Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1,001 Ways To Rob A Car Owner

A syndicate extorting money from luxury car owners are at it again. Two men have claimed they were victims of their ruse of “ramming” and claiming compensation.

The first victim said two men claimed he had knocked into them after following him home.

The man, who owns a posh car, said he was threatened by the men who demanded RM300 as “compensation” for hitting their car. The incident took place in the early hours of the morning.

“They asked me to settle' by paying them but I told them I did not hit their car. I checked my car and saw there was no damage anywhere. They got angry and started threatening me.

“Luckily, some policemen were patrolling nearby and they fled when they saw the cops. I am coming forward as I do not want others to be victimised,” said the victim at a press conference organised by Selangor MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Theng Book here yesterday.

The second victim related how a car pulled up in front of his and stopped abruptly, causing him to knock into it.

“I noticed that a large tow-truck was parked nearby. The group of men demanded that I compensate them.

“I refused and told them to go to the police station and they finally gave up and left. I lodged a police report the next day and discovered that no other report had been lodged,” said the BMW owner.

When a police officer robs.....

KUALA TERENGGANU: A police officer was among two suspects detained by police in connection with an armed robbery at a goldsmith shop in Wakaf Tapai, here on Monday.

Terengganu Police Chief Datuk Jamshah Mustapa when contacted by Bernama confirmed that one of the suspects detained was a police officer.

"I cannot reveal further details because we are in the midst of conducting an investigation. I do not want to make any statements that may hinder our investigation," he said.

During the daring robbery at about 11.30am on Monday, two men armed with a pistol and a hammer carted away jewellery worth RM10,000 from a goldsmith shop in Wakaf Tapai - BERNAMA

Get me a young second wife or.........

A 57-YEAR-old Malaysian Muslim man assaulted his wife and threatened to shoot her after she failed to secure him a young second wife, news reports said today.

Mohamad Haris Daud, a local police chief in Kuantan in central Pahang state, said the man forced his 60-year-old wife to seek the consent of a woman in her 30s to be his second wife.

The frightened wife then went to the woman's house but found out that she was already married, he said.

"After she told her husband that the woman was married, he ran amok and started beating her and threatened to cut her with a machete'', Chief Mohamad was quoted as saying by the Malay-language Utusan Malaysia newspaper.

Chief Mohamad said the man, a security guard and member of civil volunteer corps RELA, which rounds up illegal immigrants, also threatened to shoot her with a shotgun after she failed to obtain the consent from the other woman.

Muslim men in Malaysia are allowed up to four wives but activists and women's groups say polygamy is cruel and has deviated from its original purpose in Islam, which was to protect widows and orphans.

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, where more than 60 per cent of its 27 million people are Muslim Malays. Polygamy is illegal for non-Muslims.

Police have detained the husband and he is being investigated for criminal intimidation.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If they want to litter, let them

A MAN was assaulted by two others after he advised a woman not to throw rubbish indiscriminately at Pandan Perdana in Ampang on Monday, reported Harian Metro.

The 25-year-old victim's words did not go down well with the woman's boyfriend who, together with a friend, beat him up.

According to the victim who only wanted to be known as Muhammad, the woman's boyfriend and his friend came to his house armed with two long metal rods.

He said they knocked and kicked his house gate and challenged him to a fight.

“I tried to reason with them but they started hitting me with the rods,” he said.

The victim claimed the two men even tried to strangle him.

He managed to escape and lodged a police report at the Ampang police station..

Even "datuks" borrow money from "ah long"

A “Datuk” who borrowed RM700,000 from an Ah Long has disappeared.

The Johor Baru MCA public complaints bureau deputy chairman Michael Tay said the “Datuk” accumulated the debt after he started gambling online.

He added that he tried to negotiate with the Ah Long on the Datuk's behalf but the 37-year-old had since disappeared.

Note: Datuk is a federal title that has been conferred since 1965. Ah Long is a Chinese slang for loan shark

Killed by two cars from opposite directions

A pedestrian was killed after being hit by two cars from opposite directions at Jalan Besar, Serdang Raya, near here last night.

Head of Selangor Police Public Order and Traffic, Supt. Jonit Zulkifli said K. Kanisin, 58, was hit while crossing the road.

"At first the victim was hit by a car coming from Seri Kembangan. The impact threw the victim to the opposite lane before he was hit by another car," he said.

Zulkifli said Kanisin, from Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, died at the scene because serious head injuries.

If you frequent massage parlour for sex, don't blame yourself but blame your wife

The Obedient Wives Club is set to stir up another controversy with a member here blaming women for husbands who indulge in illegal sexual relationships.

Hajiera Hartley said women who did not fulfil the sexual needs of their husbands caused the men to look for illicit affairs.

She said a survey carried out recently by the club showed that only 10% of Malay wives understood the sexual needs of their husbands.

“Most married Malay women are busy with domestic chores and ignore the sexual needs of their husbands.

“A sexually satisfied husband can lead to a harmonious family,” she told a press conference on the club’s War Against Illicit Sex campaign at the Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd office in Lahar Yooi, near Tasek Gelugor, yesterday.

Hajiera said Islam teaches Muslim wives to offer themselves 100% to their husbands and advised women to dress attractively for their husbands.

