said.

"When our security personnel approached the three people, who are believed to be foreigners, they bolted. However, they left behind several bags.

"We inspected the bags and found 23 pairs of stolen trousers," he said.

Upon closer scrutiny, security personnel found that the bags had aluminium foil stitched into the inner lining.

"The aluminium foil impedes the signal between the security tag on the goods and the detection system" - The Star

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Acid splashers strike again!

Two women close friend in their late 30s were seriously injured when two men on a motorcycle splashed acid on them near Dewan Bahasa Pustaka in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

In the incident at about 3:30 pm the victims reportedly were walking to the car park in the area to take their vehicles to return home.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple solution: if any money is missing from your cash register, ask your cashier to strip

A woman cashier at a pharmacy in Johor claimed she was forced to remove her clothes for allegedly stealing RM50 at her workplace here recently.

The 24-year-old victim said the incident happened around 4.30 pm last Monday when two women who were supervisors found RM50 missing from the daily takings and accused her of stealing the money.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Man shot bird but hit a boy

A student in Trengganuwas injured in his left shoulder when hit by shots fired by a member of the People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) after the shooter thought the student was a bird.

The 17-year old student was climbing a tree hunting for a bird nest when the volunteer who saw the swaying tree fired a shot thinking the boys was a bird.

Malaysian loan sharks are 2000% cleverer than banks

Malaysian loan sharks have come up with a noble idea to get debtors to pay up. The now employ attractive women and this has been proven to be successful.

In the past loan sharks had resorted to violence or harassment of debtors. Their favorite method was to spray red paint in or around debtors premises. As a result, borrowers often reported them to authorities.

The women, who are attractive, would go to the borrower's office and sit there quietly until the debts are paid. They do not use violence. Instead, they are gentle and dressed nicely. Many borrowers are willing to pay back their debts to these women out of embarrassment because their presence attracts unwanted attention. 

This could only happen in Johor

This could only happen in Johor Baru. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't have money to buy iPhone? Prostitute yourself

Madness against various gadgets and cutting-edge telecommunications equipment caused a 14-year-old girl to sell her body, including sleeping with men in their 60s to get money to buy her favorite gadgets.

She was uncovered when her family realized she had branded and the latest gadgets that costing thousands of dollars.

Initially the the girl claimed the gadgets belonged to a school friend but she later admitted selling her body because she wanted to have the goods.

Sharing her experience the girl who wanted to be known as Sarah said she started prostituting herself early this year.

"Every time I sell the body, I get RM200 to RM300. The figure is good and it allows me to purchase a variety of new gadgets such as tablet computers and smartphones including the iPad, BlackBerry in addition to well-known branded handbags."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cop ran amok, two injured

A 32-year-old police inspector ran amok here, injuring two hotel employees and vandalising several cars in Seremban 2.

It is learnt that the officer, who is attached to the Commercial Crime Division, had gone to a hotel on Monday night and booked a room before running amok hours later.

Sources revealed that during the incident early yesterday, the officer had attacked the hotel staff, believed to be due to an argument over the use of the weapon.

He then dashed outside and damaged several parked cars.

"Two hotel employees have been admitted to hospital with severe injuries," said the sources - The Star

Another day, another mall, another car park attack

A businessman has become the latest victim of a violent robbery at a shopping mall car park here.

The victim who only wanted to be known as Lim, 69, said the incident happened after he and his wife closed their shop at 1Utama and gone to his car parked at the lower-ground floor at around 10pm on Monday.

“We were just about to get into our car when a man approached me from the side and tried to grab my briefcase.

“I tried to fight back but the man started punching me in the face,” he said when met at the scene yesterday - The Star

Taekwondo wife finally beaten up by husband after she had beaten up her husband for so long

A TIMID man who was frequently beaten by his wife, a taekwondo exponent, finally hit her back after an argument over his mistress, reported China Press.

He punched, kicked and bit her and slammed her head against the wall, leaving her with bruises all over her body.

The daily said the couple from Sungai Limau and Gurun, Kedah, have a transportation company in Kuala Lumpur. The husband had complained to his friends that his bad-tempered wife always beat him up.

Their relationship went downhill several years ago after the wife found out that the man was having an affair with a Thai woman.

Last Saturday, they had an argument and the man assaulted the wife, who had no energy to fight back because she had not eaten for two days.

Man tried to cook wife. Maybe he was hungry

ANGERED by his wife's divorce request, a man in Jinjang Selatan tried to push her head into a wok of hot oil, reported Harian Metro.

The man, a Bangladeshi in his 30s, had just returned home at 11pm when the 25-year-old told him she wanted a divorce.

“The man became abusive and tried to stab her with a knife.

“Angered that she had avoided being stabbed, the man grabbed his wife by the hair and pushed her head towards a wok filled with hot oil in the kitchen.

“However, the victim managed to escape,” a source told the Malay daily.

The victim fled and made a police report at the Jinjang police station.

You want Thai women, Chinese women or Vietnamese women .... you don't have to fly anymore. We got them all

A total of 20 foreign women believed to be prostitutes and two locals who guarded the premise were detained in a massage parlor in Puchong Jaya near Kuala Lumpr last night.

Operation, 'Ops Noda' was accompanied by members of the Gambling, Secret Societies and Vices (D7) of the Police Headquarters led Serdang Inspector Mohd Roslin. Isaac and members of Puchong Jaya Police Station led by Inspector Hailmi Zil Nordindi Azam.

Roslin said. in the raid for two and a half hours starting at 11 o'clock that night, six women citizens of Vietnam, four Chinese nationals and 10 Thai nationals aged between 20 and 30 are held together 12 local customers.

Whole family arrested for heroin trafficking

A husband and wife were among three arrested in a raid on an apartment unit in Bandar Damai Perdana here last Friday on suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking of heroin.

Kajang OCPD, ACP Ab Rashid Ab Wahab said the pair, aged 30 and 28 years old and younger brother of her husband, aged 16, were arrested in a raid on the unit at 12:15 midnight.

"Police also seized 100 packets of plastic, each containing one gram of heroin. Each packet is sold at RM80 for the local market," he said at a press conference here today.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Confessions of a Malaysian gigolo

ELOQUENT and well-dressed, he seems a typical 30-something Malaysian yuppie. But John, 34 (not his real name) leads a double life. He's a paralegal worker by day and a toy boy by night. His gigolo sideline yields more than triple the salary he earns as a law executive.

On an average month, he makes up to RM10,000 servicing older female clients. And that's not counting the lavish presents they shower on him.

Also in this gigolo circle is the 34-year-old Algerian man who has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Singaporean woman in one of Kuala Lumpur's party zones, Bangsar. The woman, 50-year-old Mahani Abdullah, was found dead on 3 Nov in a condominum. 

Like the Algerian gigolo, John is no stranger to Singaporean women. Six years ago, he met a Singaporean woman in her 40s while partying at Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

"She was having marriage problems and was looking for comfort," he said. After making eye contact, John started chatting with her.

"I asked if she was having problems and whether she needed to talk to somebody," he said.

He went from confidante to lover in a matter of a few dates. "On the fifth time or so, I started asking for money. After all, she was wealthy," he said.

She didn't seem to mind. In fact, the woman bought him a Breitling watch which cost several thousand dollars for his birthday.

He said: "It's my fancy watch - I still wear it on special occasions and for business meetings."

"I need the money to sustain my lifestyle - I'm a party animal," he said.

He also has a penchant for expensive watches. On his wrist is a RM12,000 Omega watch he bought with his earnings - SOURCE

Mafia has arrived in Malaysia

Two patrons at a restaurant were seriously injured when a gunman, armed with a shotgun, opened fire at their table in what was believed to be a planned hit yesterday morning.

The incident in Green Heights was the second mafia-style shooting reported in the state this year.

The first case was reported in Sibu in January.

Police believe that both cases could be linked to an on-going turf war to take control of illegal gambling operations in the state.

In yesterday's incident, businessman Ang Soon Heng, 30, was shot in the head, while Ho Leong Hee, 60, was hit in the abdomen.

Police believe that Ang was the intended victim, while Ho was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time - NST

Durians killed a man

A senior citizen was killed after a big basket of durians he was transporting on the back of his motorcycle fell on him.

The freak accident happened when Lam Fook Chee lost his balance in Jalan Sungai Klau, near here.

The 10am incident saw the basket fall on the 68-year-old. Lam suffered serious injuries to his head.

State Public Order and Traffic chief Superintendent Mohamed Fauzi Abdul Rahim said the victim, from Sungai Chalit here, died on the way to Raub Hospital - NST

Once upon a time there was a panic room. Now there are panic buttons

A wireless panic button has been installed at the car park of a popular shopping mall as a measure to combat crime and protect car park users.

The panic button will alert security personnel and police within 10 seconds to initiate immediate response in the event something untoward happens.

Sunway Shopping Malls chief executive officer H.C. Chan said the feature was aimed at providing an extra layer of security to help safeguard customers in light of the recent snatch theft cases reported at shopping mall car parks - The Star

Video: 7 machete-wielding men vs a single machete-wielding man. Guess who win?


Thursday, July 12, 2012

A house is no longer a castle. A car might be

A family in Kuala Lumpur decided to make their car as their permanent home after being robbed in their rented apartment. During the robbery their 17-year old daughter was slashed in the neck and the robbers carted away a computer, household items and two bags.

The man said there were two more attempts to break-in into their apartment after the first incident. They then decided to move into their car - they now live in their car outside a hospital near here.

Beware: If you don't come to school, your teacher will punch you

A junior secondary school student near Klang was injured when a teacher punched on the mouth on Thursday. As a result he had broken and swollen lips and had difficulty with eating.

He was punched by the teacher after he could not adequate explanation why he was absent from school for 10 consecutive days early last year.