Global Ikhwan, reportedly an off-shoot of the banned Al-Arqam movement, had set up the club to help “improve” wives - The Star

Soon you can send your meddling mother-in-law to jail

Meddlesome in-laws who cause their children to beat their spouses will be severely dealt with when the Domestic Violence Act 1994 is amended.

The amendments, among others, would also allow victims of domestic violence to file reports at police stations nationwide instead of within their residential districts as currently practised.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Heng Seai Kie said the amended Act would be tabled in the Dewan Negara on Dec 9 before it is gazetted.

She said the ministry had received numerous complaints about parents and other in-laws who instigated their kin to abuse their spouses and felt the culprits needed to be dealt with, along with the offenders.

“There have been many cases where mothers-in-law, grandmothers and stepmothers were instrumental in causing the offenders to abuse their wives or children.

“This is a form of emotional and psychological abuse that must be curbed to retain peace and harmony in the family,” she told reporters after opening a World Children’s Day celebration at the Kulim Landmark Central shopping centre yesterday.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Texting while not driving may also result in jail sentence

A Sessions Court in Trengganu sentenced Datuk Dr. Ahmad Ramzi Mohamad Zubir to a year's jail after he was found guilty of sending threatening short message service (SMS) to the three Barisan Nasional (BN) and slanderering former Private Secretary to the Chief Minister of Terengganu two years ago.

Ahmad Ramzi, 39, who was a political secretary to former Chief Minister of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh was found guilty of sending SMS threats on the 13th of April 2009 to state assemblymen of Paka, Permaisuri and Ajil.

In addition, Ahmad Ramzi was also sentenced with three months imprisonment after he was found guilty of defaming former Private Secretary to the Chief Minister of Terengganu, Wan Ahmad Wan Muda (now Deputy Secretary of State).

Son slashed mother to death

A 75-year-old mother died after her neck was slashed with a knife by her mentally-ill son at their house in Taman Bukit Serdang, near here, today.

Serdang district police chief Supt Abdul Razak Elias said the incident which happened at about 10:45 this morning, the mother was found dead at the scene, while her 35-year-old son was wounded in the neck due to an attempt to take his own life.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

If you impersonate a woman, we will arrest you

THE Sabah Islamic Affairs Department stopped a transvestite fashion show held at an entertainment centre in a shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu.

Harian Metro reported that the show, called “Pink Tiffany”, had 19 contestants who were dressed skimpily.

A total of 14 were Muslim.

The department's religious enforcement deputy head Khamis Jamil said all of them were taken to the Kota Kinabalu police headquarters to have their statements recorded.

Khamis said the 14 were detained under Section 92 of the state Syariah Criminal Enactment 1995 for impersonating women.

Award given, award retracted

The organisers of this year’s Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) awards are retracting the Best Song Award from singer-songwriter Yuna.

Yuna, whose real name is Yunalis Zara, was announced as winner of the much-coveted award for her single Penakut along with the Best Vocal Performance (Female) and Anugerah Kembara titles at the awards show organised by the Recording Industry of Malaysia (RIM) on Nov 12.

News of the award rectification leaked and set various social networking sites abuzz on Wednesday.

Still smiling: Although surprised, Yuna has accepted the retraction in good faith.

Yesterday, RIM co-chairman Rosmin Hashim announced that there was a “misinterpretation of the awards criteria” by Ernst & Young – the appointed external auditors – during the judging process.

Rosmin added that the remedial steps were necessary to ensure the integrity of the AIM franchise.

Zahirudin Abdul Rahim, a partner at Ernst & Young, also apologised for the glitch.

“Due to the misinterpretation, the winner for the Song of the Year award that was announced at the AIM Awards show this year was incorrect,” said Zahirudin.

The Best Song award will now go to pop singer Anuar Zain for his single Sedetik Lebih, which also won the Best Performance in a Song (Male) and Best Pop Song at the awards show.

Meanwhile, Yuna, 24, said that while she was surprised when she first learned of the announcement, she accepted the committee’s decision.

“It is not something I expected, but I appreciate that the AIM organisers are trying to set things right.

“All award winners are to be treated fairly and I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Anuar Zain,” she said.

This year’s awards show, which left its traditional home at the Putra World Trade Centre for Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil after 16 years, was fraught with controversies from the start after it was announced that the major album categories (pop, rock, hip hop, etc) would be dropped.

A media backlash ensued with boycotts over how the awards show, now in its 18th instalment, was being presented and organised.

It took only two phone calls to con a man of his RM260,000

A man impersonating as a police officer from Commercial Crime Investigation Department (JSJK) Bukit Aman and a woman as an officer of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF) managed to convince a auto mechanic to transfer a sum of RM263, 000 in his possession into two different accounts on Tuesday.

The victim, Teoh, 27, said at 1.30pm on 22 November, he received a call from a man who identified himself Corporal Marul, of the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Division. The number used by Corporal Marul was 03-2266xxxx. The police officer claimed Teoh was involved in "Black Money" scam.

"At first I ignored the call before getting another call from a woman who introduced himself Aini of the MOF who also said the same thing a day later," he said, yesterday.

He said the woman involved asked him to clear his bank account since an investigation would be made on his account. She asked Teoh to transfer RM263, 000 into two different accounts for the purpose of the investigation and promised to return the money after the investigation was completed.