Her auntie told press, the student returned home on the day he was punched with his school shirt and tie bloodied. She claimed her nephew was already punished for the same offence when he was caned. She could not understand why the teacher had to punch him when he was already punished.

Woman lie dead and no one came to help

Madam Tan Kim Chuan was walking alone from her flat to her work place at about 6 am in Penang recently when a motorbike with two people on it came from behind and snatched her handbag. She hit her head on the road and died in hospital. 

Ten people were seen via CCTV walking around the area but no one came to help her.  Eventually, a passer-by notified the authorities and she was taken to the Penang Hospital.

Get a Guaranteed Gift for spending with your AmBank / AmIslamic Bank Card. No slogans, no draws.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big python wanted to eat a man. Man ran python stayed hungry

A rubber tapper in Johor was traumatised when he came face to face with a 6.5 meter python at his farm.

According to him, he saw the python about to strike him at about 9:30 AM. He panicked and ran before the python could strike him.

"I panicked and ran before the animal is able to attack. At that time I only think about death," he said when met after the incident at his home located just one kilometer from the farm.

He then used his mobile phone to get help villagers who later captured the python.

(Picture of the python captured by the villagers. Picture by Kosmo)

Gigolo cheated by non-gigolo

China Press reported that a would-be male escort got cheated when he responded to a flyer looking for gigolos.

The jobless man, 28, from Johor Baru, who identified himself as Zhang, said he picked up an advertisement pamphlet offering jobs as male escorts at a car park last month.

He called the number and a man named John persuaded him to take up the offer.

"John claimed that I can earn a lot of money by singing at karaoke parlours and having sex with clients, who he said are between 30 and 60 in age.

"I banked in a RM1,000 (S$409) commission to him, but realised later that I had been cheated when he did not get back to me," said Zhang.

Beware! Flasher at your favourite convenience store

A female employee at a convenience store was traumatised after a man in his 30s exposed his private parts in front of her.

Harian Metro reported that the victim was working alone in the 24-hour store in Arau when the man walked in at about 9am on Tuesday.

After taking several items to the checkout counter, the man unzipped his trousers and showed her his private parts.

The shocked victim in her 20s could only scream.

30 snatch jobs later, the criminal was finally caught

A snatch thief behind 30 cases the past six months finally found himself in the arms of the law.

The 25-year-old jobless man did his last 'job' at 3.45pm on Tuesday when he snatched a handbag from a woman in Kampung Simee.

Police swung into action after receiving a report. They raided the man's rented house in Bercham, some 5km away, and caught him at 5pm.

50-year old raped on her first date

A 50-year old woman search for love on the Internet ended up miserably after she was raped and blackmailed.

It is learnt that the 50-year-old woman had gone to a house in Cheras to meet a foreign man she had befriended through a social networking site in May.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Raped daily by her own boss

A 26-year-old foreign worker claimed that she was raped and abused by her employer for more than a year.

The woman, identified as “S” from Hyderabad in India, said she came to Malaysia in 2010 on the invitation of a friend to work as a cashier at a sundry store in Ulu Tiram before she was employed at a pub in Permas Jaya.

She said her ordeal began last year when her employer started making advances towards her.

She claimed that the man had raped her almost daily and would beat her up if she refused to comply.

The woman added that she had to undergo two abortions which he paid for.

Unable to stand her employer's abuse, she escaped last month and sought the assistance of a church group and Tenaganita - The Star

Monday, July 9, 2012

Man cried after finding wife in a compromising position with her boss

A husband near Kuala Lumpur could only shed tears after finding his wife in a compromising position with her boss. The man had earlier quarrelled with his wife and walked out of their house. However, fearing for her safety he decided to return home but was surprised to see his wife and her boss inside the house.

The wife's lover managed to run away from the man but was apprehended by the villagers and handed over to the police.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

When cops are robbers....

Two police officers were charged in a Sessions Court here with robbing four Bangladeshi nationals at gunpoint.

Junaidi Awang, 33, and Rasli Zainol Abidin, 40, and two others who are still at large were accused of robbing Md Shafiqul Sheikh, Md Moshiur Rahman, Borhan Uddin Molla, and Al Amien of RM592  in cash.

The alleged offence occurred in the basement of the Sri Ara Apartment on Jalan PJU 1A/5, Ara Damansara at 12.30am on July 11 last year.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead baby in a shoebox

A prematurely born baby was found dead in a shoebox in the men’s toilet at a bus terminal here.

A bus driver made the shocking discovery when he entered the toilet at the Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal at 8.10am yesterday.

Another day, another car park attacker

Another woman has been brutally attacked in broad daylight at a car park near a hypermarket here.

Nooralida M. Noor was getting into her car at a shopping centre at around 2.50pm on Tuesday when a man forcibly entered her car and slashed her left arm and neck.

Although she fought back and tried shouting, the man pinned her down and warned her "not to be stupid", she said in her Facebook account.

Recently, Internet marketeer Chin Xin-Ci posted on Facebook her ordeal of being almost kidnapped by two men at a shopping mall car park on May 27.

Less than 24 hours later, two women were robbed of RM80,000 at the same place while another woman was robbed at the outdoor parking lot near a shopping centre on June 4.

On June 24, a woman nearly had her finger severed by an armed robber as she stopped in front of her friend's house at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Just 32 hours earlier, another woman was robbed and slashed on the head while she was walking towards her car at a shopping mall car park.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to get a shop to replace your faulty TV

This guy got so fed-up with his faulty TV and decided to do something about it ...... This happened in Karamunsing, Sabah

A 17-year old boy turned a housewife into a sex slave by using black magic

A 17-year old boy used black magic to turn a Malaysian housewife into a sex slave, a Malay daily reported. The youth later forced her to have sex with him and threatened to expose her video on the internet.

She claimed the youngster manipulated her to ask her husband for a divorce. According to the woman she spent a large amount of money seeking help from shamans.

Her husband later lodged a police report against the boy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magic chant killed man-eating crocodile

A VILLAGE shaman and renowned crocodile hunter has claimed responsibility over the death of Bujang Sebelak, a 3.65m-long crocodile believed to be responsible for the death of three villagers at Sebelak river in Saratok, Sarawak.

Shaman Indet Sanabong, 42, told Kosmo! he managed to kill the crocodile by reading a chant he learnt 33 years ago and slapping the crocodile in the head.

Bujang Sebelak is said to have killed three villagers who lived at the Nanga Sungai Anak longhouse since 2010, including the headman's wife.

Indet, his 45-year-old brother Tinggi and two assistants, went upriver and found the reptile caught in a trap they had set earlier.

The “battle” with the reptile lasted an hour before Indet landed his final blow - The Star

Some stepmothers are..........

Four children were beaten and shouted at constantly and forced to find food and medicinal herbs in the jungle.

The young siblings were starved, subject to physical abuse and forced into manual labour by their stepmother, who kept them with her for two years in Indonesia, refusing to let them return home to their father in Malaysia.

The nightmare for Nurul Safiza and her siblings Muhammad Nurhan, nine, and Nur Masyita Amiera, eight, ended last Saturday after they were taken home to Malaysia by their father, Mr Nordi Adi, 57, with the assistance of the Umno Youth Community Complaints Bureau

The family touched down at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at about 12.15pm.

Said Mr Nordi: "We were unable to bring my eldest child home as she was in a different location from the other three."

Car killed owner

A real estate planning manager had driven to a construction site of his company in Falim, a district in Ipoh, Malaysia, to supervise the work there.

When Mr Zhong Wen Kun, 58, left the car to inspect the site, he removed the key from the ignition but didn't pull up the handbrake.

And as he was making his rounds, the car slowly rolled forward, pinning him to a slope.

Nobody knew he was trapped until his colleagues started looking for him.

Mr Zhong was found about six hours later, face down in the mud with his lower body trapped under the white four-wheel drive early on Tuesday morning, China Press reported.

Buy one house get another one free

Developers are using this innovative marketing approach to boost property development in both countries, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

However, buyers will have to purchase a RM10mil residence (S$4million) in China to get their free luxury home valued at RM500,000 in Malaysia, the paper said.

The local developers would maintain and rent out the property for the foreign owners and, at the same time, help them apply for the Malaysia My Second Home programme.

Many Chinese developers have purchased a large number of properties in Malaysia, which they give away as gifts to customers who buy houses worth between RM10mil and RM20mil.

Policeman shot for supporting the losing Italian side in Euro 2012

A policeman is fighting for his life after being shot during a telecast of the Euro 2012 final at a pub in Nusa Bestari, near here.

The 24-year-old constable from Sarawak was rushed to the intensive care unit of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital after being hit by four bullets in his abdomen in the 4am incident yesterday.

He was said to be in a huff when Italy, the team he was cheering for, was losing the game against Spain.

An argument erupted between him and another football fan, who allegedly tried to stop the young policeman from drawing his pistol to settle the dispute.

In the struggle that ensued, the gun discharged a series of shots that hit the victim - NST

Monday, July 2, 2012

Man wanted to molest a young girl but ending up molesting her grandmother

A man entered a bathroom outside a house in Kulim in Kedah and grabbed the woman in there only to realize that he had embraced a 70-year-old woman.

The molester had actually planned to attack the woman's granddaughter, Sinar Harian reported.

In her police report on the 6.30 a.m. incident in Kulim on Saturday, the grandmother said the man kissed her repeatedly and tried to remove her clothing.

He then whispered to her, “Tak kerja ka? (Are you not working?)”, to which she replied in a frightened manner that she had not been “working” for a long time.

The suspect fled after realizing he had made a mistake.

How to get a university degree without bothering to pass any examination

The brains behind two online degree mills that allegedly churned out fake Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) scrolls is a former student of the university.

A police source said the 24-year-old woman had a Facebook account offering such scrolls and this had garnered 516 ‘likes’.

She and two others – another woman, aged 25, and a man, 26 - were nabbed at a house in Kampar, Perak, on Saturday.