"After banking in the money on Saturday at 12.30pm, I called 03-2266xxxx again to speak with Corporal Marul, but a female police officer told me there was no such officer in Commercial Crime.

"The officer concerned asked me to make a police report because he had been cheated," he said.

The victim lodged a report at the Petaling Jaya police station and the case was submitted to the District Police Headquarters (IPD) Brickfields for further investigation. Meanwhile, Brickfields police chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid confirmed receiving the report.

Shop robbed twice in 72 hours

Four men who robbed a shop twice in 72 hours were finally nabbed by police at a house around here last Thursday.

Kajang OCPD ACP Abdul Rashid Abdul Wahab said the four were arrested along with two stolen motorcycles, an 125Z motorcycle frame types, a car and burglary tools.

"In the first incident on the 14th November they robbed the shop for RM400 and in the second incident on the 16th November they robbed the shop again of RM2, 000," he said.

Abdul Rashid said that three of them have past record of drug offenses and burglary.

You can now buy babies by kilogram in Kuala Lumpur

Babies, like grocery items scrutinised by potential buyers at supermarket shelves, also have "price tags" based on their colour and weight.

This is only one of a few hard truths about the human trafficking industry in Malaysia -- now thriving as the world’s third most profitable business after weapons and drugs.

“A baby of Chinese origin, weighing a healthy three kilos, can be sold off starting from RM10,000,” said Yayasan Chow Kit senior manager Dr Hartini Zainuddin.

Hartini is no stranger to human trafficking, having worked here with the underage victims across the capital and Klang Valley.

Her shocking revelation drew groans of disbelief among Rotarians and guests at the Rotary Club of Pudu’s Vocational Awards presentation yesterday.

“I have seen a baby being sold off by the father for a mere RM20 in return for syabu, and another case where a baby was sold off for S$25,000," she said.

“There was also a case involving this one mother who sold off all her six children even before they were delivered. She sold them for RM15,000 each while still pregnant with them."


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To break his wife's heart, man left her (and his) toddler in a public toilet 200 km away from home

A MAN left his two-year-old daughter in a toilet at a shopping mall in Malacca as he wanted to break his wife's heart, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The 23-year-old man, took his daughter away from their house in Johor Baru without the knowledge of his 21-year-old wife, after a quarrel on Nov 5.

The daily reported that the man took a bus to Malacca to drop his daughter, and his act was caught on the CCTV in the shopping mall.

The girl, who was crying for help in the toilet, was found by a sales assistant.

Monday, November 21, 2011

First they murdered him then they chopped off his....

A MAN'S naked body was found in an oil palm plantation with his private parts cut off.

Sinar Harian reported that workers who thought it was a dog's carcass were shocked at what they had stumbled upon on Sunday.

Mohd Azri, 45, said he and his fellow workers then alerted the plantation management. He later lodged a police report.

Kulaijaya district police chief Supt Zulkefly Yahya said the body was sent to Hospital Temenggong Seri Maharaja Tun Ibrahim for post-mortem.

“According to early investigation, there were no signs of struggle or weapon found near his body,” he said.

“The body is suspected to be a man's but his race has yet to be identified.”

The wandering ghost ...

THE spirit of three-year-old Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying, believed to have been killed in an apartment in Penang four years ago, is said to be wandering in front of her aunt's house in Butterworth, reported China Press.

According to a neighbour's maid, she had seen a girl in a pink dress crying in front of the house, it reported.

Ying Ying was believed to have been killed on July 5, 2008, burnt and her bone fragments strewn in various places in Air Itam.

Her mother Jess Teh lodged a false missing person's report when Ying Ying had actually died.

On Feb 18, Ying Ying's alleged murderer Ong Chee Leong, 29, hanged himself in a prison clinic.

Ying Ying's aunt said she had dreamt of the girl more than 20 times this year.

“She always complained that she was feeling cold,” she said.

The family consulted two temple mediums and they suggested that the girl's remains be placed in a niche.

The family decided to place an empty urn with Ying Ying's toys at a Butterworth columbarium on Sunday.

“We hope that by conducting the ceremony, Ying Ying can finally rest in peace,” the aunt said.

Gay unconstitutional says Minister

A federal minister said today it is unconstitutional for a person to be homosexual in Malaysia, but did not back up his claims with any provision.

There are no provisions in the federal constitution which directly mention the sexual preference of individuals.

Funny: If the Minister himself is in the dark about Malaysian Constitution then don't blame the masses....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Go ahead with that one-night stand, if you catch AIDS just buy Toray Gecko, it will cure everything from AIDS to Manila Rose

Claims that a nocturnal Asian lizard could treat the HIV virus that causes AIDS have led to a sharp boom in illegal smuggling, putting the reptile at risk, an conservation group said Tuesday.

Demand for the Tokay Gecko has skyrocketed in recent years after online blogs, newspaper articles and wildlife traders extolled the consumption of the lizard’s tongue and internal organs as a miracle cure for HIV, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia said in a report.

TRAFFIC said such claims were unfounded and “indicative of an elaborate hoax.” The Philippines’ government in July also warned that using geckos to treat AIDS and impotence may put patients at risk.

“TRAFFIC is alarmed at the massive increase in trade of these geckos. If the trade continues to mushroom, it could take years to repair the damage currently being inflicted on gecko populations,” said Chris R.Shepherd, TRAFFIC’s regional deputy director.