Several computers were seized in the raid. A soft copy of a USM scroll was found in one of the computers.

The source said a younger sibling of one of the suspects could be a USM student - from The Star

You don't marry me, I burn you

A man doused kerosene on a female bank clerk and burnt her to death after she refused to marry him.

The incident happened around 10:15 PM when the victim reached home from office. She had just got engaged to another suitor.

How to withdraw money from ATM machines without any ATM card

Robbers broke into four ATM machines and carted away RM1.7 million on the first floor of Carrefour hypermarket near Kuala Lumpur yesterday. The security guards noticed something wrong only around 7 am.

This is not the first time an ATM machine had been broken into:-

- On March 21 Thieves drilled into a machine and made off with RM200,000 at Bangunan Perdana Siswa in Universiti Malaya. A month later, RM190,000 was stolen from another ATM in Pandan Indah.

- On May 25 An ATM with RM200,000 was stolen from a shopping mall in Balakong, Seri Kembangan. The next day, an ATM in University Light Rail Transit (LRT) station was stolen incurring losses of over RM61,000.

- On May 28 Thieves failed to steal an ATM in a hypermarket at Pantai Dalam after the alarm went off.

- On June 14 Thieves made off with an ATM containing about RM48,000 from the KTM Komuter station in Subang Jaya.

- On June 22 Thieves carted away RM80,000 after breaking open an ATM in a supermarket in Taman Melawati, Ampang.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Car thief stole police motorcycle

A suspected car thief was cornered by Malaysian police but managed to escape -- but riding off on one of their motorcycles, a report said Friday.

Police pulled over the man in the northern state of Penang on Wednesday as he drove a BMW that was suspected to have been stolen, the New Straits Times reported.

Police asked the man to step out of the car, but while they were inspecting the vehicle, he jumped on one of the police motorcycles.

Make easy money, become football players

Former football coach Yusarman Yusof has been jailed 15 months' jail and fined RM200,000 for bribing his players.

The 36-year-old former national footballer, who has been handling the state team since December 2010, was found guilty of 20 counts of offering bribes to players with two others still at large.

He committed the offences by giving the players between RM200 and RM2,000 each at a karaoke outlet here between April 19 and 22 last year. The money were given through two acquaintances.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woman cursed into a rock

A woman who had been cheating on her husband turned to stone in an oil palm plantation in Paloh, Johor. The woman was said to have been cursed into a rock while having sex with her boyfriend.

The video of the incident has caused a sensation in Johor.

Thief robbed by other thieves

Two lovers on a motorcycle on a shopping trip were ambushed and robbed by five men in Puchong, near Kuala Lumpur. In the incident the man sustained head injury.

The couple were later detained by police for using a stolen bike.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cop caught a carjacker, carjacker jacked his way out of cops

The suspect was caught after he stole a car and drove it away with a two-year-old boy.

But the 26-year-old car thief escaped from police custody by climbing through the ceiling of a bathroom at the Ulu Choh police station.

Johor police have launched a manhunt after the escape last Wednesday evening, the New Straits Times reported.

To be rich before you reach 18, become a bookie

He was only 13 when he started collecting bets from his schoolmates for the World Cup football tournament.

IT executive Steven Goh recalled that he became a bookie because he loved football and wanted to earn some fast cash.

"My friends would bet RM2 (S$0.80 cents) to RM3 over who would win the matches. I had a notebook to keep track of their names and bet amounts.

"A few bucks is not much but when you bet with many people, the stakes can easily go up to about RM700," said the now 22-year-old, adding that he earned up to RM400 from the bets.

He said that while he only took bets for the World Cup, his schoolmates were bookies for other football events, such as the English Premier League games.

"They were about the same age as me at the time," said Goh, who hails from Malacca.

His gambling days came to an end when he was 16.

His mother found his notebook and punished him.

Its dangerous to be a cabbie in Malaysia

A disabled taxi driver was abducted by two men, whipped with a belt and run over twice by his own taxi.

Harian Metro reported that the victim had been taking the suspects to KLIA from Kuala Selangor at 2.45am on June 4.

They asked him to stop, tied and stuffed him into the car boot before driving off to another location, where they called the victim's wife and demanded RM5,000.

They eventually settled for RM2,000 (S$812) to be banked into the victim's account. But even after receiving the amount, they whipped and drove the taxi over him.

The victim fell unconscious after rolling into a nearby drain to avoid being run over for a third time. Passers-by called for an ambulance to take him to Tanjung Karang Hospital.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Malaysian woman cheated of RM5 million by an American general

An "American General" has fleeced a lonely, single Malaysian mother of RM5 million. The woman met the general through a social networking site.

The woman sold her property and handed over the proceeds to the general without realizing she had cheated. According to police, the 63-year old woman had sold her bungalow in a posh side of Kuala Lumpur for RM3.5 million. She had also sold her lands and borrowed from friends to raise another RM1.5 million to give to the general.

Her son later lodged a police report but the woman refused to believe that the general did not exist.

Woman raped, panties stolen

A woman was raped and the rapist later took away her panties. The woman was also robbed of cash, a gold ring and notebooks.

In the 8 pm incident, the woman who worked in a beauty salon was alone. The rapist threatened to kill her when she resisted.

Man rapes seven-year-old, then gives 50 sen to shut her up

A 31-YEAR-OLD man raped a seven-year-old girl, then gave her 50 sen to not tell anyone about it, reported Oriental Daily.

The 2.30pm incident on Sunday occurred in Semenyih when the victim was on her way home from a sundry shop with another girl.

The man, who was riding a motorcycle with a friend, asked if she knew where one of her neighbours stayed.

After the girl had pointed out where, they went to the house but the neighbour was not in.

The girl offered to ride with the man and look for the neighbour while his friend stayed with the other girl.

The man then took her to an empty house and raped her.

She complained to her father, who lodged a police report.

Man caned to death

A man just released from prison was found dead Monday after getting involved in a brawl in front of a restaurant in Penang. The man was believed to be hit with a cane on the head by another man.

Police had to fire warning shots after rushing to the scene but when the police arrived the man was already dead. The suspect escaped in a car.

They had been drinking water contaminated with dead human for over a week

After complaints from residents, a housing manager found a decomposed body of a naked man lying ina water storage tank at a housing project in Sabah.

Residents lodged complaints after the water they used smelled like detergent for over a week.

Police initial investigation found no evidence of foul play.

Now residents of the housing project plan to sue the authorities. Reason: drinking water contaminated with dead body.

Father raped sick daughter

A farmer dragged his sick daughter into an abandoned house and raped her instead of taking the 16-year-old to hospital.

The incident in Sabah's northern Pitas district happened when the 38-year-old man was headed to the hospital with his daughter and 11-year-old son riding pillion on a motorcycle.

On the way, the man stopped by an abandoned house, Kota Marudu OCPD Deputy Supt Isa Yusof said.
The father left the boy on the motorcycle by the roadside and dragged the girl, who was having a high fever, into the house and raped her.

He then threatened the girl not to reveal the matter to anyone, saying he would kill her and the rest of the family.

Police have launched a manhunt for the farmer, who is believed to have escaped into the jungle near his village - The Star

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What to do with your car if the bank send people to repossess it

A man in Kuala Lumpur smashed his own car with a hammer until it became a total wreck to prevent repossessors from taking away his car. The man admitted he had been tardy in his monthly payment to the bank which sent a tow truck and repossessors to take away the car.

According to witnesses, he removed the car tyres then smashed the front and back windsreens before wrecking the car to pieces.

Wife and son filmed torturing husband

Police are investigating the case of a wife and her 15-year son abusing their father in Sarawak. Upon raiding the premise where the incident was reported police was shocked to find the son had recorded the incident by using his handphone and then transferred it to a notebook given by the government to needy students.

The 50-year woman was video-taped hitting her husband with a cane while his (and her) 15-year old son pulled his genital.

Cop killed cop

A policeman was charged in here yesterday for killing killing his colleagues last month.

Rosli Abu Hasan, 25, was accused of killing Constable Muhammad Sobri Md. Sidek, 22, at the main entrance of the Istana Anak Bukit here at 5:45 pm on April 26.

He was charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries a death sentence if convicted.

Not enough good men to go round in Malaysia

Less Malaysians are getting married. According to a recent local census the average of first marriage has dropped to 28% in 2010 from 28.6% in 2000.

A study in 2004 found 32.1% Malaysians of marriage age were not married. 56.6% were men and the rest women.

About 40% of the women interviewed said they could not find suitable candidates.

Youtube mother jailed

The teenage mother who was filmed abusing her child in a youtube video that gone viral has been jailed 18 months according to Malaysian police. The mother is 18-year old jobless, unmarried Malaysian.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

14-year old raped a 9-year old student

A 9-year old female student in Malacca was traumatised after she was raped and threatened with a sharp by a 14-year-old boy in the school stairs.

Sources said, the student was raped on three separate occasions by the teenager who sneaked into school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The 14-year old threatened to kill her if she resisted.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

If you don't like your kid's teacher, just hire some gangsters to harass her

If you don't like your kid's teacher just hire some gangsters to harass her. That's what parents of a student did in Kuala Lumpur.

The Chinese primary school teacher was threatened and followed everywhere she went by a gang of thugs hired by the parents and had even gone to her house in the middle of the night to harass her. The teacher claimed the parents had a grudge against her.

The 40-year old teacher said she had received five threats against her since April the 10th. The most recent was a few days ago when a stranger approached her as she was getting into a car and warned her she would be killed if she continue to teach at the school.

She had lodged a police report.

Don't lie to your wife. She might become suspicious and follow you even to a massage parlour

A suspicious wife called the police police when he found her husband in bed with a Vietnamese woman in a hotel room.

The suspicious first tailed her husband to a massage parlour in Petaling Jaya near Kuala Lumpur and later to a hotel room where he was found with the Vietnamese woman.