The geckos, popular as pets in Asia, have long been used as traditional medicine for illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, skin disease and cancer, the report said. Their carcasses are dried up and ground into powder for consumption. In some parts of Asia, Tokay wine or whisky is consumed to boost energy - AP

Mahjong kills ........

A housewife who was depressed from a RM3,000 mahjong the debt was said to be praying before she was found dead after falling from a nine-storey building for Public Housing Project (PPR) in Salak South yesterday.

Choo Siew Wah, 56, died at the scene due to severe injuries throughout the body.

It is understood, Siew Wah was depressed after failing to pay mahjong debt.

A few months ago, the victim had attempted suicide in the same way but was blocked by neighbors who were aware of her action.

Exports of Malaysian products picking up, including some backyard sex stimulants

Malaysian-made sex-enhancing stimulants appear to be sexing up nocturnal activities in Kerala, but the influx of illegal imports of the libido-boosters into the state is worrying drug control officials.

Sex stimulants from gel, aphrodisiac brew, herbal pill and anti-impotence drug mostly produced by Malaysian firms are household names in the southern Indian state.

"Many products like cream or gel for genital use are found to be manufactured in Malaysia, like places in Selangor.

"Marketing is usually done through MLM (multi-level marketing) and it is hard for us to monitor," Ravi S. Menon, assistant drugs controller of Kerala's central zone said in a telephone interview.

Some cash-rich Keralites, he said, were willing to splurge hefty sums to purchase pleasure-boosting items, often sold at exorbitant prices.

For instance, eight grams of sex stimulant gel for men was being sold for about 3,000 Indian rupees (RM200) in some parts of Kerala.

"There is a strong demand in Kerala for these items...they are usually imported, together with cosmetics," said Menon.

In July, last year, his department seized a large consignment of herbal aphrodisiac sent from a Malaysian port and illegally imported into Kerala, aimed at giving the state's very own age-old ayurvedic love-potions a run for the money. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muslim females busted ...... for taking part in beauty pageant

The Sarawak Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has asked five Muslim contestants in the ongoing Miss Borneo Beautiful  2011 to pull out from the pageant finals.

The advice was given  in a counselling session  for the five women at the Jais premises yesterday.

The five -- Melatie Melissa, 22, Natasha Nur Amarina Mohamad Kaie, 21, Adira Kamil, 23, Sharifah Nadzirah Wan Hamid, 23, and Roszainah Suhaili, 21 -- sat through two hours of counselling.

Present  were president of Majlis Islam Sarawak  Datuk Putit Mat Zen, Jais director Abang Shamsudin Abang Seruji and Sarawak mufti Kipli Yassin.

Abang Shamsudin said the department had received several public complaints.

"The syariah dictates that beauty pageants are illegal. Their parents should be aware of this."

Media banned from publishing any photo of former sultan

All media are prohibited from publishing any photograph of the ailing former Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Ismail Petra, with immediate effect, it was announced here today.

The prohibition has been put in place by the Monitoring, Privileges and Security Committee, said Kelantan State Secretary Datuk Dr Zainuddin Ibrahim who chairs the committee.  

He said the committee felt that it was inappropriate at this time for the media, including television, newspapers and other publications, and the vitual media, to publish any image of the former sultan.  

Properties damaged by ......... firemen

A number of shophouses in Jalan Bukit Ubi, Kuantan were damaged when a helicopter from the Fire and Rescue Department allegedly flew too low. In addition, signboards and five motorcycles parked in the area were also destroyed.

The 1 pm incident caused panic to the local residents who feared the helicopter might crash.

However, the helicopter successfully landed on a Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) 2 field  here, which is located opposite Bukit Ubi Fire Station.

Her house robbed not once but eight times

A family in Bandar Tasik Kesuma, Beranang here live in fear as their single-storey terrace house has been broken into not once once or twice but eight times since they moved in.

Yesterday morning the house was not only broken into for the eighth time but was also burned. Fortunately, they were not at home when it happened.

The owner of the house, Esah Ahmad, 57, suspected something amiss at about 2:28 am yesterday when her mobile phone rang after receiving emergency signals from alarm devices installed at the house two years ago.

According to Esah, when it happened, she was with her husband, Md. Nasir Ahmad, 60, and his children in his brother's house in Ampang.

Such cases are not the first in the area. On the 23rd of October, a bungalow owned by a Royal Malaysian Air Force pilot (RMAF) which is located about a mile from Esah's home was broken into and burned resulting in a loss of RM500, 000.

Meanwhile, Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Ab. Rashid Ab. Wahab, when contacted, confirmed the matter and said police were investigating.

Cop charged - for burglarising a police station

A policeman claimed trial to a charge of breaking into his own workplace in Shah Alam to steal a colleague’s headphone and DVDs worth RM2,000 on Oct 19.

Lans Kpl Abdul Muqavim Mohamed Isnin, 27, who has been in the force for seven years, was accused of breaking into the office at the Shah Alam police headquarters in the magistrate’s court here yesterday.

He allegedly broke into the office through a glass window situated near a parking bay and stole the items belonging to Kpl Nik Shamri Ibrahim.

Abdul Muqavim pleaded not guilty before magistrate Norkamilah Aziz who fixed bail at RM2,500 with one surety and set the case for mention on Dec 20.