When her husband refused to open the door the 48-year old woman called the police.

Don't call your husband "lazy". You might not live to regret it

A husband stabbed her wife to death after she called him "lazy".

The incident in Sarawak followed a heated argument between the Indonesian couple. The wife had asked the husband to help with household chores while she tended her cring baby. Furious at being called "lazy" the husband stabbed his wife who died at the scene. He then attempted suicide but failed.

The husband is now warded at a local hospital. His condition is critical.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wild boar hit a man. Man died wild boar survived

A farm laborer died after his motorcycle hit a wild boar who was crossing a road near Bera yesterday. He was riding a motorcycle without a safety helmet and succumbed to serious head injuries.

The victim an Indonesian known as Sugiono, 28  had no driving license.

Schoolgirl strangled, drowned her unwanted son

A girl student was believed to have strangled and drowned her newborn baby boy to death  in a bucket of water on Sunday, a day after before burying him in a bush near Sungai Petani. She was helped in her crime by her 17-year old boyfriend.

In the incident the girls had given birth to a healthy baby boy but to avoid the incident from being known by her family she decided to murder her own baby.

Her parents did not realize she was pregnant because there was no significant change in her stomach size.

Though you are my biological father, if you beat my mother I will kill you

A 15-year old boy stabbed his father to death with two knives before making a false police report saying his father was attacked and killed by robbers who broke into their house in Ipoh early yesterday morning.

The suspect also scattered furniture in the house to make it look like a robbery incident.

The victim, a timber company millionaire was 40 years old and was stabbed at 1.30 am.

The schoolboy was believed to be angry with his biological father for constantly beating the boy's mother.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Married to her car and not to her

A teacher's dream of a happy marriage ended when her "husband" not only failed to turn up for the wedding ceremony but disapppeared with her jewelery and car two days before the wedding.

The groom who who claimed to be an officer with a national narcotics agency was apparently wanted by police and had been previously jailed on cheating charges.

The woman lost a car, jewelery, laptop and mobile phone valued at more than RM60,000 to her "husband".

Motorcycle killed a hunter with his own shotgun

A RELA man (RELA is a governement militia) was found dead near Port Dickson yesterday. He was believed to have gone hunting for red jungle fowl when his motorcycle skidded and he fell off from the motorcycle causing his shotgun to go off.

His body was found by his friend, who had also gone hunting for the red jungle fowl.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Buy an insurance then pay for it by using someone else's money

A woman reported a loss of RM25 per month from her savings account when a local bank deducted it to settle an insurance policy of a stranger unknown to her.

Sarina Abu Bakar, 47, said she had just realized on April 20th that RM25 has been deducted on the 16th of every month from her savings accounts.

However, she did not know the exact date when the bank started deducting her accounts.

According to her, when she confronted the bank she was told the deduction was to pay for the insurance policy of a man she did not know.

Not only thieves, robbers and kidnappers who will invade your home. Monkeys too

To save her grandson, a grandmother was injured when attacked by a group of 30 wild monkeys which invaded their home in the village of Permatang, Kuala Sungai Baru, here yesterday.

In the incident at about 11 am that morning, Zaiton Comel, 83, received 14 stitches on her face and scratches and bruises on the body.

You don't give me money I will sell our children

A husband kicked, assaulted and threatened to kill his 25-year-old wife at their home in Cheras, here when his wife could not give money when he asked for it.

More worrisome for her as her husband threat to sell their two children to pay for his loan sharks debts.

More alarming when the victim's husband late 20-year-old is also alleged to abduct and sell two of their children to settle the loan payment to along. he also threatened to distribute nude pictures of her recorded when they were happier together earlier.

The woman was later sent to a hospital by her realtives before lodging a police report at Salak South police station for investigation and further action.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

12-year old students filmed having sex at school

TWO students were filmed having sex on the grounds of a school in Hulu Selangor, reported Kosmo!

The young lovebirds, both Secondary One students, were filmed having their tryst at the edge of their school field on a mobile phone on April 13.

However, their act was only discovered a week later when other students reported it to their school's disclipinary teacher on April 21.

When the teacher informed the girl's parents, her family members then confronted and beat up the boy and others who filmed the act.

The boys, who suffered injuries to their heads, eyes and bodies after being assaulted with rotan and various pieces of wood, were later handed over to the police.

They were released after 24 hours. The boy may be charged with rape.

Evil spirits caused schoolgirls to scream hysterically

Four girl at a secondary school in Shah Alam screamed hysterically yesterday believed to be disturbed by evil spirits.

The screaming students caused alarm and panic at the school. The incident happened near the school prayer hall and according to one school worker this had never happened before.

The students were later calmed down by religious teachers who recited prayers.

Rape victim severed rapist penis

A man had his penis severed when a woman he attempted to rape seized his machete and swung it at his penis near Kuala Lumpur today.

The victim was on his way to a grocery shop when confronted by the robber. The robber dragged her to a vacant premise, pushed her down and robbed her of RM100 and a mobile phone.