While taking pictures of an accident she saw her husband's helmet

A woman who who stopped to snap pictures of an accident victims was shocked to find out that her husband was a victim.

In the 6.30 pm incident yeaterday, the victim, Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman, 41, died at the scene after a car plowed into into his motorcycle before hitting a lorry.

A police spokesman said the victim's wife, Salwana Ibrahim, 38, was on her way to work in Senawang and stopped her vehicle after seeing severe congestion.

"However, while busy taking photos of the accident, Salwana shocked to discover her husband's helmet. At that time she became aware the accident's victim was her husband whom she married almost 17 years ago, " he said.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

If you are broke, just wait for more coins to fall from the sky

RESIDENTS of Taman Kledang in Sungei Siput were in for a shock when coins came raining down on Tuesday night.

The news of five sen and 10 sen coins falling from the sky spread like wildfire, resulting in many people rushing to the area to witness the unusual incident, Tamil Nesan reported.

The coins, however, looked burnt and have been handed over to the police here for further investigations.

One of the residents, P. Selvam, said a 10-year-old boy from the housing estate, T. Vishnu Nair, could predict when the next incident would happen.

He said about 40 coins dropped from the sky on Tuesday night,

“The coins continued to drop until late in the night. People here are very worried about what it means,” he added.

Christians using solar-powered talking Bibles to convert Muslims

Evangelical Christians are using high-tech devices such as solar-powered talking bibles to proselytize to Malay Muslims in Selangor, state lawmaker Datuk Hasan Ali said today.

Hasan, who is in charge of the state's Islamic affairs portfolio, said the state's religious authority (Jais) had discovered that Christian missionaries were now spreading their gospel through technologically-advanced means apart from setting up welfare groups providing cash and other financial aid to single mothers and the destitute.

He added that Jais's research showed Christian evangelists were spreading their faith to young Muslim students in free tuition classes and counselling sessions, besides distributing Christian pamphlets in public places, homes, universities and places that were ostensibly called "community centres" to carry out their evangelical work.

The website claims the device's batteries can be recharged using solar power.

The ex-PAS state commissioner disclosed this in a written reply to a question from Umno-Sungai Burong assemblyman Datuk Mohd Shamsudin Lias.

According to a website called Book of Joe, the palm-sized radio-like device contains all the books in the New and Old Testaments and is fitted with batteries that will run for almost 10 hours before needing to be recharged, whether by the sun, a light bulb or a nine-volt AC adapter. It costs only US$99.95 (RM310).

This latest disclosure, after a controversial August 3 raid by Selangor Islamic authorities on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Petaling Jaya, could trigger another Christian-Muslim conflict.

Christian leaders have consistently denied claims that they are attempting to convert Muslims, but relations between the two creeds with roots in the Middle East continue to smoulder in multi-religious, multi-cultural Malaysia where the religion of the federation is Islam as stated in the Federal Constitution.

Hasan said Jais is working to counter Christian proselytism of Muslims by holding sessions to clarify Islamic doctrine and its laws.

The lawmaker said Jais is also seeking to strengthen the enforcement of the Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment 1988 as well as the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactment 1995 - The Malaysian Insider

Note: I never heard anything as stupid as this. Hasan Ali should come out with figures how many Muslims have been converted? If not, this is plain insult to all Muslims. Takkanlah Melayu bodoh sangat.

Man shot monkey, hit youth

A YOUTH has been hospitalised after he was shot by a senior citizen who mistook him for a monkey.

Malay dailies reported that Mohd Fitri Wazir, 21, was climbing a fruit tree in a friend's garden with his friend Mohd Mahathir Abdul Aziz, 33, when the incident took place in Kuala Pilah, Negri Sembilan.

According to Mahathir, he heard an explosion, then saw Fitri holding his head in pain.

The two got down from the tree and they encountered an elderly man holding a shotgun.

Mahathir said the man had mistaken them for monkeys.

Mohd Fitri was brought to Tunku Ja'afar Hospital for treatment. His condition was reported to be stable.

OCPD Supt Jaafar Baba said police arrested the man in his 70s and had confiscated the shotgun.

The case is being investigated under Section 37 of the Arms Act 1960 for causing injury with a firearm.

Money stolen - from the police headquarters

A total of RM11,700 and a wallet belonging to MACC officers accused of robbery have gone missing from the Selangor police headquarters.

However, the money is not part of the loot recovered after the three MACC officers were arrested on Sept 17.

They were accused of robbing a moneychanger of US$300,000 (RM945,000) at KLIA recently.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the investigating officer realised the items had disappeared on Nov 8 and immediately lodged a police report on the matter.

“The money and wallet were stolen from the investigating officer's room.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There are brothels, massage parlours and now there is a makeshift brothel

A 65-year-old man decided to spice things up in the Panti forest reserve by setting up a makeshift brothel.

He built two huts equipped with cheap mattresses and employed three Indonesian women aged between 29 and 36 to offer sex services, Harian Metro reported.

He procured customers, mostly miners and labourers, from nearby mines as well as estates and charged them RM50 per “session”.

The 24-hour mini bordello was located a kilometre off the Kota Tinggi-Mersing highway which is accessible via an unsealed road.

Kota Tinggi police nabbed the old man, known as “Pak Uban”, at 6.30pm on Sunday following two weeks of observation.

Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Muhammad Shamsuddin said the women had been remanded for two weeks until Nov 25.

He said police confiscated RM2,421 in cash, four DVDs, five mobile phones, condoms and contraceptive pills.

“The man admitted that he hired the three women to offer sex services,” he said -

Girls not only have to watch out for rapists, leeches can harm you too

FEMALE students in Kelantan have been advised not to stay or play in flooded areas to avoid the repeat of cases of leeches which entered the private parts of girls and women in the state last year, Kosmo! reported.

Kelantan Education Department director Hussain Awang said at least 13 female students in the state encountered such problems then.

He added that the victims were playing in floodwaters when they suffered the bleeding.

“Please avoid playing in the floodwaters as the leeches could endanger your health due to internal bleeding,” he said.

Hussain also reminded parents to keep a watchful eye on their children to avoid any untoward incident during the rainy season -

There was no fire but maybe the firemen were hungry.....

There was no fire but maybe the firemen were hungry that's why they put on the siren even when going back to the station.

Setarbak or Starbucks: Make Your Choice

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Watch your shoes or you might end up losing your life

KOTA KINABALU: An argument over missing shoes and clothes ended tragically when a 40-year-old man was slashed to death and his wife seriously injured in the east coast town of Lahad Datu.

The victim, identified as Pesi Santos, was killed after a tiff with a neighbour on the second floor of a building on Saturday.

Acting OCPD Asst Supt Bong Khuet Khiun said Santos’ body was found at the scene.

His 39-year-old wife had slash wounds on her head. She is warded in the intensive care unit of the district hospital.

“Initial investigations revealed that the 8.35am incident started with an argument over lost shoes and clothes from their rented room,” ASP Bong said.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Man Married 21 Women

A 32-YEAR-OLD man married 21 women through fake marriages and forced them to become prostitutes during the past nine years, Utusan Malaysia reported.

The man's “business” came to an end after one of the women was saved by the police.

He was said to have married 18 locals and three women from a neighbouring country after getting fake marriage certificates from a syndicate.

He would then force them to become prostitutes in several states. They would be beaten up if they refused.

It said “Julia” the 18-year-old who was rescued was saved after her sister called the paper to help find her.

Officers from Bukit Aman found her at a rented house in Bahau last Wednesday.

The man was arrested and is expected to be charged under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act 2007.

The paper also said the man was found to be wearing two talismans said to help him charm the women.

The suspect was released from detention in January after the court found him not guilty in a murder case.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today They Steal ATM Machine, Tomorrow They Might Steal The Whole Bank Including Customer Chairs And The Manager's Table

Six people in baseball caps and face masks walked into a bank in Taman Midah without triggering the alarm and dragged out an automated teller machine (ATM) from the premises with a rope — all within five minutes.

Sources said the bank's closed circuit television (CCTV) camera recorded five of the men breaking the machine free of its anchor from the floor and tying a rope around it.

The sixth man used a stool to reach the surveillance camera and turn it away.

Along the way, they extracted RM316,000 in cash from the machine that was later found several kilometres from the scene.


People Hit Buffalo, People Died Buffalo Survived

A husband and wife died when the motorcycle they were riding hit a buffalo in Felda Kota Gelanggi 2 near Jerantut.

Juhari Jubir, 60, and wife Rahimah Ismail, 52, died at Jerantut Hospital.

The incident happened at 2.30 pm yesterday. The couple were on their way to Jerantut.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Only in Kelantan: While others were busy praying they were busy ransacking a store

While other Muslim were praying on the Aidiladha, three men took advantage of the the deserted town by breaking in into Kota Bharu's largest electronics and furniture store at Jalan Sultan Ibrahim here.

In the incident at about 8:30 that morning, the group broke the front glass door of the store with a hatchet. The store was closed for the Aidil Adha celebration.

According to the district deputy police chief, Supt Idris Abd. Rafar, closed-circuit camera (CCTV) at the premise showin the presence of three men in the building.

"When other Muslims were busy praying they were busy breaking into a store. "he said when contacted yesterday.

Idris said the police have difficulty identifying the suspects because of the absence of witnesses.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Seven policemen have been arrested after alleged involvement in an extortion case here two days ago.

Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said, all of them were arrested at 3 am in the Plentong here by a team of officers and members of the Northern Johor Bharu District Police Headquarters North led by Assistant Superintendent Tan Yang Siong after a complaint.

"They arrested policemen opearated road blocks around Plentong area" he said in a statement here today.

Mohd Mokhtar said that all have been remanded for four days.

If you wet your bed, we will cane you

A form one student of the Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) here claimed he was caned by a school warden for allegedly wetting his bed.

For not owning up to soiling his mattress, the 13-year-old was struck three times with a tape-wrapped rattan cane.

The boy had returned from preparatory classes on Tuesday night and claimed to have found his mattress smelling of urine. But he said he was too tired and slept on it anyway.

"After I woke up the next morning, around 6.20am, I secretly switched the mattress with that of another student whom I suspected was the one responsible," he told The Malay Mail.

He said he suspected the other student as he had a bedwetting reputation.

That day after school, when told by a student the warden wanted to see him, the boy went to the warden's room on the third floor.

His father, Hadzme Mohd Jaafar, 54, said: "The warden asked my son if he had soiled the mattress. My son denied it."