While the robber was loosening his pants the woman kicked him, seized his machete and severed his penis.

Phone roamers beware: To telecom companies you look like big, fat cash cows

A mobile phone user was charged RM8,000 for just one day's use.

He subscribed for data roaming package worth RM48 a day for his three-day overseas trip. He was floored when he received his phone bill amounting to RM8,000 for one day roaming.

How to be rich: Become a taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur

A taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur was fined RM1,000 by the Magistrates Court here for charging two Britons RM459.20 for a 4.8 km ride. The meter said RM8 before it was shut off by the cabbie.

Another cabbie was sentenced to RM400 fine for overcharging four passengers RM8 while the meter read RM4.50.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wanna buy a Rolex for US$10?

Wanna buy a Rolex for RM40 (slightly more than US$10)?

Worry no more. There are now more than 20 people peddling branded watches at Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. Rolex for US$10 is a bargain but whether it can last you more than a day is something worth pondering.

A survey by a local newspaper has found more than 20 fake watch peddlers targeting tourists around the Bukit Bintang area. Most of the peddlers are from Sabah and the Philippines.

According to some of them, the return is lucartive. They can net as much as RM20,000 a month by selling fake watches to tourists.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gays, lesbians, tomboys and ......... beware, they really hate you here

Thousands, including hundreds of students, gathered at an anti-LGBT rally outside Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, witnessing speeches clamouring for intolerance of sexual minorities in Malaysia.

Several NGOs met to express their dissatisfaction with tentative calls for LGBT rights in the majority Islamic country. Protestors met at the campus of Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang, south of the capital, after being denied permission to gather in Kuala Lumpur's central square, Dataran Merdeka.

Allegations bring fame not shame

Actress Zahida Mohamed Rafik has gained more fame and Twitter fans following allegations of her relationship with a senior minister who allegedly paid her a substantial amount of money.

As at yesterday, the actress of the movie Anak Mami had garnered 7,000 followers on Twitter.

On Twitter, user Fared Isa tweeted to Zahida two days ago with "Hi millionaire. You kantoi already (You have been "caught"). Lol. I never heard your name before this till the news about you spread all over the country."

Zahida gave an amused reply, saying: "Cool!!! Keep it up ok! Need my beauty sleep now, nite! Esok jgn lupa tweet lagi tau (Don't forget to tweet again tomorrow)! Cheers! At least I am a millionaire, you???"

Many of her Twitter followers had previously made scathing comments about her alleged relationship with the minister, with the actress giving mostly witty replies.

However, the trend changed yesterday when her followers began tweeting more positive comments to her, offering support and encouragement -

Get high "legally" in Malaysia ....... or before you get busted by police

"Legal" versions of amphetamines and other party drugs have become the "in" thing in Malaysia's nightlife scene.

These pills which go by names such as "Groove-E" and "Pink Champagne", which promise the same high as illegal drugs are being sold freely on a Kuala Lumpur-based website and buyers can get these drugs delivered to their homes

They come in packets of two or four, priced at between RM50 to RM80. The website says: "Hypnotic is a lovey-dovey party pill that gives you waves of warm ecstasy sensations (sic) with a twist. Peak duration three to five hours. The recommended dose is one tablet."

Burn, baby burn and hopefully they will celebrate the blaze in jail

Arsonists destroyed 22 motorcycles at the Sri Selangor flat yesterday. The blaze also damaged four flat units.

At the peak of the blaze flame shot as high as 3 meter.

The area used to be well-known for its drug activities. The attack is believed to be as a result of a fight between two gangs at a nearby playground.

A fish jumped into his mouth

A four-year-old boy almost choked to death when a 3cm wide ikan puyu (climbing perch) jumped into his mouth.

Kosmo! reported that Muhammad Akhif Danish Shamsuri was in pain for four hours before the fish was removed by a doctor at Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital in Kota Baru.

Muhammad Akhif was apparently holding the pet fish in his hand when it sprang into his mouth.

The boy's father Shamsuri Shafie, 28, said the fish was stuck in his son's mouth, with only the tail visible.

"My brother managed to catch its tail, preventing it from getting into his throat," he told the tabloid on Saturday.

According to Shamsuri, his brother brought Muhammad Akhif to Hospital Machang before he was transferred to the main hospital.

"By then, my son's mouth was bleeding from being cut by the fish's thorns," said Shamsuri.

Doctors managed to anaesthetise his son and withdraw the fish - The Star

Football heads beware. Don't lose any game if not your supporters might throw rocks at your house

Trengganu Football Association president faced the biggest football challenge of his life when state football supporters besieged his home and started throwing rocks and other objects at his house yesterday. The supporters were angry because their team was beaten 1-2 by another team.

After the game the unruly supporters held a demonstration at the stadium gate. They demanded the president and the state coach resign immediately. Police had to shield the president and the coach from the stadium from agitated crowd.

However, a group of supporters then converged to the president's house and started to throw rocks and other objects towards the house.