He, however, admitted to switching the mattress.

They went to the boy's room, which was on the same floor, and upon opening the door, the warden allegedly struck the boy on the head with a cane.

Noticing the boy's roommate in the room, the warden chased the roommate out. He shut the door and allegedly struck the boy again, this time on his left shoulder.


So far you only heard about abusive hubbies, how about an abusive wife

A 48-year-old Singaporean woman, whose husband walked out on her after 24 years of emotional abuse, went to the press to plead for forgiveness from him, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

The woman admitted that she threw tantrums on her spouse often but her 53-year-old husband had always put up with the abuse.

“I am the youngest in the family. I'm spoilt. I told my husband that I have a bad temper before he married me.

“He had promised then that he would bear with me and my bad temper,” said the woman, known only as Wang.

The dejected wife admitted that she would ignore the husband, giving him the cold shoulder for months on end over small matters.

But in March, he had had enough and told her that he wanted a divorce.

“It shocked me,” Wang was reported as saying.

“For all the time we were married, he would do everything for me. Yet, I always threw tantrums and I did not count my blessings that I have such a good husband.

“I regret not knowing how to appreciate him,” she said.

Wang added that she had written more than 10 letters, asking for forgiveness but her husband did not read a single one.

Since asking for a divorce, the husband slept in another room.

The couple has three children.

Terminated And What They Got Was Only RM22

As Muslims all over the world celebrate the Aidil Adha, 22 of the 70 staff of the state governments subsidiary Terengganu Agrotech Development Corp. Sdn. Ltd. (TADC) were laid off effective today. The reason for the company to sack a manager, six executives and the rest contract employees was the company was suffering losses and needed to be restructured.

They were paid retrenchment benefits for as low as RM22.00.

Former Manager of Business Development and Marketing, Mohd. Razak Salih said termination letters dated November 1, were handed over to them last Thursday.

His attempt to meet with the General Manager and his deputy failed as both them were missing from the office on the date the termination letters were delivered.

"I also tried to contact their mobile phones, but my calls were not answered," he said. He also said did not know the real reason they were chosen among more than 70 employees of the company.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why numbers are important in Malaysia

A Sarawakian businessman snagged the Sports Toto 4D Jackpot 1 last Tuesday, taking home a whopping RM22,537,854.04.

The winning numbers, 9161 and 4563, came from his brother's car plate and a number he happened to see in three car plates around the same time on the day he placed his regular bets, the elated man said.

He said he started to check his bet tickets after receiving a call from his brother telling him his car plate number was one of Toto 4D's top prize numbers.

He then found that two sets of 4D numbers he had bet on had come up to be top prize winning numbers.

When asked what he would do with the multi-million fortune, the agricultural products trader said he was still in a daze, but would place his winnings in fixed deposits while he discussed with his family how the money should be used.

He also pledged to allocate a certain amount of his agricultural products to the less fortunate in his community from now on.

Adding to his jackpot winnings, he walked away with an additional RM3,360 from winning 20 sets of the third prize as a result of using System Play 12 to bet.

He said he has been betting on all Toto 4D games for the past 10 years in hopes of one day striking it big, and his persistence had finally paid off.

Meanwhile, the second prize of the Toto 4D Jackpot totalling RM102, 255 was also won on the same draw.

The winner also took home an additional RM472 for betting through System Play 4.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Newborn baby dumped into a ditch nude

A newborn baby girl was found dumped in a ditch in an oil palm farm at Kampung Melayu Raya, Sagil here today. She was fortunate to be discovered by a rubber tapper.

Acting District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent Muhammad Salleh, Abd. Razak said the man was surprised when she heard the baby crying from another farm adjoining his farm. He then informed the Sagil police station and a police team was dispatched to the scene. The baby girl was found nude in the ditch which had no water.

"The baby was in good health and is believed to be born in less than 24 hours before she was found," he said when contacted here today.

He said, the baby was sent to the Tangkak Hospital for examination and placed in the hospital ward for further observation.

"The case is being investigated under Section 317 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum sentence of seven years or fine or both, if convicted," he said.

According to him, the police will carry out further investigations to trace the individual who abandoned the baby including DNA test to identify her parents.

Two Elephants Extorting Orang Asli Villagers

The aboriginal population of Kampong Keladan near Kampong Aur here suffered a great loss when two wild elephants destroyed their crops yesterday. The elephants, believed to have come from Bukit Ibam Forest Reserve have destroyed subsistence crops such as bananas, oil palm seedlings, rubber, bamboo, coconut and betel nut trees.

The vilagers are worried about the safety of their lives because the attack took place at night. A resident, Awang Mansur, 49, said he saw the two elephants at night when they into his garden and destroyed the rubber tree, nut and banana. He believed the elephants to be mother and child pair and their loud voice had awakened him from sleep.

"I managed to burn firecrackers to frighten the elephants but to no avail since the animals continued destroying the crops other than eating sago palm oil and rubber," he told reporters here yesterday. Lachai Chukin, 76, said he did not know what caused his pet dog to bark two nights in a row until told neighbors about the elephant attacks.

"I thought my house was broken into but apparently the elephants had invaded my fenced garden that housed banana crops," he said. He said he was shocked to see the footprints and droppings scattered in his garden yesterday morning. "I may become a victim of violence by these animals if they are not transferred back to the original habitat," he said.

Jala Heng, 64, said the village had been attacked by elephants at the beginning of last year but their crops were not badly damaged as yesterday. He said the villagers believed that the elephant were still nearby.

Meanwhile, the head of Umno branch of Kampong Aur, Hamidi Nura Mat said urged the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Wildlife) to take immediate action by moving the elephants into a more suitable habitat for the safety of the villagers. He claimed exploration of the Bukit Ibam Forest Reserve to be the major cause of why the elephants moved out to the village.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Justice For Robber

More than 30 people held a peaceful protest here to call for justice over the death of contractor P. Kathir Oli who was shot dead by a policeman during a robbery.

The group gathered in front of the Perak police headquarters where they displayed a giant banner calling on state police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan not to endorse the alleged killing.

It was reported that Kathir Oli, 31, was shot dead during a scuffle with a detective, who had allegedly tried to stop him from robbing a pub at 12.10am on Sept 15.

In a press conference following the incident, DCP Mohd Shukri had told reporters that the detective had rushed into the pub after hearing the pub owner screaming for help.

Mother Snatcher

An unemployed 18-year-old single mother has been arrested after snatching an elderly woman’s purse at a hypermarket in Kulaijaya.

The 59-year-old victim was walking to the carpark when the incident occurred at around 6pm on Thursday.

The teenager tried to escape but was caught by shoppers who came to the victim’s rescue.

Kulaijaya OCPD Supt Zulkefly Yahya said initial investigations revealed that the teenager was a first-time offender and a mother of one child.

Cow Killed Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was killed when his motorcycle hit a cow at KM26 Jalan Pekan-Rompin, last night.

Pahang Traffic/Administration Enforcement Officer ASP Zainalabidin Othman said during the 8pm incident, Mohd Azizul Hakim Kamaruddin, 21, who was on his way to Kuantan from Nenasi, Pekan with his cousin was killed in the accident.

"Upon reaching the site of the accident, a cow suddenly crossed the road and the victim could not avoid the collision in time," he told reporters here today.

A Real "Gedebe" Man Cannot Be Killed By Bullets

A man was shot four times in the chest, thigh, calf and navel at Jalan Kota Bharu-Kuala Krai here yesterday but somehow survived. However, Mohd. Fadli Nasarul Mat Nasir, 23, who has a record of gun-related crime was seriously injured when shot by an unknown man at about 10:40 pm yesterday.

The victim was approached by the gunman as he was having dinner at a restaurant there.

Police said initial investigations revealed misunderstanding about drug dealing and gun as the main motive for the incident but authorities were still investigating.

Kelantan police chief Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said Mohd. Nasarul, from Taman Putra SBJ, Tumpat was rushed to Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II by members of public after he was shot.

The gunman managed to escape.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mum Sells Her Semi-Nude Pics On Facebook

HER exorbitant lifestyle caused her debts to swell into hundreds of thousands of ringgit. To settle her debts, the mother-of-three started selling semi-nude photos of herself over Facebook. Her modus operandi involves using the social networking site to hook clients who are asked to deposit money into her bank account.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the 35-year-old woman would send salacious images of herself to the client via MMS. Harian Metro said a man who had purchased such a photo informed her husband about his wife's “business”.

She allegedly provided phone sex services as well.

“After going through my wife's mobile phone and computer, I was crushed to learn that what he said was true. I even used a new phone number and Facebook account to pretend that I was an interested client. That confirmed the allegations,” said the 43-year-old husband.

The couple who live in Kuching has been married for more than a decade. The husband said he noticed changes in his wife's behaviour after she returned from an outstation trip in September. She frequently isolated herself in a room while on her mobilephone.

“My wife is a spendthrift even though she earns only RM2,000 a month from her job in the civil service. She enjoys making high-end purchases,” he said, adding that his wife brushed aside the allegations when confronted.

Beating His Own Mother For A Mere RM250

A man was jailed for five months after he could not afford to pay a fine of RM2,500 imposed by the Magistrate Court here for threatening his own mother.

Mohd. Hafzal Mohd. Din, 29, from Kampung Batu Bertangkup, Padang Besar was accused of criminal intimidation on his own his mother on October 28th. In the incident Mohd. Hafzal was alleged to have attempted to beat his own mother with a guitar after she refused to give him RM250. However, his action was prevented by his father who happened to be at home when the incident happened.

Beware Of "The Oily Man Of Bentong"

More than 10,000 people in 20 villages and housing estates in Ketari area live in fear claiming they are being harassed by a black, mysterious figure very similar to the feared oily man.

The "oily man" is said to harass young under-aged girls for the the past two weeks and has caused other disturbances.

The mysterious figure which resembles a small-sized man is believed to be a practictioner of black magic and allegedly responsibled for breaking-in into several homes around Ketari.

Following the incident, the residents of the nearby housing estates and villages started a voluntary patrol scheme to hunt the suspect.

A member of the patrol from Kampung Bukit Piatu, Zulfadzli Zulkifli Mohammed, 22, claimed he had seen the mysterious figure a few days ago while on patrol.

"We saw a black figure are on the roof of one house and when we caught up with him near a river he managed to cross the river. The mysterious figure taunted us before disappearing into the bushes when he realized some of our friends tried to cross the river to catch it," he said here yesterday.